Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #100 Special Edition: The Room

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the 100th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Yes, that’s right, everyone. We’ve arrived at number 100. What I milestone. When I first started doing this back in May 2013 with OOGIELOVES AND THE BIG BALLOON ADVENTURE (which you can read here), I never thought that I would make it to the 100 miletone. In fact I figured I would do it a little while to see if it would take off but to my surprise, it very much has. Of course all of this is possible due to all of you whom have read and supported over the pass 100 issues. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart: thank you. I means so much to me and I deeply appreciate it. Now given that this is the 100th edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, I must admit that I was thinking a lot about what I wanted to do in honour of this occasion. After seriously thinking about it, I decided that I would pick the film myself for this one. So which bad film did I go? Well, given that this is the 100th edition, it’s only appropriate the big guns and tackle a film that’s considered by many as the CITIZEN KANE of bad films. That’s right, everyone. For this special landmark 100th edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, I watched and live tweeted… THE ROOM. What is about this film that makes it one of the great so-bad-it’s-good ever made? Is Tommy Wiseau the greatest bad filmmaker of all time? Read on and find out! Enjoy!

Bede @BedeJermyn

I know usually say, “I know I’ve said this a billion times before but I’m going to say it again: is it too late for me to *not* watch this film?” But since this is THE ROOM, I’m happy to watch it again and again and again… #TheRoom

Greatest production credits ever! #TheRoom

Ah, San Francisco. Not since FULL HOUSE has a city been utilised in the credits of a film or TV show than here. #TheRoom

I like how the opening score for this film seems like something that was made quickly on GarageBand. #TheRoom

Tyler Perry wishes he had more production credits on a film than Tommy Wiseau does at the beginning of this film. #TheRoom

Here he is, everyone. The greatest actor of ALL time: Tommy Wiseau. #TheRoom

I like how Lisa’s present from Johnny has leopard print wrapping paper. Carole Baskins will be jealous. #TheRoom

Look who just walked in! The world’s oldest teenager Denny. #TheRoom

Is it just me or does the fire place that Johnny & Lisa have in their flat looks way too small to function. #TheRoom

So… Johnny & Lisa knows that Denny likes to watch them but they’re not creeped out by this? Yeah, I’m convinced that Johnny & Lisa are exhibitionists. They *like* to be watched. #TheRoom


Ahhh… Wrong hole, Johnny. #TheRoom

Ewww… Poor Lisa. It looks like she’s having sex with wildebeest. #TheRoom

EWWW!!! NOOOO! Tommy Wiseau, there’s one thing that the world didn’t want, and that was to see your arse! #TheRoom

Oh, hai, Claudette! You’re my favourite mother! #TheRoom

I find it weird that Claudette is meant to be Lisa’s Mum but yet she looks more a grandmother than anything. #TheRoom

Yeah, Lisa. You’re getting everything from Johnny, so start being grateful. Dumbarse. #TheRoom

Hey, everyone! That damn sexy best friend Mark has arrived! #TheRoom

I don’t how it’s possible, but Mark’s beard grew slightly bigger by the time he got to Lisa from their phone call a few minutes prior. #TheRoom

It really has to say how much of a low budget this film had when they couldn’t afford either music or candles for Mark’s quote about them. #TheRoom

How is it possible that this film has more of a budget than most Blumhouse films but yet, it looks like it cost $100 to make. #TheRoom

Oh, geez. Another sex scene. We’re only 20 minutes in and we’re onto our second one already. #TheRoom

If you told me that this was a softcore porn film, I would believe you. #TheRoom

You know for someone who keeps going about being Johnny’s best friend and he doesn’t want to hurt him, Mark sure doesn’t mind having sex with his fiancé Lisa. #TheRoom

Yesssss… The flower shop scene. One of the greatest moments in all of cinema. #TheRoom

It’s like this scene was written in a linear way, then they decided to jumble it around and shoot the scene that way. #TheRoom

Since Johnny is the flower shop owner’s favourite customer, I wonder how many times a week he buys bundles of flower from them? #TheRoom

