[Bea’s Ranting Book Reviews] The Mummy: Ramses The Damned [Anne Rice] by Bea Harper


Author: Anne Rice

Published: 1989

Publisher: Ballantine Books, USA

This ain’t Karloff. This ain’t Lee. This ain’t Fraser. This is Anne Rice.

Sensual, horrifying, romantic and imaginative are words that automatically came to mind when I read this as a sexually repressed 15 year old in the 1990s and it still hasn’t diminished in it’s power. Rice used the romantic thoughts of the Edwardian era complete with its obsession with Egyptology and hysteria surrounding womens’ role in society in addition to Rices’ fascinating take on the supernatural in the form of the immortal Ramses the Great who is tormented by his curse. Yes it’s melodramatic, yes it is set in a heightened reality, but you see, without all of this, The Mummy would never have worked. Interesting characters, compromising positions (in more ways than one) and a dizzying sense of sexuality underlaid by body horror enables Rice to draw you in like a sirens’ song. Definitely one of her finest works, ever. Though seriously, Anne, darling dear, when are we gonna get that sequel?!?!


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