Bede’s Halloween Horror Picks

As today is Halloween (well, on my side of the world that is), like me I know you’ll be spending the day watching a lot of horror films. But the real question is, which ones are worth watching? So I figure I’ll take the time and recommend you 5 great horror films that in my opinion, are essential Halloween viewing.


If you love zombie films, than this one is for you. This is pretty much the Citizen Kane of all zombie films. Sure there are so many great ones out there, but none of them come close to what this film has achieved.


There have only been a select few horror films that literally scared the shit out of me. This is one of them. There are so many spine chilling moments in this film that have stayed with me since I first watched it back in 1999. Yeah, sure it’s fake but who cares, it doesn’t stop it from being truly scary.


Since Pat already pick the classic Halloween (1978) on his list (and rightfully so, if you don’t watch that film on Halloween there is clearly something wrong with you), I’ll recommened this other Halloween themed horror film that should be checked out. And believe it is a winner. It’s funny, creepy and just an all around fun time from beginning to end. Just like Halloween (1978), you’ll too will be watching this every Halloween as well.


What can I say about this film that has already been said? It’s one of the greatest horror films of all time pure and simple. When I saw this for the first time at 18 years old, it absoltuely terrified me so much that I couldn’t get the sleep that night. But the funny thing was, I watched it during the day. If a horror film can do that to me during the day, than it has to be seen. It’s a true masterpiece of the genre.


If you are looking for a horror film that is not really scary but a lot of fun, than look no further than this classic from both Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino. It’s chock full of bad arse characters, quotable dialouge, disgusting gore and most importantly: it’s an absolute blast!

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