Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #1: The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 1st edition of a brand new column that I’ll be doing every two to three weeks for called Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon. The aim of this column is that I will watch a bad film and live tweet about it as I am viewing it on Twitter. Then I’ll post all my tweets on here in an article so you can read what I wrote. It’ll be very similar to what Marcey did in the past when she live-tweeted the James Bond 007 series and Jurassic Park, except of course I’ll be tweeting about really bad films. The films themselves will be a mixture of so-bad-there-good films and so-bad-there-just-awful films. However the best part of all is that you, yes you out there, can decide which bad film I should watch. After I publish my article I’ll post a poll up on’s Facebook page with 3 potential films and you can vote for which one you would like to see me live-tweet (or suffer) in the next one.

For this very first instalment for this column, I’ve decided to pick one bad film that’s been talked about a lot on the Super Podcast for the last couple of months and that, of course, would be THE OOGIELOVES IN THE BIG BALLOON ADVENTURE. Enjoy!

Oogieloves (1)

Bede @BedeJermyn

        The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure 1

After producing THE HUNGER GAMES and THE EXPENDABLES series, Lionsgate must have really hoped that this would be their next big franchise #oogieloves

Of course Goobie is the smart one. He’s the only one wearing glasses #Oogieloves

Umm, Zoozie. I’m pretty sure *animal* isn’t a language #Oogieloves

Zoozie says that this is “the most amazing movie ever”. Clearly she hasn’t seen the film yet  #Oogieloves

No. I will not be getting out of my seat every time the butterflies come on screen #Oogieloves

I think Toofie might be adopted cause he is the only one of three that doesn’t have red hair lol #Oogieloves

Now I’ve heard of lip-syncing but I’ve never heard of instrument-syncing #Oogieloves

I’m disturbed by the fact that the window has a human face #Oogieloves

Okay, there is a pillow that has a face. This is becoming even more disturbing #Oogieloves

I wish the talking fish was played by Klaus from AMERICAN DAD #Oogieloves


There’s a talking vacuum cleaner in the film called J.Edgar. No joke… Just let that sink in for a minute #Oogieloves

I’m convinced that Mia Farrow is the talking window #Oogieloves

Umm… Are the Oogieloves trying to set up the talking vacuum cleaner with the talking window? #Oogieloves

I’m sorry I don’t need to see Toofie in his boxer shorts thank you very much movie #Oogieloves

I don’t want to alarm you Oogieloves but I think you may have poltergeist in your house #Oogieloves

I think that talking pillow may be on some drugs #Oogieloves

It’s nice to see that the Gopher puppet from CADDYSHACK is getting some work #Oogieloves

The Oogieloves are the slowest bike riders on the face of the planet #Oogieloves

“Is that a teapot? In a tree?” “No. It’s a TREE-pot!” Actual dialogue from the movie people #Oogieloves

Kate Hudson?! #Oogieloves

Why does this Kate Hudson look-alike’s hair look like its in the shape of bike handles? #Oogieloves


Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Oscar and multiple Emmy award winner: Ronald McDona-Ahh, I mean Cloris Leachman #Oogieloves

Wow… I’ve never seen anyone totally not caring about actually giving a performance as much as Leachman does in this film #Oogieloves

I’m convinced that Cloris Leachman clearly has no idea what is going on #Oogieloves

I’m trying to figure out if Cloris Leachman is confused or she simply doesn’t really give a shit. It could go either way #Oogieloves

I read today that Cloris Leachman is an Atheist. If I had starred in this film, I probably would stop believing in God too #Oogieloves

Cloris Leachman has clearly mastered the power of un-acting #Oogieloves

The Oogieloves’s eyes really creep me out #Oogieloves

Oh, dear God! Now there is a talking balloon. This film gets scarier by the minute #Oogieloves

I wonder what the film is trying to say with Toofie’s pants keep falling down all the time #Oogieloves


Ladies and gentlemen, Oscar nominee Chazz Palminteri #oogieloves

Chazz Palminteri’s character would have been much better if Christopher Walken had played him instead #oogieloves

Anybody who has said that the film LES MISERABLES was a bad musical, clearly has not seen this film #Oogieloves

There are so many milk and moo related puns in this scene #oogieloves

Thank goodness the song they used for this musical number isn’t Kelis’s “Milkshake” #oogieloves

There are *funny* fake mock posters of famous movie posters in the background of this scene #oogieloves

They are “The Sound Of Moosic”, “The Seven Year Hoof”, “Bovine At Tiffany’s”. Plus they have cow heads covering the actors faces on them #oogieloves


Chazz Palminteri is so out of tune during this musical number #oogieloves

Why is there a cow that is dressed as Dame Edna? #oogieloves

Please movie for the love of all things holy, stop putting faces on inanimate objects #oogieloves

Okay I stand corrected: the Oogieloves’s mouths disturb me much more than their eyes #oogieloves


Ladies and gentlemen, Grammy award winner Toni Braxton #oogieloves

Hmmm… I can see why Toni Braxton was never cast in a film until now #oogieloves

Toni Braxton has gone from “Un-Break My Heart” to break my dignity #oogieloves

This musical number feels completely out of tone with the rest of the film. That’s saying something. Plus its a song about having the flu #oogieloves

