Bea’s Casting Call: “Resident Evil”



To be charitable to Paul W.S Anderson, the guy is a brilliant business man and is capable of delivering visually pleasing, entertaining yet mindless fare. While the “Resident Evil” games are hardly high art or the epitome of brilliant story telling and character development, I feel he ventured way too far off the beaten track while still trying to maintain his films still took place in the game universe. In short, he tried to do far too much with far too little. So let’s pretend we are at a board meeting where some clever and well-meaning execs want to make a legitimate adaptation of the series. Let’s make believe Anderson didn’t have a chance to cast his wife in the ultimate Mary Sue role that isn’t any better than what you’d see on I want to get up and propose my ideas for a possible cast of the memorable characters of this goofy yet beloved franchise who either left an impression or were very awesome. I won’t really be covering EVERY game,mind you. Far too little space and time to do a full casting call.

Note: I want to try to keep the casting consistent rather than picking and choosing several different actors to play the characters in various stages throughout the franchise.


Chris Redfield: Stephen Amell

chris_redfield_screenshot_3_by_captain_albertwesker-d47qvsi Stephen-Amell-stephen-amell-34396045-1024-768

Nobody will deny that Chris Redfield is the Captain America of the franchise. The Superman. The Dudley Do-Right (though his character took a distinct turn in “6”. But however much flack he cops, Chris shall forever remain the First Man of “Resident Evil”. Determined, relentless, stubborn and tough, he isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with errant B.O.Ws (Bio Organic Weapons) even if it’s just with a knife. Plus, he’s a total dreamboat.

Thanks to his great work on WB’s “Arrow”, Amell has quickly proven himself to be a capable actor and action man. I feel he could portray Chris as the eager boyscout that we encounter in RE1 to the troubled soul in RE5. His physicality is top notch and he isn’t afraid to take on a pulpy B-grade type of role because he is able to invest his own humanity and skill into any character. His Oliver Queen was my direct inspiration to be sure, but damn it, watch him in that show and tell me you can’t see him swiping at a zombie with a knife and a snarl.

Jill Valentine: Lauren Cohan

500full uirf

Jill Valentine has the distinction of being the first playable female character in “Resident Evil”, plus if you ask quite a few players, male and female, she is often their first choice when playing the first game. What I love most about her is that not only is she a competent and efficient soldier when she needs to be, she is also capable of compassion and maintains a strong moral center. Some call that boring, but in a world that is constantly faced with the threat of bioterrorism, Jill Valentine isn’t ready to say die so long as as she has the ability to survive through any crisis thrown at her. Plus, you know, she’s the Master of Unlocking.

In my eyes, Cohan has already displayed fantastic undead busting chops in “The Walking Dead” as Maggie, but damn it, she is so much more than that in the series, so for her to play Jill Valentine is the next logical step. Now, originally I was going to pick Julia Voth who practically is Jill physically (look her up and tell me I’m wrong) and while I would go crazy if she did step up to play Jill, I still think Cohan earns a fair shake to portray a worthy character I respect and admire.

Albert Wesker: Hugh Jackman

56756847 hugh-jackman-748767766

Up until his death, The Man In Black known as Albert Wesker was the main flagship of the “Resident Evil” games. He was the archetype bad guy who dressed in black, an outrageous prick who looked as cool as Greenland and just kicked all kinds of booty… namely Chris’s. Granted, the character isn’t a deeply complex one (nobody in the games are any different) and as time went on he became more and more of a parody of evil, but he is still so fondly remembered by the fan community. I applaud Capcom for making him STAY dead but now they need to find a worthy adversary for further installments… a truly gargantuan task if there ever was one.

I actually think Jason O’Mara (from “Resident Evil: Extinction”) could have been a decent Wesker if he wasn’t regaled to sitting behind a desk pointing a finger and sneering but that impression didn’t leave me particularly wanting more.  I will be honest with you, I selected Jackman’s physical casting on how Wesker looked in “5”- very… Jackmanesque. But then I realised that the actor really could bring this character to life because for one thing, Jackman ain’t afraid to take risks in his career. He’s been Wolverine in six films, he’s been Peter Allen in the broadway sensation “Boy From Oz”, Valjean in “Le Mis”, a base-born Van Helsing brother from “Van Helsing” and that possible soft-core porno he teased us with… he’s fearless as an actor who is as charismatic and talented as he is shameless. He commits himself no matter the role  and no matter what, he always comes up on top. Plus, I think he’d make Wesker’s dirty-blonde hair work with some careful styling but hair doth not maketh the bastard.


