Podcasters Of Horror Episode 10 – Pelts and The Screwfly Solution

Podcasters Of Horror Episode 10 – Pelts and The Screwfly Solution

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Welcome to our Mini Podcast series from The Super Podcast with Podcasters Of Horror! This mini-series will cover short reviews and discussion for every episode of Mick Garris’ horror anthology series Masters Of Horror! Once we finish with Masters Of Horror, we will be tackling other anthologies within horror.

Your trusty hosts ‘Super’ Marcey Papandrea and ‘The Terrible Australian’ Bede Jermyn are back for the first time with this show for 2021 and we are not alone as we are joined by returning guest Chris Barnes of Cinema Etc. For this 10th installment of Podcasters Of Horror we take a look at Masters Of Horror‘s second season episodes with Pelts and The Screwfly Solution.

Dario Argento of Deep Red and Opera fame directed Pelts, it stars Meatloaf, John Saxton and Ellen Ewuise. The Screwfly Solution was directed by the legendary Joe Dante of Gremlins and The Howling, it stars Jason Priestley, Kerry Norton, Linda Darlow and Elliot Gould.

Disclaimer: The Screwfly Solution deals with themes of domestic abuse and abuse against women, these themes may be triggering to some, please be aware before listening and if you are affected by abuse in your life please seek out the correct info/help relevant for your country.

Highlights include:

* Bede and Marcey welcome back Chris Barnes.

* These were both first time watches for Marcey.

* Chris tells us why Pelts is one of his favourites from this Season.

* Meatloaf plays the worst kind of person.

* The Screwfly Solution has some very deep and serious themes.

* We discuss how tonally different the two episodes are.

* Could The Screwfly Solution work as a film if it came out today? We have some thoughts …

* Ratings for each film

* Plus much, much more!

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