Yeah, I pretty sure that Toni Braxton is on drugs #oogieloves

I don’t know how you can make a trampoline out of bags but whatever #oogieloves

So… Goobie finds it hard to believe that a balloon can talk, despite the fact he is friends with a talking window and vacuum? #oogieloves


Ladies and gentlemen… Cary Elwes… In *the* performance of his career as Bobby Wobbly #oogieloves

I think Cary Elwes got this role because Nicolas Cage was unavailable #oogieloves

“Do you like bubbles?!” That’s really code for: “Do you like LSD?!” #oogieloves

Cary Elwes’s facial expressions are hilarious! #oogieloves

I have a strange feeling that Elwes based his performance of Bobby Wobbly on George W. Bush #oogieloves

I want to make a joke about the real reason why Bobby Wobbly walks like the way his does in this film but I’m not going there  #oogieloves

I was going to say that Cary Elwes must be on drugs but its clear to me that he is on every illegal substance known to man #oogieloves

Cary Elwes is giving Jim Carrey a run for his money in the facial mugging department #oogieloves

I’m really disturbed by the fact that one dance move in this musical number is an arse-slap #oogieloves

Yeah, I think Cary Elwes went full method for this role #oogieloves

Oh dear God! Toofie’s pants fell down again!  #oogieloves

I’m convinced Bobby Wobbly isn’t wobbling, he’s actuality having a seizure #oogieloves

I believe that this Cary Elwes scene is really a metaphor on why we must teach our kids the importance of stranger danger #oogieloves

I like that Bobby Wobbly’s pet bird has a mohawk #oogieloves

I really wish Nicolas Cage played Bobby Wobbly in this film. It would have been AMAZING #oogieloves

I don’t know why but the film just showed us a quick shot of some ducks in some tiny boats wearing sun glasses. I’m confused. #oogieloves

Okay now there is a giant flying sombrero all of sudden #oogieloves


Ladies and gentlemen… Jaime Pressly and Christopher Lloyd #oogieloves

I don’t know what accent Jaime Pressly is trying to do, it sounds like a mixture of Spanish and Russian #oogieloves

I met Christopher Lloyd at a mini-convention a year and a half ago. No joke there I just wanted to say that I met him #oogieloves

So Christopher Lloyd’s character can only communicate via a bongo drum? Rrrriiiiggggghhhhhttttt #oogieloves

 I don’t know why but Jaime Pressly is really hot in this film #oogieloves

Okay there is also a dance move in this musical number where the characters bitch slap their own face. Okay. #oogieloves

Well, I guess Christopher Lloyd can take pride in the fact that PIRANHA 3DD wasn’t the worse film that he appeared in 2012 #oogieloves

I think the only reason why the actors appeared in this film is because the producers blackmailed them with incriminating photos #oogieloves

“Okay this is getting really weird”. As strange as it sounds, I’m agree with what the talking fish is saying #oogieloves

I think Diablo Cody had a hand in writing in the Oogieloves’s *hip* slang dialogue in this film #oogieloves

It’s pretty hilarious how the talking fish’s mouth movements don’t even match his dialogue lol  #oogieloves

I think this film would have so much better if Tommy Wiseau made an appearance #oogieloves


Jaime Pressly just made out with the talking fish. I bet this will be the highlight of her career  #oogieloves

Toofie’s pants fell down. Again. For the 4th time. Buy yourself a belt mate #oogieloves

Okay, they have all 5 of the balloons now but for some reason, the film is still going! #oogieloves


The Oogieloves lost the balloons. Good work guys! #oogieloves

No. I will not blow kisses at the balloons to bring them back to the Oogieloves. #oogieloves

They should have played “The Power Of Love” by Huey Lewis & The News in this scene #oogieloves

Yeah, the talking pillow can finally celebrate his birthday… I can’t believe I just wrote that #oogieloves

Now the magic talking birthday balloons have turned into a barbershop singing group of a sudden #oogieloves

Jeff Bridges should’ve played the pillow in this film #oogieloves

Just in case you forgot them, here are the actors again #oogieloves

This scene of the cast throwing the talking pillow’s birthday presents at the screen would have been much better in 3D #oogieloves

Can you please stop doing the Oogieloves dance, it wasn’t good the first 100 times we saw it  #oogieloves

Okay it isn’t the same dance they did a 100 times before. I don’t know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. #oogieloves

Man, the animatronic/puppet animals are really, really hilariously awful lol #oogieloves

Cart Elwes is coming to Melbourne in July for Oz Comic Con, I’m definitely going to ask him about this film lol #oogieloves


I just realised that it took me 3 hours to both watch and tweet the last 40 minutes of this film… *sigh* #oogieloves

For some reason there is a break dancing scene of the Oogieloves in the credits #oogieloves

Wait a minute! Hold the phone! Mandy Moore was a puppeteer on this film?! o_O #oogieloves

Well, that’s the end of the film. I’ve come to the conclusion if David Lynch ever made a full-on kids film, it would be this one #oogieloves

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