Horror Films For Halloween Month October

With it being October, and October being known for Halloween (I know it for my birthday but you know lol), I thought I would attempt to watch a list of horror films during October. I have complied a list of films that I haven’t seen and films I have seen, and I am going to attempt to watch each one, and hopefully provide reviews for the films that I haven’t seen. Here is the list, and as I go along I will cross off the films I have watched (and when I watched them) and come Oct 31st I’ll see how well I have done.

(First time watches)

The Ugly (Watched October 3rd – Rating 4.5/5)
Grace (Watched October 21st – Rating 2/5)
The House Of The Devil
Triangle (Watched October 4th – Rating 3/5)
Black Christmas (Original) (Watched October 5th – Rating 4/5)
My Bloody Valentine (Original)
Silent Night, Deadly Night (Watched October 12th – Rating 3.5/5)
Frozen (Watched October 2nd – Rating 3.5/5)
Saw III (Watched October 23rd – Rating 4/5)
Saw IV (Watched October 23rd – Rating 3/5)
Saw V (Watched October 24th – Rating 2.5/5)
Saw VI (Watched October 24th – Rating 3.5/5)
Saw 3-D (Watched October 28th – Rating 4.5/5)
Splice (Watched October 22nd – Rating 4.5/5)
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (Watched October 14th – Rating 1/5)
Dead Silence (Watched October 30th – Rating 3/5)
Let Me In
Piranha (2010) (Watched October 7th – Rating 3.5/5)
The Loved Ones (Watched October 11th & October 25th – Rating 4/5)
Black Christmas (2006) (Watched October 10th – Rating 2.5/5)


Saw (Watched October 23rd – Rating 4.5/5)
Saw II (Watched October 23rd – Rating 3.5/5)
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
Army Of Darkness
The Gift
Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn
Evil Dead
Drag Me To Hell
Frailty (Watched October 6th – Rating 5/5)


16 thoughts on “Horror Films For Halloween Month October

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  2. So many films, so little time. 🙂 Don;t give ‘The Descent” another try, it’s not worth it. Watch “Descent” with Rosario Dawson in it instead as it has a really horrific ending.


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