Triangle is an interesting film, going into this it wasn’t anything like I was expecting, so I was some what surprised. However 25 minutes in I thought to myself ‘I know exactly what is going on’ and I spent the rest of the film being proven correct. This is a film where you shouldn’t be able to guess what is going on that early, this film wants the viewer to be surprised as the events unfold. Unfortunately I knew where this was going and I had a good idea how it was going to wrap up, so I wasn’t all that surprised. However that didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the film, I really like films that are mind benders, ones that give the audience something to think about. I really felt this film was one that could have different interpretations about what is going on (Like The Ugly in a way), and I felt my conclusions fit nicely in with the film and what it was really about.
On the surface (I can’t reveal a whole lot), Triangle is about a group of people who go out on a Yacht for the afternoon. One of the characters Jess (Melissa George) seems to be distant (we see at the beginning that she might be stressed about her autistic son), however that all gets over shadowed as they run into a sudden storm. The yacht get’s turned over, and they are all forced to board an ocean liner. However when they board the ship, it appears to be abandoned and things begin to get really strange. Jess feels a strange sense of deja vu, and it seems perhaps they aren’t alone after all. To reveal any more would be to spoil the film, so I will leave it there, you’ll of course have to watch the film to find out more. I have read some people say they went into the Bermunda Triangle, it is set off the coast and the film is called Triangle. However there is no evidence to suggest this, the yacht is actually called Triangle, and I do believe the name of the film actually has more of a meaning to how the events play out and not to where they are.
This film belongs to Melissa George who is amazing as Jess, she gives a great performance. She carries this film so well, she has certainly made herself quite the staple in the horror genre. I am glad to have her doing horror, the better actresses the genre gets, the better it will be because of that. Is it just me, or are more Australian actresses taking this route? Radha Mitchell is another name that comes to mind, doing this genre and doing it well (She certainly would have been a good replacement if George wasn’t able to do this film). The film does belong to her though, she is the main thing you’ll remember as far as the cast goes. I can’t say enough good things about her, I have been a fan of hers since she started on the Australian soap opera Home And Away and when she left I stopped watching the show. To see how far she’s come is so fantastic, and especially when she keeps making horror films. The rest of the cast are good as well, no body really stood out aside from Liam Hemsworth, mainly because I knew who he was and I couldn’t believe we went from this to The Last Song.
This film is a complex one, and I think multiple viewings would be appropriate, especially if you get lost the first time around. This is a complex film and it does require the audience to be engaged in it, otherwise I do think you can get easily lost in it. It is certainly an interesting ride to go on, not only that but I think the situation itself is quite horrific and I wouldn’t want to be there. I think the film suffers from the lack of character development, Jess is developed and she was engaging, however the rest were not and I found it hard to care about them. It also suffers from a lot of really dodgey looking CGI, which really hurt the otherwise really good looking film. Pacing was mostly done pretty well, it did fail in a few key moments, but I can’t imagine it was easy to pace a film like this. Over all a pretty good film, one that I gladly recommend, especially if you want something a little different and that goes a little deeper.
Triangle was part of my Horror Films For October, you can find the entire list here.

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