[Wrestling] Marcey’s Smackdown Review 13/06/14


Opening Segment The Shield

The show opened with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns making their way down to the ring with some choice words for Seth Rollins, Triple H and Randy Orton. Yet again even with few words Ambrose provided an excellent promo and he proves once again why he is one of the best talkers they have right now. Reigns isn’t at his level yet but he did deliver a good promo also. Triple H appeared on the titantron and announced that only one of them will have a MITB qualifier match, he flipped and coin and Dean Ambrose was chosen, to go against Bray Wyatt. Reigns on the other hand gets to take on Bad News Barrett and both men are barred from each others matches.

Rating: A


Roman Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett

This was a fairly good match to kick things off with, now with the state of The Shield this opens up Ambrose and Reigns for a lot more singles matches, and the chance to really shine on their own. Reigns was looking very strong here, however so did Bad News Barrett and this match only helped both men. I would love to see a longer match between the pair. Things ended off with the very last appearance of 3MB (Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre were future endevoured this week) as they went to attack Reigns but he beat all three up.

Rating: B+


Jey Uso vs. Erick Rowan

On Main Event we saw an excellent match between Jimmy Uso and Luke Harper, which saw Uso take out the win. So naturally Jey would take on Rowan and this was a fairly solid match, it is clear these teams work so well against each other and in singles matches they did also. Their styles actually compliment each other very well and this has been a good pairing for a feud. It actually gives both teams a good rub, and it definitely shows the strength too of the Tag Team Titles, which have been elevated a lot since last year. I would be happy to see this feud continue on, although if rumours are true it looks like the Usos have an uphill battle with The Ascension reportedly getting called up to feud with them.

Overall this match had good back and forth action and I was very happy with how it went.

Rating: A


R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas

The best part of this match wasn’t actually part of the match, Bo Dallas was smiling in the ring as R-Truth sung as he made his entrance. Then Bo Dallas started dancing to R-Truth’s theme, the dancing was hilarious as it really didn’t match the music and that damn smile he had on his face was killing me. Once in the ring R-Truth did his ‘Whats up?’ and Bo Dallas got on the mic to say “What’s going on?” and then he hugged R-Truth. This whole exchange was excellent, Bo Dallas just sold his character perfectly, he’s winning me over with this gimmick because he has embraced it fully. R-Truth had the perfect reaction face also, the match was actually fairly good for what time they were given. It was highly entertaining, and Bo Dallas picked up another victory and again hugged R-Truth whose reaction was classic. I would like to see Bo Dallas have more time in a match, he’s got the skills and his character is getting better every week.

Rating: B


Cesaro vs. Sheamus

To be perfectly honest I could watch this match every week, these two make magic together and it shows just how much Sheamus has improved since his debut. He has worked hard to get better and now it’s really showing. Prematch we had Cesaro speaking what I think was Swiss-German dialect with Paul Heyman acting as translator. I liked that it gave us something different, rather than his usual spill. They built this match up as a fight, and it worked. It was a fight and these two worked off each other extremely well. I am glad this match was given a fair amount of time, and these two were able to shine. Cesaro and Sheamus will no doubt be highlights of MITB match, and they are showing us all why we have to be paying attention.

Rating: A+


Adam Rose vs. Fandango w/Layla

This was not much of a match, what happened before and after the match lasted a lot longer. Adam Rose is now being used poorly, this man needs a solid feud and he deserves better than a quick match. Fandango is lost in limbo at the moment, and he is now almost an after thought between the growing feud between Layla and Summer Rae. The match was okay, quick, nothing special. As it turned out Summer Rae was in disguise as a Rose Bud and attacked Layla post match, Fandango separated them. This feud makes sense, yes but Summer Rae as a face in the situation does not. After her behaviour on Total Divas, and how her character has been on NXT she isn’t a face. I can’t cheer for someone that is like that, and I do really want to see Layla destroy her. The girl needs a big wake up call, just my two cents.

Rating: C-


Big E vs. Jack Swagger

Talk about two guys being lost in limbo, it feels like creative isn’t sure what to do with these guys. It seemed like a Rusev feud was in the mix for Big E but then nothing. Jack Swagger really didn’t end up with much of a feud with Cesaro, so now there’s not much happening. Put these two in actual feuds or against each other, do something. These are talented guys who do have a lot to offer, and even thought this wasn’t a long match they used their time together to do something. I really would like to see something better for them, I think we need to see a solid stable of guys, give them a good storyline and use them well.

Rating: B-


Alicia Fox vs. Aksana

Well good-bye Aksana, another one who was future endevoured, which surprised me since she was getting a fair bit of TV time. Her last appearance on TV was a short match in which she lost. WWE are pushing Alicia Fox, and rightfully so as she has taken this new gimmick and embraced it. This was sadly a disappoitning match.

Rating: D+


MITB Qualifying Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

This is the future of the company right here folks, and yes this was match of the night and well worth watching the whole show to see. As I said earlier, we are going to see a lot more singles matches with Dean Ambrose, which is good because this man is amazing. Some how he rarely had singles matches and he was the US Champion, a big ball drop there but now at least that will be made up for. These two worked well against each other and seeing them in the singles setting rather than a tag team setting really showed just how much they can bring out of each other. Styles worked well together, the back and forth was fantastic and it was an intense match that really kept me guessing as who was going to take out the victory.


The match ended with Seth Rollins appearing on the announce table and caused the distraction that Bray Wyatt needed to sit Sister Abigail and get the win. This right here gets Bray into MITB (it’ll be interesting to see how he will perform there) and it really pushes the feud forward for Rollins and Ambrose. It also was a good opportunity to see more of heel Rollins, and he had that bastard smile on his face, I loved it. MITB is looking like such an exciting show, Rollins and Ambrose may very well steal it too.

Rating: A+

This was much better than last week, a good step up for Smackdown with two excellent matches.


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