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[Review] Grimsby (2016) by Bede Jermyn

[Review] Grimsby (2016) by Bede Jermyn

When I think of modern comedians who aren’t afraid to push the envelope in terms of humour, one of the first names that I think of is Sacha Baron Cohen. From his characters “Ali G.” to “Borat” to “Bruno”, there is no limits that this man won’t go for a laugh. While his comedy can … Continue reading

Undisputed 3

4/5 Undisputed 3 picks up some time after Undisputed 2, we find Boyka (Scott Adkins) is recovering from the knee injury suffered at the hands of Chambers. He isn’t the man he once was, he is almost unrecognisable, from his attitude to the way he looks. He’s become a toilet cleaner, and it is pretty … Continue reading

Undisputed II

4/5 What are the ingredients to make a film that Marcey will go crazy over? Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White and amazing martial arts, that’s what! I felt like Undisputed II was made just for me, and it has become of one of favourite films! This is a sequel to Undisputed which starred Wesley Snipes … Continue reading


4/5 Ninja, the film which really introduced me to Scott Adkins. Now I don’t want this review to be completely biased towards Scott Adkins, which is probably why it has taken me this long to actually review it. Ninja is a throw back to those classic 80’s martial arts films, it has the outsider, Casey … Continue reading