Super Podcast Ep 107 – Iron Man 3 Talk

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Super Podcast Ep 107 – Iron Man 3 Talk


Super Marcey and the Terrible Australian Bede Jermyn are back for another installment of Super Podcast, they have brought with them Dan McIntosh (Dan’s Digital Frontier) along for the ride.

Highlights Include:

* Spoiler Free Review (first 20 minutes)

* Spoiler Heavy Talk (20 minutes onward)

* What we thought of the addition of Shane Black

* How Iron Man 3 successfully developed their characters

* Marcey really loves James Badge Dale

* Gwyneth Paltrow – we like her abs


As usual you can find us at:

Hosts on Twitter – @SuperMarcey, @BedeJermyn

Guest on Twitter – @superdan78

Email at

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