[Conventions] Supanova Melbourne 2015 – Guest Photos & Autographs

Supanova Banner

Yes folks, convention season in right upon us in Australia, Melbourne hosted Supanova’s first 2015 show and what a show it was! Without a doubt this was the busiest Melbourne show ever, this was my 6th show in a row for Supanova in Melbourne and I can’t remember it being this busy!

This year the event was held in two different pavilions, with the exhibitors and artists being in the usual spot and the SupaStar Guests and photos being in the opposite building. This allowed for more space, and each area was just as busy as the next. With this however there were some problems early Saturday, a power outage where the photos where caused some delays and the amount of people wanting photos caused a bit of chaos. The volunteers and staff did their best to accommodate everyone, and they were extremely helpful and friendly towards me. Bede did report that on Sunday (I was unable to attend due to health) was very organised, and they had taken on board all the feedback.

We did have a fun day, waiting in lines do have their upside, you meet new people. Here are our photos with some of the SupaStar Guests and some autographs we got.

George Takei with Marcey and Bede

George Takei

Nichelle Nichols with Marcey and Bede

Nichelle Nicholls

Walter Koeing with Bede and Marcey

Walter Koening

Tommy Flanagan with Marcey and Bede

Tommy Flanagan

Tommy Flanagan Autograph

Tommy Flanagan autograph

John Jarratt Autograph

John Jarratt autograph

Dolph Lundgren with Bede and Marcey

Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren Autograph

Dolph Lundgren autograph

James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter with Bede

James Masters and Charisma Carpenter


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