[Bea’s Ranting Reviews] Batman: The Mask of Phantasm [1993] by Bea Harper


Dir/s. Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski

Starring: Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Dana Delany and Stacy Keach

Hands and wings down, one of the very best Batman movies ever made, live action or animation. Impeccably animated, masterfully acted and overall brilliant artistically and dramatically. I regret not going to see this freshman effort when it was released, but then again, after a week or two on the screens, this film was pulled due to it’s poor marketing and subsequent box office performance. A shame, but the beauty of this film was that it gained a respectable following upon it’s release on VHS (remember THOSE?) and from there, word of mouth, much like the name ‘Batman’ on the lips of criminals, became the film’s power and to this day remains a milestone in the DC animated universe and the Batman franchise. Do yourself a favor darlings, seek this one out.




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