[Wrestling] Marcey’s Top 5 Favourite Current WWE Finishers


I was having a discussion about wrestling with James Orrell (it takes up like 70% of what we talk about, we’re that awesome BTW) and I got to thinking about what finishers I liked the best in current use in the WWE.

We have been seeing a lot of interesting and innovative finishers in the past several years, and I have to say they have been really entertaining to see and get used. When a finisher gets used, we can expect a pin to happen, but some times they kick out. There is and can be a great story told in the match, and the finishers are the icing on the cake. For this list I decided not to include anyone solely on NXT, this list would probably solely feature that roster!

So in my opinion what are the best finishers in the WWE at the moment? Read on ….

5.) Roman Reigns’ Spear


Now the spear is not a new move, it has been used by Goldberg and Edge before, but there is just something in the way that Roman Reigns delivers it. It is what I would call picture perfect and it legitimately looks like it could break you in half. He is such a talented guy, and the way he pulls off his moves is extraordinary, his spear is easily one of the best moves and finishers currently.

4.) Paige’s Scorpion Crosslock (PTO)


Wow just wow, this woman has a great move set and this submission finisher is fantastic. She manages to lock it in extremely well, and it actually does look like it hurts when applied. It is a unique move, that she added to her move set and it does have an epic feel to it when she applies it after a very steady match. The move itself has a great history and to see it currently in use by one of the best talents on the roster really is, amazing.

3.) Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail

wyatt cena 2

To be honest this movie is creepy, and it is all in the delivery by Bray Wyatt. If someone else did it, it wouldn’t have the same effect. That kiss he delivers before the move is creepy, because it’s like he knows he’s got you and them bam he delivers the move. When he does the move, it looks like it hurts and it has that factor that you can believe someone can’t kick out of it. The move works on so many levels and it has definitely really won me over recently.

2.) Cesaro’s Neutralizer and Upper Cut


The Big Swing could be listed but it isn’t actually how he finishes his matches. It might be one of the best moves in the WWE right now, but it isn’t a finisher. Cesaro really has two finishers, he can finish off a match with either move and it looks devastating. Choosing between the two was impossible for me, because I love them both and I love seeing him deliver both. His moves are done with strength and precision, and you could believe they hurt like hell!

1.) Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp


Talk about a devasting move that legitimately looks like it would hurt, and it is always pulled off perfectly. This for me is the top finisher in the WWE right now, it is unique and it fits so well with Rollins’ move set. The man is a ninja in the ring, he can fly high and pull off some amazing feats, but when it comes down to it when you get hit with this move the match may as well be over. I don’t know how he manages to pull it off so well, I would be too scared to have this move done to me! This move reminds me of that infamous scene in American History X, thank goodness Seth doesn’t make anyone bite the curb before he stomps.


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