[Wrestling] Marcey’s Wrestlemania 2015 Predictions


It is that time of year folks and Wrestlemania for 2015 is fast approaching. Less than a week to go, so who will come out on top at this event? Well I am going to go through my picks, they may be controversial but we shall see if I get any right.


Tag Team Titles will be defended on the 2 hour kick off show, as I expected they would be. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd have been in battles with the three other teams, so it makes sense these are the ones to be in the match. I think this will be a very entertaining match and it will get people pumped for the main show. I am looking forward to this match, just a shame it wont be on the main show.

Who I Think Will Win: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd
Who I Want To Win: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd


The Battle Royal was a really fun event last year and I am thrilled it is going to be a yearly thing. It gives the superstars a chance to be on the card and to have some good moments. There has been some good build up towards this, with some good names being included. Last year they picked Cesaro, I was so excited that he was a surprise entrant and he won. The thing is they messed up his momentum by not turning him face and having him run wild. I hope they don’t do the same to the winner this year.

Who I Want To Win: Mizdow (after throwing The Miz out)
Who I Think Will Win: Ryback


I have been highly invested in this feud since last year, I have been waiting for these two to go at it. It has been a slow build, which is really good and it has worked. The feud is hot and everyone wants to see the Viper RKO the hell out of Rollins. I am so excited for this match, I can’t wait! I think it will be a really good one, lots of back and forth action, I am sure Rollins will be sneaky as well. I can’t see a clean finish here, and if Rollins wins this feud will continue, which can only be a good thing.

Who I Want To Win: Seth Rollins (to continue the feud)
Who I Think Will Win: Seth Rollins


Interesting that the Divas match this year is not a title match but a Tag Team Match. I really hope this is given a good amount of time because there is a story to be told here. The frienemies – will they be able to coexist to defeat a common enemy and can The Bellas stay on top? This has been building for awhile, it is a good feud and I do love seeing Paige. With The Bella’s apparently not renewing their contracts I can’t see them winning and I think Nikki will be dethroned after WM. Looking forward to seeing the woman shine.

Who I Want To Win: Paige and A.J.
Who I Think Will Win: Paige and A.J.


We knew this match was coming, I remember James and I discussing how it would be Cena vs. Rusev at WM last year. It is a natural feud to have with Rusev being the foreign bad guy and Cena is a patriotic American. The feud has been pretty interesting and it seems to have lit a fire under Cena as well. Things are very intense, and we can believe it could go either way. With Rusev winning at the last PPV, and getting the upper hand at Raw, I think we know who will win. With Cena winning the US title, I think it could be an interesting move.

Who I Want To Win: John Cena (Don’t kill me people lol)
Who I Think Will Win: John Cena


This is going to be a very interesting match, the entrances will probably take up 20 minutes. The Undertaker has not been seen in the WWE since Brock Lesner broke the streak. The crowd is going to go apeshit crazy, and placing him against Wyatt is a great move too. This will be a very intense match no doubt, The Undertaker is the one who has everything to prove and Wyatt will be playing the mind games. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Bring It On!

Who I Want To Win: The Undertaker
Who I Think Will Win: The Undertaker


This may very well be the show stealer, there are 7 very talented men and it could go any way. We are going to see some insane spots, some close calls. Who knows what will go down, it is great that this is such a unique mix of guys too. I think this match will restore some much needed prestige to the IC Title. I am excited, this should be a yearly thing as well now that Money In The Bank has its own PPV.

Who I Want To Win: Daniel Bryan
Who I Think Will Win: Dolph Ziggler


This should be interesting, Sting competeing in the WWE is something most of us thought we would never see. I actually think Triple H is the right one for him to face in his first match too. I know a lot of people were hoping for The Undertaker, but I think that will likely happen down the track. Hoping this will be exciting, and would be great to see some new things as well. Let us see what Sting will bring and how Triple H will handle it.

Who I Want To Win: Sting
Who I Think Will Win: Sting


Now most of us wanted to see Brock Lesner vs. Daniel Bryan, but at this time we are not getting it. I hope we do get to see that match though, some time. We are getting Roman Reigns, and the momentum that was hot for him drizzled out at Royal Rumble, Paul Heyman has been the one to build this feud and make people care about this match. It has worked for me a little and I am definitely curious to see how this one turns out. Hopefully this will be a good match, it should be fairly brutal with the strength of both men. Will Rollins cash in though?

Who I Want To Win: Brock Lesner (Could prove interesting)
Who I Think Will Win: Roman Reigns



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