Oh, geez. Denny is being creepy again. Once again, Lisa and Johnny don’t seem to mind. #TheRoom

I like how to get Johnny extra drunk, Lisa puts both vodka AND bourbon in the same glass and fills it to the brim. That stuff is going to be strong. #TheRoom

Ummm… Why does Lisa have Johnny’s tie around her head? I know she’s drunk, but still. #TheRoom


Yep, it’s official. This film has made me want to abstinent for the rest of my life. #TheRoom

I don’t know who Harold is, but seems like a massive jerk from Claudette. #TheRoom

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: the fact that Lisa is lying that Johnny hit her or that Claudette doesn’t believe her and tells Lisa to stay with him anyway. #TheRoom

I like how two random characters show up out of nowhere, break into Johnny & Lisa’s place and just have sex on their couch. #TheRoom

So… Johnny & Lisa are okay with Michelle & Mike have sex at their place? Once again, Johnny & Lisa are into some kinky shit. #TheRoom

You know what? Claudette is right. If Lisa had straight up told Johnny that she didn’t love him anymore, everything that happened in this film would have been avoided. #TheRoom

Hey, it’s Zac Efron! No that’s Chris-R. My bad. #TheRoom

One of life’s great mysteries: why does the R in Chris-R stand for? #TheRoom

I like how the actor playing Chris-R is 110% committed to this role. #TheRoom

Best. Worst. Green. Screen. Ever. #TheRoom

Oh, man. The acting between Lisa, Claudette & Denny is amazing in this scene. #TheRoom

DEAR EVAN HANSEN (2021) Dir: Stephen Chbosky #OnePerfectShot #TheRoom

I like how even after this traumatic experience, Lisa still wants to bang Mark. #TheRoom

Ahh, yes. The scene that took over a billion takes to do. I love it. #TheRoom

Mark & Johnny. The original cinematic Thor & Loki. #TheRoom

I’m sure why everyone goes up on the roof but you know what? I don’t want to know. I love how it’s never explained at all. #TheRoom

“She loves you. As a human BEAN” No matter how many times I hear that’s mispronunciation of that line, it never fails to give me a laugh. #TheRoom

You know for someone who just discovered that Denny is love with Lisa, Johnny is taking this quite well. #TheRoom

“If everybody loved each other, the world would be a better place” no truer words have ever been said. #TheRoom

I like how Michelle is judgmental that Lisa is sleeping around on Johnny with Mark when you wouldn’t think that the red flag wouldn’t have been for allowing to let you and your boyfriend have sex anytime at their place. #TheRoom

Oh, yesssss. The film’s most iconic line is coming up. #TheRoom

For someone who didn’t hit Lisa, Johnny sure does like to push down onto couch. #TheRoom

Eat your heart out, James Dean! #TheRoom

So… Why are Johnny and his friends hanging out in an alley way and playing catch? #TheRoom

I like how whenever anybody is talking to him, Johnny looks like he has no idea what is going on. #TheRoom

I don’t know how Lisa & Claudette not see Johnny overhearing their conversation on the stairs. It’s not that hard not to see him! #TheRoom

40 minutes later, Johnny is still attaching the recorder to the phone. #TheRoom

Oh, hai, new character that we’ve never met before until now. #TheRoom

Peter. Worst. Psychologist. Ever. #TheRoom

“You know what they say, love is bllllloooooonnnnnddddd” I’m not going to lie: that’s my favourite line reading in this whole film. #TheRoom

“We haven’t made love in a while…” DUDE! You and Lisa had sex twice this week! #TheRoom

If I ever get a million dollars, I’m going to buy a flat and have it done up like Johnny & Lisa’s place in this film. #TheRoom

With all the misogyny that is happening in this film, you would think that this film was made by Neil LaBute. #TheRoom

You know that this is a film from the early 2000s when a character is wearing double denim. #TheRoom

These random shots of San Francisco would be a lot better if the FULL HOUSE theme was playing. #TheRoom

Knowing the backstory behind the scene of Mark rocking up to the suit fitting without his beard, you can obviously see the look of anger and unenthusiasm that Greg Sestero is giving with his performance here. #TheRoom

