Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #101 (9th Anniversary Edition): Burial Ground – Nights Of Terror (1981)

Hey, everyone! After 7 month hiatus, Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon is back with this 101th edition to collide the 9th anniversary of this column’s debut! Now you all are probably wondering why has it taken so long for me to write up a new edition? First up I want to apologise for the long delay of this new one. The reason being, and to be honest as well, after I published the 100th one back in October last year, I got a burnt out by the column. Mainly because it got to a point where I was running way behind and I had to make really play catch up with publishing them so that they would consistently released on schedule again. As you all will know, this column is a monthly one but there was a point were I had to write up two or three a month since a lot of them had been delayed. After my landmark 100th edition, I thought I’d take a break from it for a little while. It was originally going to be a just a few weeks but then suddenly both my work and personal life got so busy, I kept putting it off until I didn’t realise that I hadn’t worked on a new one in months. Another thing that also factored was that for a while there, I honestly did thought about even retiring Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon for good. 100th editions is a great run for any column and since I did one on the greatest bad movie of all time THE ROOM, I did think that it would have been the perfect way to end it on a high note.

However most recently, I realised that this Month marked the 9th anniversary of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon. After seriously thinking about and knowing the fact that next year will be the 10th anniversary, I decided once-and-for-all to bring the column back. So in honour of this return, which film have I chosen for this landmark 9th anniversary edition? We’ll it’s going to be the bad film I had planned on doing as my next one after the 100th edition. For this comeback special 9th anniversary themed 101th edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, I watched and live-tweeted the 1981 Italian zombie BURIAL GROUND: NIGHTS OF TERROR. Which is the most hilariously bad but enjoyable Italian zombie film ever made? Whose idea was to cast a obvious 25 year man in the role of a young child? Read on and find out! Enjoy!

Bede @BedeJermyn

I know I’ve said this a billion times before but I’m going to say it again: is it too late for me to *not* watch this film? #BurialGround

Me whenever I hear that bizarre synth score in a Italian horror. #BurialGround

Alan Moore! Oh, wait. That’s not him. My mistake. #BurialGround

This professor is walking so slow that even zombies would walk faster than him. #BurialGround

Rule number one in any Italian horror: never open up a tomb. It won’t end well for you. #BurialGround

“No! Stand back! I’m your friend!” Yeah… I don’t think that’s going to work, dude. #BurialGround

And he’s being eaten by zombies. To be fair, it was his own fault. #BurialGround

Umm… Why is the music now sounding like porno music. #BurialGround

Oh, man. As you would expect from a film like this, the score is hilariously bad. #BurialGround

The family has arrived at the mansion and OMG I love the fact that the young son is played by a 25 year old man. It’s so bizarre and hilarious! #BurialGround

I know that there is a reason why they cast an actor of that age in the role but it’s so off-putting. #BurialGround

Oh, hello! We’re only a few minutes in and we already have a woman showing her boobs and wearing a g-string in this film. #BurialGround

The man who the woman is having sex with (her husband) kind of looks like a cross between Jeff Bridges and Gene Wilder. It’s weird. #BurialGround

Uh, oh! The couple middle-age 10 year old son Michael walked in on them having sex. Ewww. #BurialGround

Michael is giving off the same creepy manchild energy as Denny from THE ROOM. #BurialGround

“Mark, something bad is going to happen” We’re going to be starring in a film called BURIAL GROUND. #BurialGround

Another reason to know that you’re watching a Italian horror film? There’s always a character who has psychic abilities. #BurialGround

I love how the zombies in this film are legit just people with zombie masks over their faces. #BurialGround

So… The lightbulbs around the mansion are exploding. The reason? Who knows. #BurialGround

Geez, everyone is so horny in this film. No wonder Michael is so weird and messed up. #BurialGround

Ahhh… Why is the wife and husband shooting a handgun for target practice inside? #BurialGround

I like how a zombie is slowing crawling towards the couple and they don’t hear it at all until it’s too late. #BurialGround

All the zombies are coming out of the woodwork now. #BurialGround

I know he’s meant to be 10 years, but the actor playing Michael ages another 30 years every time he is onscreen. #BurialGround

Oh, no! It’s Republicans! Oh, wait. It’s just zombies. Never mind. #BurialGround

Damn. The husband is dead and being eaten by zombies. He only had one day left until retirement too. #BurialGround

