The Ozploit Cast – Episode 9: ‘1978 to 1979 Films’ Money Movers, The ABC Of Love And Sex, Long Weekend, Snapshot and The Last Of The Knucklemen

The Ozploit Cast – Episode 9: ‘1978 to 1979 Films’
Money Movers, The ABC Of Love And Sex: Australia Style, Long Weekend,
Snapshot and The Last Of The Knucklemen

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Welcome to our Podcast series from The Super Network with The Ozploit Cast! This podcast series is all about Ozploitation Cinema! If you don’t know what that is, it is exploitation films from the land Down Under! That’s right, Australia from the 70’s to now have been making exploitation films from all genres with horror, comedy, sc-fi, thriller, erotic and action to name a few. The podcast started with Wake In Fright and each episode covers five films in release order,

Bede Jermyn and Super Marcey are your hosts for The Ozploit Cast and are here for Episode 9 along with special guest Sam Inglis (24 Frames Per Second) to take a deep dive into the next lot of five films from 1978 and 1979. The five films up for discussion are Money Movers, The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style, Long Weekend, Snapshot and The Last Of The Knucklmen, all very different films.

Money Movers Synopsis: An armoured car company is the target of repeated heists. Company leadership is enforcing new measures in order to tighten security. The biggest danger of a new heist lies from within the company’s own ranks.
The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style Synopsis: A tongue-in-cheek sex education documentary covering a different subject for each letter of the alphabet, e.g. A is for Anatomy, B is for Babies, etc.
Long Weekend Synopsis: When a suburban couple go camping for the weekend at a remote beach, they discover that nature isn’t in an accommodating mood.
Snapshot Synopsis: A naive hairdresser is spurred by her vivacious friend into becoming a nude model, but soon discovers that everyone she knows wants a piece of her.
The Last of the Knucklemen Synopsis: In the tradition of Sunday Too Far Away (1975), this independent film is based on the classic Australian play by John Power. Pic tells the story of a group of miners living in a camp in outback Australia. They swear, brawl, gamble, and drink heavily. Central to the story is the conflict between Tarzan, the authoritarian group leader and cocky loud-mouth wisecracking Pansy. This results in a bare-knuckle punch-up for the movie’s denouement.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the films discussed in the podcast contain some much dated ideas, use terms that are offensive and mostly certainly not used today. Your hosts have done their best to be as respectful as possible when discussing these issues and have not intended any discussion to be offensive or harmful.

Highlights include:

* Bede and Marcey welcome podcast regular Sam to his first appearance on the show!

* Sam has only seen a couple of Ozploitation films. Two of which are on this very episode.

* We’re taken aback how violent Bruce Beresford’s heist Money Movers is.

* Two of us hated The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style while one of us didn’t mind it. One guess who that would be.

* We have a lot of in-depth discussions on Long Weekend and its themes

* Has Snapshot made us terrified of Mr. Whippy vans for life?

* The Last of the Knucklemen is a huge surprise and discovery for all of us. 

* Ratings for each film

* Plus much, much more!

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