[Wrestling] Paul’s WrestleMania 31 Predictions

It’s that time of the year again, folks. We’ve reached the Grandaddy of em All, the Show, the SuperBowl of Pro Wrestling. They’ve stacked the deck with a card that definitely shows some promise. We get to see Sting wrestle his long awaited first match in WWE at the event. Something we all hoped for but I believe many of us believe we’d never see happen. We get to see the Undertaker for the first time since the end of his legendary streak, how he fares in the ring physically will be exciting to see. We get to see how the fans will ultimately react to a main event that features a superstar that many fans just aren’t buying into. Will they shit all over it? Will positive reaction go to Lesnar retaining? We will see. Now onto who I believe will take the big W in all the matches on this years card.


Kick-off matches have become the norm on PPV’s the last couple years, and while it would have been great to see this match on the main card, I’m glad we’re getting it at all. I have to admit, when Bubba Ray made a return during the Royal Rumble my inner fanboy started working overtime and it left me hoping D-Von would also return to forge a Dudley Boys reunion that we’d see in tag action at this years event. But no dice. The teams selected for this match are all talented as hell in the ring and it should be an awesome match. Cesaro/Tyson Kidd have made an excellent name for themselves as a Tag Team in my opinion, and right now they seem like the only team with the potential to go somewhere after the main event, with the exception of the USOs. But they had a lengthy run already with the titles. The company seems to be invested in developing this new team, and I think it will continue.

Predicted Winners: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd


The Andre The Giant memorial battle royal is a great idea for marquee WrestleMania event. It gives a great chance to utilize talent on the card that wouldn’t be able to use otherwise, and the WWE has actually done a great job this year in building up this particular match. What’s great about the match this year is that there are a few superstars I feel can take the win based on how they’ve been built up. Damien Mizdow has been red hot in recent months, and seeing him take the win would be a great way to set the mood for the WM crowd. Ever since the Royal Rumble, Curtis Axel has been given a gimmick that he has done a great job in running with in Axelmania..can that push continue with him being the last man standing? It is rumored Sheamus will be making his return in the match, if he does a win for him could definitely be possible. Let’s also take into account whoever the winner of the NXT Axxes tournament would be. What a great way to build that superstar up.

Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel


This match has had excellent build-up in recent weeks. Randy Orton has been a master of mind games with Rollins leading up to that awesome decimation of him on Raw a few weeks ago. From an in-ring work standpoint, I feel this may be a contender to steal the show at the event. Both men are masters in terms of physical craft, and in-ring psychology now that I think about it. Now who will walk away with the victory? Well, I think Randy Orton is well past the point in his career by now to need a win to remain “looking strong” and relevant after WM. Seth Rollins though, a victory for him would work wonders for his career, his prowess mixed with the help from the stooges for a new generation would solidify his position as one of the best heels in the game and the undisputed future of the company.

Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


When you consider their in ring work, the women of the division take this #GiveDivasAChance movement very seriously, as they should. I firmly believe all involved in this match will bring their very best A game for the biggest show of the year. I’m left wondering if after the events of last nights Raw, it will remain a Tag Team match or on Smackdown it will be switched to a Fatal Fourway for the title…the latter I think would be the better way to go to be quite honest. If not though and it remains a tag match, I am calling it now, the dysfunction is a strategy by AJ Lee and Paige to throw the Bella’s off their game to emerge victorious in the match.

Predicted Winners: AJ Lee & Paige


Ah, the match that acts as WWE’s Rocky IV adaption. I have to say at first, I was miffed that the first match between these two took place at the Fast Lane PPV. But then after seeing the booking for the match in the last few weeks I thought of course this route makes the most sense, you keep Rusev looking strong and you give Cena his redemption story arc. John Cena has done his best to bring his intensity to make this match a must see, and I think it is pretty obvious to all how this one will go. The best thing about the idea, is despite that I don’t think it will be the death nail in Rusev’s push. Cena will come out victorious, but he will no doubt go into the match to make Rusev look like a million bucks beforehand. PS, I’ve missed Lana.

Predicted Winner: John Cena


Bray Wyatt deserves heaps of praise for making this match a total must see. He has built this feud solo like a champ. Now, the match will be interesting to see from a physical standpoint. The quality of Taker’s health is up in the air, if pushed I would say Taker looks like he is in great shape and will entertain us with a great match along with Bray who is really coming into his own as far as his in-ring work. That said, on the flip side of the coin both these men are COMPLETE masters of in-ring psychology. I am calling that the staredown between these two before the bell rings will yield a “this is awesome” chant…because whether you like it or not, Bray has cultivated a character that was destined to go toe-to-toe with Taker, and I for one am glad it’s happening. There is a rumor that this won’t be Taker’s last match, I won’t advertise what’s circulating on the rumor mill I’ll just say that if it’s true, I don’t think Taker will or should lose two years in a row at WM. In any event I don’t think he will, I have my own ideas on how to keep Bray’s momentum going in the event of a loss, but that’s for another discussion. To be in the ring with Taker has done wonders for many who have had the honor, and win or lose I don’t think it will be any different for Wyatt.

Predicted Winner: The Undertaker


The winner of this match is up in the air enough that I see three participants that have a real good chance to take it. Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose would benefit greatly from the win in this ladder match. I am basing my prediction here on the probably idea that the company wants to create as many feel good WM moments this year as possible, that really narrows it down to two men who will most likely stand at the top of that ladder hoisting the IC title over their head. I go back and forth with thinking how much the WWE probably wishes they could phase Daniel Bryan out of the picture completely, with thinking that they haven’t yet. That said, I think the only way to give the fans that feel good WM moment they want, is to give D-Bry a run with the IC title.

Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


Sting will be competing in a match at WrestleMania…just let that sink in for a moment. The icon Sting will be competing in a match at WrestleMania. The match has has an amazing build if you ask me, and in my opinion in recent weeks Sting has given off the vibe that he’s more physically ready for the match than I think many are ready to give him credit for. It will be a physical match, sledgehammers and bats will be utilized I promise you that. Triple H will maybe pull out as many stops as he can to insure his victory, to no avail of course. Anybody who thinks Sting won’t walk out of his first match in WWE with a win under his belt is dreaming in my humble opinion. It will be a mark out moment for me, and many others. No doubt.

Predicted Winner: Sting


News reports have suggested that a Roman Reigns victory isn’t as much of a guarantee as people thought. The feeling is that many think Brock has worked out a deal to continue his relations with the company and in that event he would retain the title in the main event. Imagine the crowd shitting on the main event thinking they know the inevitable outcome, only to pop like crazy when Brock gets the pin on Reigns to stand tall once again. *Sigh* I can see it happening, but based on how hard the company has been pushing Reigns I don’t think it will even if Lesnar does stay. I predict Vince sticking to his guns in a way, and I’ll get to the in a way in a second. I think that maybe they think that the WWEWHC needs to be a regular staple of their shows again, and even if Lesnar stays of course that won’t be possible. But there is a bizzare way to give Reigns the victory, take the title off Lesnar, and maybe end the show with a positive reaction to end the show. Bizzare indeed, here we go.

Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns/Followed by a successfull MITB cash-in by Seth Rollins to become the new champ (maybe with the idea in mind that the crowd is so sour on Reigns they will pop very hard for Rollins coming in and taking the title off of him)

One thought on “[Wrestling] Paul’s WrestleMania 31 Predictions

  1. Seems to be the general collective prediction of Rollins cashing in after Reigns has won. Probably the most predictable way to end it but it really needs to happen and it would create a HUGE pop like you mentioned. I’m so excited for Sunday and can’t wait to see what unfolds… 🙂


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