Claire Redfield: Emma Stone

Je_m__appelle_Claire_Redfield_by_Cle_aireRedfieldplz Emma-Stone-Wallpaper-HD


Claire may be younger than Chris but she is no more a pushover, in fact, she is one of the few protagonists in the games who didn’t have any military training, just a lot of common sense and compassion. Sure, she wielded an assortment of guns, but she did so wisely. Plus, she was incredibly sensitive to the well-being of others, namely that being of Sherry Birkin. Claire took it upon herself to assume responsibility for the frightened young girl and remained strong for her as well as herself. Like Jill, she doesn’t require the assistance of a male partner- sure she will be fine if a guy tags along, but she doesn’t require muscles on arms since she has a lot of muscle in her brain.

Look, I am totally cool with Ali Larter, but let’s face it, she absolutely was not the Claire Redfield we know and love in the slightest. Emma Stone meanwhile has the chops, the energy, magnetism and of course the looks to be the younger Redfield spawn. Time and again Stone has shown a lot of range, so there is absolutely no reason why she shouldn’t play the character with her trademark confidence and pluck.

Leon S. Kennedy: Jensen Ackles
 leon_s_kennedy_re6_by_phantomrose91-d59391u SUPERNATURAL

As any RE fan would tell you, Leon S. Kennedy is arguably the most popular and best character in the franchise due to his grounded attitude, his sense of humor and of course… THE HAIR. I think what sets Leon apart from the rest of the male heroes is that despite ultimately working for the President, he has a very down to earth bearing and is always looking out for the best interest of others even if it means putting his life on the thin red line. Even in super tense situations, he isn’t afraid to crack a joke, however lame, in order to help a person remain focused on the task at hand. Plus, you gotta love a character that survived well into the Naughties with Nineties Boy Band Hair and still makes the look cool… I guess that’s why all the ladies love him.

Bitchy little fanboys are gonna riot, but the reason why I selected Jensen Ackles for The Hair is primarily due to his role as Dean Winchester in WB’s “Supernatural”… are we noticing a pattern here in terms of TV stars for movies? Ackles has such an easy-going look and bearing about him that he’s the sort of actor you can watch and be charmed by the moment he steps on screen. Ackles like any other good actor isn’t afraid to potentially make a fool of himself, but what saves him apart from his admirable acting abilities is his charisma. I feel he could easily assume the role of Leon as in physicality and tone due to the fact he has no fear of in the larger than life properties he is most well-known for. Dunno if he could rock the hair though… maybe.

Ada Wong: Maggie Q(uigley)

3538842-ada-wong-trouble maggie-q-4872

Ada Wong for the longest while was one of the most enigmatic characters from “Resident Evil”. The Chinese-American super spy with a perchant dressing impractically in red is all about class and sangfroid throughout her missions. Although she is not above using other people as a means to an end, she doesn’t have a truly cold heart, just a very cool one. One of the most well known examples of this is her manipulation connection with Leon as well as her personal feelings for him. Although she has mostly used him as a means of achieving her own agenda, she is not one to throw anybody to the dogs simply just because. Come “RE6” we see her at her most human at which the confronts a terrible secret regarding her indirect involvement and it GETS to her. So much so she loses her classic composure and destroys all traces of it not just out of professional obligation but personal closure.

I feel Ada has become a victim of Capcom when it comes to re-imagining her character. To begin with she was a striking woman of Asian descent and that was one of her definitive character traits. However, as the series went on, and much to my dismay, she became suspiciously caucasian. Call me far too analytical and PC, but that takes away the character’s identity. No, she hasn’t shown any partiality for her non-American ethnicity, but that shouldn’t mean it’s not part of her identity. To me, Kelly Hu was always my first choice for the red-clad vanguard- she’s confident, she’s beautiful and she’s proud of her cultural identity. It is also astounding that she hardly seems to age at all- she’s 46 for Pete’s sake! But bearing that in mind, I honestly do believe Maggie Q could make a worthy replacement because we’ve all seen her physical prowess in “Nikita” plus she has a very striking look to her that hasn’t been fettered by Hollywood’s insensitivity towards people of colour and ethnicity other than Anglo. It’s also key to note that a lot of Ada Wong’s character was directly inspired by Luc Besson’s feature film of the same name so surely it’s not to hard to envision Ms. Q as the Wong Girl.

