Marcey’s Live Tweets: Wrestlemania 29

The yearly tradition continues, watching Wrestlemania live! As it has been for the last several years, Marcey live tweeted the entire event and for the first time here at – you can read all of her tweets.

What did Marcey think of the show … keep reading!


Marcey @Supermarcey

My precious @WWETheSheild need to win, there’s my prediction! @WWERomanReigns @WWERollins @TheDeanAmbrose

Also glad the Heavyweight Title match didn’t open the show, places more value on the title #WrestleMania29

Glad @wwetheshield won, keeps their momentum going and me happy #Wrestlemania @TheDeanAmbrose @WWERollins @WWERomanReigns

1-1 on on my picks so far. As is my #SuperBestFriend @dshort_0610

“@Supersidhom: At least the opening match lasted longer than 18 seconds….” THANKFULLY

#wrestlemania lost me, seeing Snooki made me want to switch off

A feud I give zero fucks about … I guess Ryback for the win? #Snooze #Wrestlemania

@EoinMason WWE cares non for Ryback anymore

I predict a train wreck #Wrestlemania #RybackVSHenry

yeah totes exciting … Zzzzzzzzzz

Loving the crowd and the ‘Sexual Chocolate’ chants – more entertaining than the match #wrestlemania

Food break I’m hungry FEED ME FOOD

Ok I got that wrong 1-2 on picks #Wrestlemania

Ryback can kiss his career goodbye #wrestlemania

That was a waste, seriously. That should have been the pre show match #wrestlemania


Why does Ziggler still have the briefcase, they clearly don’t see him as a top contender #Wrestlemania

I guess Zig and Big may win. #Wrestlemania

Should be a good tag match #Wrestlemania

Wow I suck at picks lol 1-3 #WresleMania

I pick Jericho because he’s Jericho #WresleMania @IAmJericho

Jericho is the most over so far #WrestleMania

So Fan-dan-go can take a beating #WresleMania

I’ve lost count with picks … Fandango needed to be carried through the man, I am not impressed #WrestleMania

4 matches right? I’m 1-4 then dammit #WresleMania

I am sorry, I care nothing about @TheRock vs @JohnCena – last years match was below average #WRESTLEMANIA

I think there’s huge potential for Fandango but I wasn’t overly impressed with him in the ring. #WRESTLEMANIA

WTF IS THIS #Wrestlemania

Ok time for more food #WrestleMania

This is awful! Leaving the room #WrestleMania

This is BAD – get off my screen #WrestleMania

I want my precious @VivaDelRio to win. He’s my pick #WresleMania


I think @billiebum and I will be screaming so loud for our man @VivaDelRio #WrestleMania

We’ve never seen this awful gimmick before … Oh wait no it’s over-bloody-used #Wrestlemania

This is terrible, that’s the best gimmick they could come up with for Swagger? #Wrestlemania

Albertoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo #wrestlemania

#VivaDelRio #Wrestlemania

Lets break the Spanish announce table! #wrestlemania

Everyone’s expecting Ziggler to cash in, lets see if it happens #WresleMania

What’s the crowd chanting? #WrestleMania

This isn’t PPV calibre, it’s Raw calibre #wrestlemania

WWE Shop should sell a Zeb line of formal attire aka the red tie #Wrestlemania

Ok now we see … #WrestleMania

#VivaDelRio @VivaDelRio #WrestleMania

2-5 on picks #WrestleMania also no Cashing In by the looks of it

What will be match of the night is up next @CMPunk vs The Undertaker #WrestleMania

I am picking Punk to break the streak, he’s the only one I support to do so. #WrestleMania

Way better use of music than that awful crap from earlier #Wrestlemania

All Time Favourite vs Current Favourite #wrestlemania

Undertaker looked like he was walking on top of a zombie herd #Wrestlemania

This entrance wins #Wrestlemania

I am loving this match! Atmosphere is electric #wrestlemania #TakerVSPunk

Table is too sturdy these days #wrestlemania

Whoa that was awesome! #wrestlemania #PunkVsTaker

Really? That’s it? 21-0 for Taker #WrestleMania


Match was great but it felt a little short #WrestleMania

@dshort_0610 it was great but his previous Mania matches were longer

At least that match paid for the PPV #Wrestlemania

Yeah I have no desire for this match #wrestlemania

HHH has jizz all over him … #WrestleMania

I’m paying no attention, got Lily here now. #WrestleMania

What’s the verdict on this match? #wrestlemania

So glad these two had so much time devoted to them instead of people we actually care to see … #wrestlemania

Amazing line up for this years #HallOfFame it’s surreal that #BrunoSammartino finally is inducted

So @the_ironsheik must be happy his friend Mr Bob Backlund got inducted

@Supersidhom it lost me when HHH was glowing jizz – but the finish worked

I don’t care #Wrestlemania

“They compete in movies” yeah I think The Rock won over Cena there lmfao #WresleMania

Incredibly boring match, just as crap as last years #WresleMania

That was awful, just awful. It wasnt wrestling, it was finishing moves … Glad it’s over, one of the worst main events Mania has had

Wrestlemania 29 was average at best. One match was worth money – disappointed overall



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