The facial acting from actors from Italian horror films will never not be hilarious lol. #BurialGround

Guys, guys! It’s not hard to open a door. #BurialGround

A woman running from the zombies just got her foot caught in a bear trap. I repeat A BEARTRAP. #BurialGround

Question: why the hell is there a bear trap on the grounds of the mansion? These are questions I need answered! #BurialGround

I like how the subtitle of this film is NIGHTS OF TERROR despite the fact that zombies attack people during the day. #BurialGround

Dude! It can’t be hard to fight off a zombie with a rake! #BurialGround

Luckily another couple came along to save them because this couple are completely hopeless. #BurialGround

It has to say something when the 50 year kid always shouting “MAMA!” is creepier than any of the zombies in this film. #BurialGround

I like how the zombies are all banging on the door in unison. It’s hilarious lol! #BurialGround

Even when zombies are surrounding the mansion, the maid is still serving tea. #BurialGround

So… Zombies can climb trees now? #BurialGround

You know for head decapitation from a scythe, that was a pretty clean cut. #BurialGround

Say what you will about Italian horror films, they know how to bring the gore. #BurialGround

The zombies have weapons. These people are ffffuuuucccckkkkeeeedddd. #BurialGround

I like one of them discovers that to kill the zombies, you have to shoot them in the head despite the fact that they didn’t do anything before to determine that theory. #BurialGround

Yeah, man. Take that injured woman into a room that’s close to a door that the zombies are trying to knock down. #BurialGround

HERE’S ZOMBIE!!! #BurialGround

I swear I think that guy just left that injured woman in that room to die. He hasn’t come back with help yet. #BurialGround

They music is starting to sound like something from a sci-fi film. #BurialGround

10 year old Michael looks like he is 60 years old. #BurialGround

Go, zombie! Go after Michael! He’s annoying! #BurialGround



Uh, oh. That woman has turned into a zombie. If he doesn’t eat Michael, I’ll be upset. #BurialGround

YESSSS!!! Michael is being eaten! Greatest moment ever! #BurialGround

Don’t worry, Mum, Michael is dead. He can’t be inappropriate to you anymore. #BurialGround

I like how the mother kills her zombie friend for killing her son and she didn’t even know she was a zombie. #BurialGround

At this point of the film, I’m rooting for the zombies. #BurialGround

Hey, Alan Moore is back! Oh, wait. Sorry again. It’s the Professor and he is now a zombie. #BurialGround

Oh, geez. Now that Michael is gone, the injured woman Janet has now become the most annoying character in the film. #BurialGround

Once again, the film’s subtitle is NIGHTS OF TERROR but yet some of the action takes place in one, I repeat ONE, night. #BurialGround

It’s good thing that there is monastery not far from the mansion that the characters can run too. How convenient. #BurialGround

Oh, no the monks in the monastery are zombies now I’m shocked who didn’t see that coming… Whatever. #BurialGround

“You guys want a sausage?” #BurialGround

Hmmm… The characters in now in a small building with their only escape route is blocked. What could go wrong?! #BurialGround

That dude is barely trying to find that zombie off. #BurialGround

OH, NO! Michael has become a zombie now! Well, at least his zombie form actually matches his 80 year old age now. #BurialGround

Ah… Lady… I wouldn’t put zombie Michael too close to your boob now in that embrace if I were you. #BurialGround

WTF!!!!! The mom is LEGIT allowing Michael, zombie or not, have a drink from her breast! Once again! #BurialGround

This is fucked up right now. #BurialGround

Yep. Michael just bit her tit. #BurialGround

They’re only two characters left and the zombies are swarming the building. Yep, they’re both done for. #BurialGround

I like how zombies decide to kill the guy not by tearing him apart, but by putting his face into a buzzsaw. #BurialGround

Wait, hold the phone! That’s it? You’re not going to show us these two characters die onscreen?! #BurialGround

Well, that’s the end of the film. This is completely stupid, cheap, ridiculous, insane and unintentionally hilarious… So in other words, it’s a good time! #BurialGround

I hope you all enjoyed reading this very long awaited 9th anniversary themed 101th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out in June for my Bad Movies Of 2021 themed 102nd edition, which I could be doing on one of the following three bad films released from last year: DIANA: THE MUSICAL! SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY or THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted on both the Twitter and Facebook group pages soon!

Article written by Bede Jermyn





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