Marcey’s Live Tweets: Jurassic Park

With Jurassic Park having it’s 20th year anniversary, I decided to live tweet my blu-ray viewing of the film.


Marcey ‏@supermarcey

I love the start of this film, sets a great tone and puts in a sense of thrill #JurassicPark

I love the start of this film, sets a great tone and puts in a sense of thrill #JurassicPark

I love the introduction to Dr Grant and Dr Sadler #JurassicPark

The early scenes are mysterious but also really interesting #JurassicPark

Dr Grant is foreshadowing the Raptor stuff #JurassicPark love it!

It also foreshadows Dr Grant having to bond with children #JurassicPark

“What kind of Park is this?” #JurassicPark

Is there anything better than Jeff Goldblum in this? #JurassicPark

Island arrival with the amazing theme music is pure genius #JurassicPark

Always gives me goosebumps when they first see the Dinosaurs #JurassicPark

The tour is amazing, I love it. I wish I could go on that tour, although I probably wouldn’t break out of it to see the lab #JurassicPark

“Are these characters autoerotoca?” LMFAO #JurassicPark

Awesome BD Wong makes an appearance and the dude hasn’t aged in 20 yrs #JurassicPark

The big flaw in #JurassicPark they forgot that “Life finds a way” so the females change to males and breed

More foreshadowing as Dr Grant is not impressed that they bred Raptors #JurassicPark

Best movie conversation ever! Morals and all sorts #JurassicPark

Oh look its kids, didn’t expect that lolz #JurassicPark

OMG a CD ROM! #JurassicPark

Timmy is clearly the less annoying of the two kids #JurassicPark

Oh look its Nick Fury before he joined S.H.I.E.L.D. #JurassicPark

Why did they hire Denis Nedry when he is clearly an asshole #JurassicPark

Why is Ian Malcolm even there? Like I don’t get it? #JurassicPark

Also the geography of this film makes no sense, it’s like #TheShining in that way. #JurassicPark

The sick Dinosaur pays off because Ellie stays behind, duh #JurassicPark

“That is one big pile of shit” #JurassicPark


We always thought that the stolen Dino embryos would play a part in a sequel. #JurassicPark

I wish Udo Kier was in this movie #JurassicPark

The water cup scene is the best #JurassicPark

T-Rex’s first appearance is epic #JurassicPark

The T-Rex looks so real, 20 yrs on and it doesn’t look remotely fake. #JurassicPark

The film is pretty freaky on blu-ray, it looks so realistic #JurassicPark

“We’re back in the car again” “At least you’re out of the tree” #JurassicPark

Jeff Goldblum is channeling Ricardo Montalban with the open shirt and shiny chest #JurassicPark

There is a tonne of ice cream at Jurassic Park #JurassicPark

The amazing scientists so messed up with the frog DNA, who hired them? #JurassicPark

Open shirt Jeff Goldblum is the best scene in #JurassicPark

Now we know why Nick Fury has an eyepatch, he worked at #JurassicPark

Dino expert Dr Alan Grant has to get his info from a 10 yr old kid #JurassicPark

The #CleverGirl dude is awesome #JurassicPark

Spielberg is great at suspense, this film is full of it #JurassicPark

How did the kids eat all that food in like 2 seconds? #JurassicPark

I am glad the Raptors understand how to use doors #JurassicPark

Jeff Goldblum’s chest is still not covered #JurassicPark

And then T-Rex saves the day, because her timing is awesome. #JurassicPark

A quiet ending for an epic film #JurassicPark

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