Agent H.U.N.K: Scott Adkins

t_residentevilr_hunk_gp EXPENDABLES 2

If you asked me who is the most mysterious badass character in “Resident Evil” I would instantly say “Agent H.U.N.K!” as would quite a few other fans. Virtually NOTHING is known about this top-notch assassin/problem fixer known collectively as Mr. Death and perhaps that is why he is subject to much praise and adoration. Precise, disgustingly skilled at everything he does with the coldest blood running through his veins he has never failed a job and allows nothing, however big and toothy, to get in his way. Although for a time he worked for Umbrella, his alliance falls nowhere, instead he is the consummate freelancer. Nobody knows where he came from, where’s he’s been or even what he looks like under that gas mask, it’s as if he is a ghost… a ghost that breaks necks like nobody’s business. If you can make Albert Wesker hate your guts even though you look like the third member of Daft Punk, you know you’re hot shit.

This casting was tricky. Considering H.U.N.K’s face has not truly been revealed in the game and speaks few words, I could only think an actor who can play the physical side of the character gangbusters… which is why I settled on Scott Adkins. Watching that man move is a sensation- not only is he really performing all of those martial arts moves, he doesn’t require enhancement to make them look amazing. In fact, he is the only thing from “The Expendables 2” that I look on with much fondness because he didn’t need a constant use of editing to show how much of a beast he was. Granted, that’s not to say that Adkins shouldn’t be given the opportunity to be the voice of Mr. Death, in fact I would welcome it. But if they were to get Keith Silverstein who voiced the character and paired it with Adkins’s hyper skills, I’d be all over that like the plague.

Sheva Alomar: Nicole Beharie

103SH_scn33_0801.jpg event0000-00000_bmp_jpgcopy (1)

Like her or lump her, you cannot deny Sheva Alomar is a very important character addition to “Resident Evil”: not only is she capable and clear-headed, but she is the first playable lead character who just happens to be a woman of colour. I wouldn’t call Capcom a progressive institution but despite what folks may say about her A.I the character of Sheva herself is a worthy addition to the heroes of the series. While Chris was the pessimist who at times lost hi way, Sheva remained positive and focused, sometimes pulling Chris back from jumping head-long into sticky situations. Although she has her limits, she is well in touch with not just her humanity but her duty to others and while there was definitely chemistry between her and Chris, I’m happy their partnership was based on trust rather than typical romantic attachment… at least from what we saw.

Nicole Beharie kinda snuck up on me. While she had a small part in “Shame” alongside Michael Fassbender, I never really got much of a taste of her talent until I watched in “Sleepy Hollow” boom- I became a fan. What I love most about her is that despite the fact she is a beautiful woman, that is just a part of who she is rather than a definition of her as a person. Physically she is a great combination of inner and outer strength but she shows admirable range in her quieter moments as well when it is just her emoting with her eyes. She’s got a fantastic gig going with herself, here’s hoping she keeps up the great work and makes bigger breaks in the future.

Bitores Mendez: Sid Haig

bitores-mendez-20070917105200377-2125637 Sid-haig

Hands down, one of the best (that is to say, scariest) bosses in video game history. “RE4” had it’s detractors, but by god, props to Capcom for going big even if it meant flushing the survival aspect of their franchise down the toilet. Anybody who played that game the first time around, not knowing any better guaranteed got the heebee geebies when this big bastard turned up to menace Leon… and that was before he even mutated into the memorable monstrosity that helped elevate the game into uncharted territory. Rather than being a BOW or a zombie, Mendez is in complete control of his faculties and is intimidatingly intelligent which adds to his physical dominance due to an the Control Plagas within his body (long story). But the short of it is, he is a villain who deserves the praise and wet pants he inspires.

Honestly, can you safely say that to look at Mendez (on the left) and then the fabulous Mr. Haig (on the right) and say they aren’t brothers if not physically the same person? I think not. Anybody who adores their genre know Haig as if he were family due to the fact he pops up everywhere like a horror-themed Dugtrio. He has such a reliable talent for making every one of his parts memorable however small and two dimensional they are on paper and on screen. Add to that he’s a really big guy and you couldn’t miss him in a crowd. The fact he made a clown character scarier than Tim Curry’s Pennywise from “IT” is a remarkable achievement, even though that’s not saying much- love Curry but come on, PENNYWISE was scary? Watch his Captain Spaulding THEN tell me if you still think that poofy-red haired goof was fright.

