[Bea’s Ranting Reviews] Wonder Woman [2009] by Bea Harper


Dir.: Lauren Montgomery

Starring: Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Rosario Dawson, Alfred Molina, Virginia Madsen and Oliver Platt

While the bar has rarely been tapped in cinematic circles, thus far, DC’s wonderful interpretation of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince remains a lofty stalwart of the animated universe pantheon. Although it is tragic it can’t exactly be measured against other movies, it sits in the higher echelons of the superior DC animated universe films to date. Although incredibly basic and straight forward, there can be no doubt all involved in the production of this movie right down to the copy person had a project they all firmly believed in and had every intention of showing that a Wonder Woman wasn’t just possible to make, but incredibly imaginative. Despite some fairly linear elements incorporated for the progression of the plot, this is undisputedly a film worthy of William Moulton Marstons’ prized creation. There are so many great character-driven moments and arcs in this movie that it would be obscene of me to ruin them here for you. Although the animation is not on the proficient level that Disney is mostly known for, there can be little doubt this is a tale for not just long-time fans of the character but to those new to the game. Everything I personally adore about WW is presented here with confidence and assurance, given the directorial debut of Montgomery. Diana is confident, humorous, strong, assured, composed, vulnerable and a figure of justice, just as she should be and the supporting characters present with potency and agency and all are backed up by a reliable and thoroughly engrossing story. Not bad for 90 minutes with nary a mention of the ham-fisted, near-sighted hypocritical gender politics that so many films concerning empowered women possess, if there are any, WW shoots them down with sass and common sense.



PS: I want WW to give my future hypothetical daughter stick fighting lessons. That would be brilliant parenting, yes?

*Addendum: Apparently in 2017 there WILL be a Wonder Woman film, but thus far nothing else has been confirmed. We can only hope this goes through and it is a worthy beast, but for now, we can only content ourselves with studio hearsay.

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