Undisputed 3

Undisputed 3 picks up some time after Undisputed 2, we find Boyka (Scott Adkins) is recovering from the knee injury suffered at the hands of Chambers. He isn’t the man he once was, he is almost unrecognisable, from his attitude to the way he looks. He’s become a toilet cleaner, and it is pretty much the way he prefers to be in prison. But he soon finds that bug, he wants to fight again and he wants to be the best. This leads to him getting transferred to a different prison where a tournament of the best fighters is to take place with the winner told they will receive their freedom. Of course this is not true, the tournament is there for people to make money without a second thought to the fighters. Boyka has to over come the odds, and we’re behind him the entire way.
This is a perfect sequel, it has the same feel as Undisputed 2, it brings back the awesome character of Boyka and of course the awesome director too Isaac Florentine. We’re still in that prison fighting setting, and that is fine, it works really well. The stakes are higher this time around, and the competition is fierce. This film boasts some of the most fantastic and awesome martial arts scenes, they really are breath taking. Undisputed 2 and 3 for me are the future of martial arts action films, Florentine has the right idea, he also has decent scripts behind him with these and fantastic people to work with. Again Scott Adkins delivers the goods, with the action and his performance as Boyka. He is right at home with that character, you can tell he loves to play him and he easily made it so you can get behind Boyka in this film.
The look of this film is gritty, it fits perfectly with the setting, you get the characters you hate and characters you don’t mind and then you get the fight scenes. I can’t say enough good things about the fight scenes, they are so well done, you can re-watch them over and over again. All the guys do such fantastic jobs, these men look amazing, I really wish I could do what they do. A stand out is Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Turbo, he’s charismatic and a lot of fun to watch. He had a great chemistry with Adkins, not as good as it was with Michael Jai White but really good. While I thought the ending was a bit meh and silly I enjoyed this film so much. You don’t neccessarily need to see the films in order even though they do take place after each other but I’d recommend checking this out either way. Fantastic film, and it really is far too good for straight to DVD. Give me Undisputed 4 please!

2 thoughts on “Undisputed 3

  1. In “Undisputed II” both MJW and Adkins were great, but it was in “U III” you realize the core of this franchise is Scott Adkins. In this, he brings a new dimension to Boyka that is a joy to watch.

    The 2 films were the best cinema fun I had in quite some time, and are definitely the creme of quality B-films out there.


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