[Bea’s Ranting Reviews] Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker [2000] by Bea Harper


Dir.: Curt Geda

Starring: Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle, Angie Harmon, Dean Stockwell, Tara Strong, Arleen Sorkin and Mark Hamill

By far, one of the most daring DC animated films to date not just thematically but universe wise, the “Batman Beyond” franchise may not have as much recognition as its original predecessor, but it is not one to be underestimated and this movie is no exception. Eventually Bruce Wayne will have to hang up the cowl, but that doesn’t mean his legacy should go to waste, and it’s up to Terry McGinnis to use Gotham City of the future as his ultimate proving ground when he must not only contend with the sudden return of the Joker, but also combating his acolytes, a vicious gang known as the Jokerz as well as trouble in the Bat Family. I love myself some Terry and this is undoubtedly his movie with Bruce taking a (important) backseat which in itself is a daring approach- this is Terry’s show and I’m happy this bold risk paid off. The entire movie is an incredibly strong statement that speaks for itself and the only way to appreciate it fully is to watch it with an open mind and clear eyes.




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