Osmund Saddler: Javier Bardem

937944-6_osmund_saddler NE90c24TgMcFbh_1_1

Osmund Saddler, to me, was a brilliant villain outside of your typical Umbrella rogue’s gallery. He did not wish for money, he wished to spread the illness that was Las Plagas throughout the world through combining religious faith and terrorism. Although his aims were incredibly lofty, you can’t argue that his point of view is too far removed from some of the fundamentalist groups in reality. Although he requires money to run his operation to ensure the achievement of his ultimate goal, currency is meaningless to him. What matters is domination of the worldly sort. Yes, it’s a done-over motive but I feel Saddler is a character who has his convictions firmly in place enough for the player to believe he will do anything to see his dream fulfilled. To me, that’s scarier than a bunch of nightmarish mutant creatures or flesh-eating ghouls.

I’ve made no secret that Javier Bardem is a favourite actor of mine and part of the reason why I think highly of him is that he’s fearless. For every role that comes his way he tackles with relish and creativity. Were he to don the ornate robes of Senor Saddler I wouldn’t argue because he has the ability to sell even the most ridiculous look and sell it like the Shamwow Guy with conviction and flawless actor’s instinct.

Barry Burton: Ray Stevenson

4_barryburton 600full-ray-stevenson

A purveyor of cheesey lines, I don’t think I can imagine anybody not enjoying Barry The Bear Burton whenever he pops up to offer encouragement and useful tools to his comrades when the chips are low. He is such a fatherly figure yet at the same time he isn’t afraid to use brute force considering he’s got the muscle for it. To Barry, there are only three things in the world worth caring about- his beloved family, his friends and his guns as he is a man of undemanding tastes yet clear standards and a firm moral compass. Although Wesker manipulates him in the cruelest way (threatening to have his unknowing family killed), he still tries to do the right thing when it comes to helping his friends and himself out of a precarious situation.

For the longest time, I always envisioned Liam Neeson as Burton with his enormous frame, and parental presence and while age in his case is absolutely no factor (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy old enough to be my father kill more than half of Paris like Neeson did in “Taken”), I still wanted to vouch for another actor to be in this cast. Stevenson is my pick because of the fact he straddles the line between brawn, intelligence, warmth and severity. While some may argue he’s too handsome, I would like to point out he’s an actor first and foremost and I haven’t seen him do anything but quality as far as performances go. Even with the hot mess that was “Punisher: War Zone” I still think he suited Frank Castle to a T, dare I say on par with Tom Jane.

Rebecca Chambers: Ellen Page

250px-Rebecca_Chambers 186798-ellen-page

Rebecca cops a little too much slack. Despite her elfin appearance, Rebecca is a lot tougher than what so many of her decriers give her credit for. She doesn’t flail around with a gun because she’s somebody used to patching up bullet wounds, not helping create them. She has an optimism about the world, but at the same time, she knows that she is part of a dangerous job that demands her to be on the uptake at all times. When she finds herself alone with an allegedly convicted criminal (Billy Coen), she doesn’t scream and hide, she steps up to the plate and shows just how brave she is even in a situation of which she has had no training for.

Again, this casting may seem strange considering the character of Rebecca is 18 years old, I feel it wouldn’t be too controversial if her aged was ramped up to her early 20’s just because Ellen Page is definitely no teenager. Her youthful looks and boundless vitality as an actress have served her well, plus she really has no qualms with playing difficult characters (“Hard Candy” anyone?) so for her to play Rebecca would be an interesting experience for her to explore and for us as the audience to watch.

Billy Coen: Henry Cavill

1478485996_1399513304 henry_cavill-1548513

Billy Coen- wanted murderer of his entire squadron, utterly ruthless and willing to do everything it takes to survive… until we meet him. Wrongfully convicted of a crime he is actually innocent of, he reveals that he was framed for the murder of innocent civilians during a military assignment gone horribly awry. Although incredibly defensive toward Rebecca Chambers upon first meeting her, he quickly comes to respect and care for her all the while never losing focus of the task at hand.

Yep, I want the English Superman to play Billy and no I don’t feel my choice is that strange at all. Cavill has a likeable screen presence about him to be sure, but he is also adept at playing the tough guy and the genial type. He’s perfectly confident in his strengths and has been known to push himself as an actor- with an attitude like that, I have a feeling Cavill is going to travel even further. And okay, I think I would fancy him in handcuffs, but that’s beside the point.unintentionally killed the civilians.”