I’m not sure why Johnny and his friends are playing catch in their wedding suites at a car park. #TheRoom

The coffee shop scene. Another classic scene of cinema. #TheRoom

Dammit, Mark! Stop trying to bang, Lisa! Johnny is your best friend! #TheRoom

I think the only reason Lisa wants to have sex with Mark because he knows how to put it anywhere but the bellybutton. #TheRoom

I bet any money of you cut out all the sex scenes from this film, this would have a running time of 30 minutes. #TheRoom

Also if you cut out all the playing catch scenes, this would actually be 15 minutes long. #TheRoom

I like how Lisa doesn’t mind walking in on her having sex with Mark. Some would say that she wants to be caught for me, I still think it’s because her and Johnny are exhibitionists. #TheRoom

Lisa right now in this scene. #TheRoom

“Don’t I deserve the best?” Umm… Johnny gives you EVERYTHING! What MORE do you want, Lisa?! UGH!!! #TheRoom

So… Lisa has been sweeping up the flat in the same clothes since yesterday? #TheRoom

Claudette: voice of reason. #TheRoom

It’s good think that palm tree is blocking that Disney sign in this where Johnny is walking around or would have been sued. #TheRoom

I like how Johnny’s work suit is about 10 times bigger than he is. #TheRoom

Outside of the main players, I would like to know who these other guests are at this party. What’s their story I wonder? #TheRoom

Umm… Lisa… Why are you trying to have sex with Mark at Johnny’s birthday party?! You know it’s not going to end well! #TheRoom

Hey, it’s Dougray Scott! Oh, wait… That’s not him. #TheRoom

For someone who has not been in this film until now, this guy is pissed. #TheRoom

I think my favourite thing about this film how things are brought up once and it’s never brought up again. #TheRoom


Umm… Didn’t everyone already eat that cake before? #TheRoom

“What planet are you on!” Yeah, Tommy Wiseau! Are you an actual alien or not? #TheRoom

Oh, man. Tommy Wiseau’s dubbing throughout this whole film is amazing. #TheRoom

Umm… Why are Mark & Lisa acting like victims? It’s their fault all of this has happened! #TheRoom

I like how Johnny is replaying the recording back and it’s the exact same conversation we heard from Lisa & Mark five seconds ago. #TheRoom

Here it comes, everyone! The greatest breakdown in the history of cinema. Nothing ever has or ever will complete with this. #TheRoom

I like how during his rage, Johnny just politely knocks things over. #TheRoom

EWWWW! We’ve come to the worst sex scene of all: Johnny humping the dress! Ewwwww!!! #TheRoom

Hey… Is the gun that Johnny has the same one that Chris-R had earlier in the film? #TheRoom

“IS HE DEAD?!” Ahhh… I’m pretty sure of your brains are splattered all over the floor, I think it’s a earlier assumption to know that he is dead, Lisa. Dumbarse. #TheRoom

Umm, Mark. Even though Lisa is very much to blame for Johnny’s death, you’re just guilty of it as well, Mark, you dick. #TheRoom

Denny has arrived to see Johnny’s dead body and his distraught face is hilarious! #TheRoom

“LEAVE US!!!” Ummm… Denny is not going to have sex with Johnny’s corpse is he? Ewwww… #TheRoom

Everyone who has ever watch the ending of this film. #TheRoom

Well, that’s end of THE ROOM. What can I say that hasn’t already been said. This film is a stone cold classic and the perfect one to do my 100th Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon on. #TheRoom

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 100th edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Once again for your love and support over these 100 issues. Now that we currently in the Halloween season, the next edition will be my annual Halloween edition of the column. However they’ll be a slight change of plans for this upcoming one. Usually I would post a poll with three bad horror films and I would you readers decide which one I would watch but unfortunately due to my busy schedule in the last two weeks of October, I decided that I would pick the film  myself this year instead (don’t worry, things will be back to normal for next year’s one). So which bad horror film have I chosen the special Halloween themed 101th edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon? That would be the 1981 Italian zombie film BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHTS OF TERROR. Look out for it at the end of October!

Article written by Bede Jermyn


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