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Chris’ Top 5 Bond Lists

Chris’ Top 5 Bond Lists

One of the many film franchises that I have always loved and appreciated since childhood is Ian Flemming’s 007 James Bond. But yet for some reason I haven’t been as vocal about the legendary adventures of the famous MI6 spy as I am about my other beloved franchises, such as GOJIRA and STAR WARS. Mostly … Continue reading

Garrett Collins’ Top 5 Christmas Movies

5) One Magic Christmas Call it nostalgia. Call it cheesy. Call it not very man-like: I like this sappy piece of Christmas syrup, which was made in 1985. Worth it just to see Harry Dean Stanton play an angel, this movie has Mary Steenburgen playing a mother who just lacks the Christmas spirit, and harmonica … Continue reading

Bede’s Halloween Horror Picks

As today is Halloween (well, on my side of the world that is), like me I know you’ll be spending the day watching a lot of horror films. But the real question is, which ones are worth watching? So I figure I’ll take the time and recommend you 5 great horror films that in my … Continue reading

Marcey’s Top 5 Creepiest Film Characters

Keeping with this month’s horror theme for the website, I have decided to compile a list of my personal Top 5 Creepiest Film Characters. These are the Top 5 characters which creep me out the most, while everyone has their own fears and different things which creep them out, these are mine. These characters give … Continue reading