Dr. William Birkin: David Tennant

Dr._William_Birkin_09 David-Tennant-david-tennant-27935929-1082-933

Poor William Birkin. Although he cared about his family- his wife Annette and his daughter Sherry, Umbrella poisoned his priorities and made him love his work just that little bit more. To me, Birkin still remains the most tragic character in the series because the wool was pulled so far over his eyes that it blinded him from seeing the bigger picture. He was not an idiot, but his blindness drove him to work tirelessly on the G-Virus only for that passion to ultimately destroy him. Although he doesn’t look like a human being for long, his sad story remains to echo through the annals of RE as a parable of narrow-minded ambition over-running personal freedom.

Although the physical appearance of Birkin as a mortal man is a short one, David Tennant would take a role that is essentially cameo and give it pathos and humanity. He has a seemingly infinite reservoir of talent that he brings to the characters he has played-Doctor Who, the pathos of Hamlet, the manic lunatic Barty Crouch in “Harry Potter” and the ball-scratching Peter Vincent from the none too shabby “Fright Night” remake but to name a few. Tennant doesn’t strike me as an actor who is afraid to take on a role of any size because he’s not about having his face all over the screen- he’s all about delivering a memorable and thoughtful performance no matter how outlandish the show and the role he plays is. I actually think Birkin IS “Resident Evil”‘s answer to the Prince of Denmark so I don’t think he’d be above playing this tortured soul at all.

Annette Birkin: Charlize Theron

Annette_shootingYoung Adult

A character just as tragic and misguided as her husband, Annette Birkin too was flatlined by the Umbrella Corporation before she even knew what hit her. When she realised she was being used, she know she had gone too far and could only move forward to a terrible final fate. Depending on what scenario you choose in RE2, she realises that she should have been a far better mother to Sherry and expresses her regrets. That didn’t stop her from going a little bit batsy though.

We’ve all seen how competent an actor Charlize Theron is and isn’t afraid to sacrifice her gorgeous looks in order to benefit a character she has invested her time and effort in- refer to “Monster”. I am quite proud of Theron too because she just started as another typical Hollywood beauty but now she has grown far beyond that and deserves the felicitations she has garnered throughout her career.

Jake Muller: Jai Courtney

jake_muller_by_diimitrii-d5z5ltm Courtney

Although he and a grown up Sherry Birkin recently made their debut in “RE6”, Jake Muller has quickly become one of my favourite new-blood characters. Although he is the illegitimate son of Albert Wesker (which sounds incredibly dubious to me among other fans), he is definitely his own man with a massive chip on his shoulder. He originally became a merc to support his ailing mother who was wasting away from a treatable disease, but after she passed away, and he had suffered several betrayals to his trust, he became a ruthless soldier of fortune who was only in it for the dosh. It’s not until he crosses paths with Sherry that he realises that he still has a strong human core and starts to become accustomed to using that when it comes to making decisions. At first he is a greedy, somewhat uncouth individual but as time goes on he starts to see he can make a difference for the better in the world. Granted, he is still more than a little angry and conflicted at the fact his dad was a deadbeat AND a murderous tyrant, but hey, who wouldn’t be?

Imagine my surprise that Jai Courtney could not only cut a fine figure in the action/science fiction genre with “Divergent” and “A Good Day To Die Hard” (the films themselves were mediocre to UGH, but he was still good) but the fact he’s a fellow Australian. Hot damn. While I always had a laugh at the fact that despite being born and raised in an Eastern European country in his early years Jake spoke with a slightly Texan accent, I think Courtney could easily do justice to a character who has been places and done stuff that he isn’t proud but has to bury it deep inside of himself every day. Behind that tough, hard-headed exterior there is a warmth and vulnerability housed behind eyes that could easily turn cold at the flick of a switch- perfect for our Edonian new kid on the block.

Sherry Birkin: Juno Temple

sherry_birkin___wallpaper_by_redfield_1982-d66el2y jt-1-sized

Despite having a past that would make a social worker’s head spin, Sherry grew up to be a well-adjusted, caring and intelligent woman. Despite not having a wealth of experience as an agent, she is nonetheless always ready to respond to the call of duty and will do anything to ensure the security of the world. Although she was subject to countless experiments due to her connection with the G-Virus, she had the constant presence of Claire around and in turn she formed an optimistic yet still grounded view of the world. Here’s hoping she sticks around longer.

