Marcey’s Live Tweets The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day

I decided that with my down time, I may as well embark on all 22 Bond films in the lead up to Skyfall’s Australian release this week. Rather than review each film, as I still am not able to type very well,  I figured I’d live tweet my viewing.

So broken down by each film, with the tweets I’ve made – you can check them out below. In order of first to last of course – you can also follow my tweets at the link below.

Marcey Bond ‏@supermarcey

Pierce Brosnan – still sexy #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Hi Moneypenny #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Not a bad opening sequence #TheWorldIsNotEnough

I do like the main title sequence and song performed by Garbage #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Heh John Cleese #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Robert Carlyle bitches #TheWorldIsNotEnough

I like the premise #TheWorldIsNotEnough

I do like Sophie Marceau and Elektra King is an interesting character #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Bond cannot keep away from ski chases huh? #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Hagrid returns! #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Sorry – I giggle every time I hear Robert Carlyle’s accent – what is it meant to be again? #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Film goes down hill after Denise Richards shows up – urgh #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Her acting does not exist in this dojo #TheWorldIsNotEnough

How was Denise Richards not fired the second she opened her mouth to speak – she’s worse than I remembered #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Can’t stop laughing at the thought of Denise Richards disarming a nuclear bomb #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Judi Dench packs quite the slap #TheWorldIsNotEnough

So … I don’t get – Bond works things out then explains it but we then get a big reveal when we knew anyway #TheWorldIsNotEnough

Vomit inducing kiss between Bond and Christmas Jones – bleh #TheWorldIsNotEnough


Mistake one – Bond literally shooting the audience! How utterly stupid #DieAnotherDay

Not a huge fan of the opening. PS this film doesn’t make much sense. #DieAnotherDay

Plus side Pierce is still sexy #DieAnotherDay

#DieAnotherDay had so much potential *le sigh*

With Bourne out at around the same time you’d think the utterly non-sensical would have been toned down not up! #DieAnotherDay

I don’t mind the title credit sequences, nicely handled IMO – but my lovely Madge has the weakest theme #DieAnotherDay

Bold move to have Bond captured and tortured but he was there long enough to grow his hair/beard .. um ok #DieAnotherDay

Another plus side – Michael Madsen (oh shhh) #DieAnotherDay

*yawn* #DieAnotherDay

This is all just incredibly odd – Brosnan however carries himself as best he can #DieAnotherDay

I don’t know why – but the film is strangely watchable #DieAnotherDay

Who was worse? Denise Richards or Halle Berry? #DieAnotherDay

Halle does look nice in her tribute scene to Honey Ryder but its no comparison #DieAnotherDay

This film also tried to hard to give references to previous films – but it just isn’t necessary #DieAnotherDay

They chose this film to actually show the banging and it’s awful – NO CHEMISTRY! #DieAnotherDay

Unrealistic scene of Halle jumping off the cliff – like in the sense it’s too silly for a Bond film #DieAnotherDay

Conflict diamonds! Better call Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou #DieAnotherDay

Moneypenny – spotted #DieAnotherDay

Spotted – Rosamund Pike ❤ #DieAnotherDay

Pointless Madonna cameo – her acting is better than Denise Richards #DieAnotherDay

Oh … my … the invisible car rubbish #DieAnotherDay

Wouldn’t a place made of ice (wtf??) be um cold? #DieAnotherDay

Yeah um why are Bond and Jinx the only ones without the protective eye wear ?? #DieAnotherDay

Silly invisible car #DieAnotherDay also who didn’t see the double cross coming a mile away lol

This film could have been 90 minutes – so much unnecessary stuff #DieAnotherDay

The end of this film with Halle covered in diamonds is just – uhh – there are no words – it doesn’t work #DieAnotherDay

At least there was a fight at the end between the women – Rosamund stole it too @DieAnotherDay


Stay tuned for more live Tweets with Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace

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