5 Picks To Play Eric Draven In The Crow Remake


It seems the powers that be are intent on making a new The Crow film, a remake if you will. I thought that Alex Proyas did a magnificent job with his 1994 film starring the late Brandon Lee. The film will forever be haunted by the accident that caused Lee’s tragic death, and I feel that it should not be touched. The film has had sequels and even a TV series, none of them (in my opinion) can hold a candle to the original.

Not surprising that a remake has been tumbling around for quite some time now, and I don’t have much faith in it. The original is just about perfect, Brandon Lee was Eric Draven, how can that be recaptured? Quite simply it can’t be, and in order for a film to work in some way they need to get away from that. Don’t try to recreate the magic of the first, make something new and different, while still respecting what has come before it.

I believe a big part of whether the film will work not not depends on the casting of Eric Draven. The role needs to go with an actor that has serious chops and not just someone who has ‘star power’ appeal. If they cannot connect to the character, what chance is there? There isn’t one, so if the powers that be want to honour the name The Crow they need to cast the main character with respect.

Here are my top five choices of who I believe should play Eric Draven in a new The Crow film.

5.) Matthew Goode


It may seem odd, but Matthew Goode actually won me over with his portrayal as Adrian Veidt in Watchmen. I wasn’t on board right away, watching the film a few times really made me warm up to him. Having seen many more of his films, I have really become a fan. He’s a man of many talents, and I really could see him in the role.

His look may not be traditional, but putting that aside his talents as an actor would work for Eric Draven. I could see him being able to pull off all the elements to the character, and I could see him really being able to pull the audience in. There is so much potential with Goode in the role, I really want to see him as contender.

4.) Oscar Isaac


Where did that man come from? He is such a fantastic actor, and I want to see more of him. I think the first time I really took notice of Oscar Isaac was in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, he was one of the better things in the film. Since then he has showed up in all sorts of films, in a wide range of roles. There isn’t anything he can’t do it seems, and it is why I think he’d make for an interesting and quite engaging Eric Draven.

He has such a range to him, he’s very charismatic and knows how to draw people to him. There is something about the way he can emote through his eyes, something I think would be key for his performance if he were cast. It is an important part (the eyes), it is something Brandon Lee excelled at and I could see Isaac doing that and using that for Draven. Give the man a chance, he’s certainly one to keep a watch on.

3.) Gael Garcia Bernal


I am not sure what it is about Gael Garcia Bernal, but I have always thought of him as someone who could play Draven. He has been in the back of my mind since I started thinking about this piece, so of course he had to be on here. I love his work, I have been a fan for going on 10 or 11 years now. He has done so much, and he can do so much, he isn’t afraid to tackle any sort of role.

There is a lot he could bring to a Crow film, he has an amazing screen presence that I believe will connect with audiences. He’s certainly an actor that can get inside your mind, take a hold of you and not let you go until long after the film has ended. Draven is a character that does that, it seems to be a great fit and I’d love to see it.

2.) Kit Harington


I feel bad for not having thought about Kit Harington (Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow) sooner, he’s won me right over and I am loving what he can do. Watching his TV work, he instantly clicked with me, I felt for him and sympathised with him. These are certainly things that Eric Draven needs from his performer, which is why I truly believe that Kit is a strong option.

He has the right look for the role, and he has the acting chops to go along with it. The audience with Kit as Draven will easily be able to connect with him, that connection is what really brought me into the original film. We have only tapped the surface of what Kit is capable of, and if he were to tackle this role I think it would bring out even more.

1.) Byung-hun Lee


It really is only a coincidence that my number 1 pick shares the name Lee with the original Eric Draven. I feel that Byung-hun is perfect for the role because he has the acting chops to pull it off, he is a power house of an actor. If you are only familiar with him from the G.I. Joe films, forget about that for a moment. Go to YouTube and look up his work with Ji-woon Kim – A Bittersweet Life, The Good The Bad The Weird and I Saw The Devil. He is extremely diverse, he can capture the tragic elements of Draven and become reborn. The look is there, he can do action, he can do drama, he can make you feel emotions through a performance.

Byung-hun really needs to be considered for this, in my eyes I can’t image anyone better. He is one of the greatest actors working today, and general audiences don’t even know it yet. This could be the perfect way for him to reach a huge audience as an actor and not just an action star. If the film stands any chance, someone like Byung-hun is the perfect way for it to try get there.


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