Juno Temple is one of those rare celebrity kids who aren’t just famous because her parents are famous, but she managed to establish herself as a self-made actress. Although she hasn’t been in any major breakout roles in terms of the mainstream, I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow she ended up earning her stripes in a lead role. While she looks young, she also has a sense of wisdom mixed with cheer about her that would compliment Sher-Bear’s persona nicely. I hope to see more of her in the meantime.

Mikhail Victor: Oleg Taktarov

resh_re3_personaje_mikhail2 Oleg

Heroic and dutiful to the very end, Mikhail Victor may not have had a massive role in RE3, but in a sense he was a beacon of hope to Jill Valentine who up until meeting him had a very pessimistic view about the men and women who served under Umbrella. Mikhail was a soldier with principles and morality despite his brutish appearance and he ended up giving his life to protect Jill and Carlos Olivera from a nasty bout with the mutant Nemesis on a tram.

Oleg Taktarov to me will always be the honorable Spetnaz operative from “Predators” but he still presents a fine example of hardass warrior with a surprisingly affable personality. But what Taktarov is most well-known for is the fact he is an accomplished UFC fighter who has a wide knowledge of the Sambo and Judo discipline which calls for self control, readiness and agility. If this fellow had the opportunity to have a few bright combat moments against zombies or other bothersome BOW’s before he meets his fate, so much the better.

Nicholai Ginovaef: Stephen Lang

nicholai_ginovaef_by_gipsyvanna-d4z2sro tumblr_mai5a80o861ryljseo1_500

A sociopath to the highest order, Nicholai has no problems with wasting anybody who lets him down or gets in his way because to him, human life is a temporary commodity, not a permenant commitment. Tasked with Umbrella to retrieve very sensitive data, he uses his position as a soldier to abuse what power he has by systematically hunting his targets down, occasionally taking great pleasure in disposing of them. In S.D Perry’s fantastic novel adaptation of “Nemesis”, he’s all about asserting his dominance and thinks so highly of himself it’s sickening. However, when he comes to understand Jill Valentine refuses to play by his twisted rules, he starts to lose his control…

What I love about Stephen Lang is that despite the fact he is an accomplished stage and film actor, he has no troubles slipping into genre and doing a damn fine job of it. Arguably, apart from the visual brilliance of “Avatar”, he was the best thing about that movie because he was all about doing his job.. mostly. While he may appear to be an older dude, Lang has tremendous physical prowess that could easily wipe the floor with many bucks half his age.

Alfred Ashford: Cillian Murphy

resident-evil-the-darkside-chronicles-20090819032239012_640w tumblr_static_cillian-cillian-murphy-31104728-464-549

Oh Alfred Ashford, you incestuous, gender-confused boy. Utterly devoted to his twin sister Alexia, going so far as to label her a ‘goddess’ and dress up as her, he would be damned if the Ashford family fell into obscurity even it meant costing him his sanity. While many fans of the series tend to make Alfred the butt of their jokes, they have to applaud him for not being half-arsed in his mission in being all Jaime Lannister and shit. Ew.

While considering who I would like to see as the “cross-dressing freak”, I was trying to figure out an actor who is believable but never fails to impress when given the opportunity to cut loose. Alfred is all about transgression, in both attitude and appearance and not a lot of actors out there than toe the line between masculine and feminine without falling completely into either camp. That is unless they are Cillian Murphy. While he’s mainly a dramatic performer, his nutso turn as Doctor Jonathan Crane in Nolan’s “Batman” films are a treat that I personally couldn’t get enough of. Also, in “Breakfast On Pluto” he managed to rock dresses, wigs, make up and heels better than I ever could. Bitch.

Alexia Ashford: Blake Lively

1642062-alexia_render a-blake-lively-pic

The object of her brother’s obsessions, Alexia spent a majority of her life in stasis while her brother protecting the family estate and it’s involvement with Umbrella and when she awoke, she wasted no time in making a total bitchcake of herself. Haughty, beautiful and with a severe case of arrested development, Alexia fancied herself a goddess among humanity, the queen bee amongst the drones. Not only that, but she and her brother were responsible for the creation and tempering of the T-Veronica virus, named after their grandmother and infected their father with it. Kids, man.

