Month Of Horror Wrap-Up

I set myself the goal of watching a bunch of horror movies that I have but I have never seen, and also watching some I’d seen before. As the month progressed I kept making changes to the list, as I took off films, and added them on. I managed to get through quite a few, and the good news is that there was more good than bad. So over all it has been a successful month of horror viewing. I’ve made a list of everything I have watched, in order of best to worst! I originally wanted to do a 31 Days Of Halloween type marathon, I just didn’t have the time. But I do think I made it through quite a lot of films, even watching 4 in one day, boom!
1.) Frailty (5/5) – Re-watch
2.) The Ugly (4.5/5)
3.) Saw (4.5/5) – Re-watch
4.) Splice (4.5/5)
5.) Saw 3-D (4.5/5)
6.) The Loved Ones (4/5)
7.) Black Christmas 1974 (4/5)
8.) Saw III (4/5)
9.) Silent Night, Deadly Night (3.5/5)
10.) Piranha 2010 (3.5/5)
11.) Saw II (3.5/5) – Re-watch
12.) Saw VI (3.5/5)
13.) Frozen (3.5/5)
14.) Triangle (3/5)
15.) Saw IV (3/5)
16.) Dead Silence (3/5)
17.) Black Christmas 2006 (2.5/5)
18.) Saw V (2.5/5)
19.) Grace (2/5)
20.) Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (1/5)

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