Blake Lively is already quite well-known as one of the It Girl type actresses but she’s certainly one of the more talented ones out there with her work in “The Town”  and “Savages” being prime examples. Her and Cillian Murphy’s collective beauty would make it easy to accept that they are related with some fancy make up and lighting plus every actress would jump at the opportunity to play a downright rich bitch because of how fun they are.

Carlos Oliveira: Edgar Ramirez

carlos_oliver_snapshot_by_sarah_273-d50p9au edgar_ramirez

Now, I’m not really a fan of Senor Oliveira, but at heart he was a decent sort who also proved not absolutely everybody who worked for Umbrella were a bunch of malevolent money-grabbing loons. He has a lot to prove to Jill in terms of not being her enemy, and he isn’t afraid of being honest or letting loose a gouda pick-up line to break the ice. Also, I have to give props to him because he risks his life to save Jill when she is struck down in battle with Nemesis by braving not just the fugly denizens of Raccoon City but also the insanity of Nicholai. Kudos, Latin Lover.

Granted, Carlos is far too baby-faced to be a hardened merc with a heart and a mouth, so I feel a slight age jump wouldn’t be out of order. To me, Edgar Ramirez would fit the bill because sometimes he can look hard as nails but others he can be approachable. Looking at him, I would feel convinced this man came into the world fighting, learned to pick up a gun at an early age and has had to kill many people, but still maintains a sense of moral justice.

Jack Norman: Michael Rooker

veltro Michael-Rooker_510x380-300x223

Though little more than an extended cameo, Jack Norman was fascinating to me because of the fact he worked for absolutely nobody except himself and was an extremist to the max. The leader of the terrorist cell Il Veltro, Jack Norman is partly responsible for the “Terragrigia Panic” as well as the main events in “Resident Evil Revelations”. Utterly determined to see his mission through with a will forged from the densest of steel, Jack Norman used each and every tool at his disposal all to show the world who was truly in control.

We all love Michael Rooker as an actor as well as the fact he seems like nice peoples but let’s face it, he is at his best when he is being brilliantly twisted. That and the fact the moment I clapped eyes on Ol’ Jack, I immediately thought about Rooker down to his mannerisms. No role is thankless as far as Rooker is concerned and Jack Norman would be absolutely no blight on his resume.

Ozwell E. Spencer: Max von Sydow

Spencer Max-von-Sydow

Spencer only showed up officially in “RE5”, but finally everybody got to lay eyes upon the tyrannical bastard who made this all possible and Capcom made absolutely no bones about making Ozzy look like The Emperor. His snivelling voice that once had regality had all but become a dry husky shell of a human being. In a sense responsible for everything as far as Umbrella is concerned he was the true puppet master of Raccoon City’s destruction and the death of countless innocents. But his confidence resulted in his eventual downfall. When reunited with his ‘son’ Albert Wesker, he recounted everything from Wesker’s birth to his grooming to become Spencer’s legacy… unfortunately for him, Wesker had other thoughts.

Max von Sydow would most likely not bite as far as this role is concerned given his pedigree, but then again, I don’t know the man so perhaps he’d happily play what is a very short but important role. Given Spencer is connected to royalty and his distinguished upbringing, von Sydow’s look and voice would suit the character to a T. Plus, given Spencer dies a spectacular death that boarders on melodramatic, it would at least be a fun day of filming for him.

And now, while this character has yet to be featured in any of the games, I think it is high time that Capcom get on developing this individual to be a key part of RE…

Alex Wesker: Jason Isaacs


Here is what we do know about Albert Wesker’s (fraternal or surrogate) ‘brother’

– it has been explicitly stated he is indeed male in “RE5”

– he is the last remaining Wesker child left over from Ozwell E.  Spencer’s little ‘plan’

– he was working for Spencer before he betrayed him and flew the coop.

Although there has been absolutely no indication as to what Alex looks like, I would vouch that he would look like Jason Isaacs because let’s face it, the man was made for sophisticated yet lethal villainy. Everything about him screams that he could be related to Albert biologically but that would be jumping the gun a little too far. We don’t know if they were indeed brothers by blood but I wouldn’t mind if they were. Might explain the classy bastard nature both have and their taste for being traitors though that’s just me getting ahead of myself. Let me just put it this way- if and when Capcom unveil Alex and he doesn’t have the Isaacs in him, it’s highly likely I will sulk like a Brazilian football player.


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