Marcey’s Live Tweets Licence to Kill, Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies

I decided that with my down time, I may as well embark on all 22 Bond films in the lead up to Skyfall’s Australian release this week. Rather than review each film, as I still am not able to type very well,  I figured I’d live tweet my viewing.

So broken down by each film, with the tweets I’ve made – you can check them out below. In order of first to last of course – you can also follow my tweets at the link below.

Marcey Bond ‏@supermarcey

The main Bond theme just took an epic turn to open the film up #LicenceToKill

OH HELL YEAH! It’s the owner of Cheetah’s himself Robert Davi #LicenceToKill

Nice elaborate wedding entrance #LicenceToKill

I really like the main title sequence and theme performed by Gladys Knight #LicenceToKill

Why couldn’t Robert Davi be playing Al from Showgirls and Everett Gill be Big Ed Hurley from Twin Peaks? #LicenceToKill

Young Benicio!!! #FTW #LicenceToKill

That reaction was just awful Dalton 😦 #LicenceToKill

What’s the deal with a shark or sharks being in like every second Bond film lol #LicenceToKill

Oh snap! Licence revoked! #LicenceToKill

MORTAL KOMBAT! It’s Kitana! #LicenceToKill

Bond punched Benicio #LicenceToKill

Yeah can’t say I am a fan of Carey Lowell in #LicenceToKill

Good Q – you yell at that annoying chick! #LicenceToKill

MORTAL KOMBAT!!! It’s Shang Tsung!!!! #LicenceToKill

Street Fighter!!! It just occurred to me Balrog was in the film earlier! Video game films represent! #LicenceToKill

Shang Tsung – why did you not take their souls? #LicenceToKill

Robert Davi was rockin pink shirts before they were cool on men #LicenceToKill

Haha Q trying to justify why Bond has banged every woman is pretty hilarious #LicenceToKill

Bond can do driving tricks with a semi truck #LicenceToKill

Robert Davi’s character didn’t die in #LicenceToKill he just recovered and changed his name to Al Torres and moved to Vegas #Showgirls


This has one of my fav opening sequences out of all the Bonds – great score too #Goldeneye

Ovaries exploded – 007 and 006!!! I’ll take both please! #Goldeneye

Seriously I can’t even begin to explain how sexy both Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean are in #Goldeneye

“For England James.” “For England Alec.” Love it! #Goldeneye

Oh 006 …. #Goldeneye

Sorry most of these #Goldeneye tweets will not be clean :-p

The title credit sequence is awesome! The theme performed by Tina Turner is excellent #Goldeneye

Haha almost forgot the theme was written by Bono and The Edge #Goldeneye

“Who’s that?” “The next girl!” Oh Bond you sly dawg! Although he is car speed flirting with Famke Janssen #Goldeneye

This whole sequence was knocked off in Mission Impossible 2 eh #Goldeneye

Oh Famke you play evil so well – I’m practically swooning #Goldeneye

Xenia Onatopp – great name #Goldeneye

Onatopp and her magic powers of sucking the air out of men #Goldeneye

I don’t care what anyone says Boris “I’m Invincible” is awesome. Love Alan Cumming #Goldeneye

Onatopp is turned on by shooting people #RandomObservation #Goldeneye

Moneypenny – after hours #Goldeneye

One of the best casting decisions – Judi Dench as the new M #Goldeneye

The M and Bond banter is gold #Goldeneye

“Let me remind you, you have a license to kill, not to break traffic laws!” Oh Q #Goldeneye

Haha forgot Minnie Driver was in this! Oh hai Hagrid #Goldeneye

Bond swimming in his trunks! *fans self* #Goldeneye

Well Bond knocked out Onatopp and not with a slap to the face #Goldeneye

And the big villain reveal! Fantastic scene #Goldeneye

#Goldeneye has one of the best Bond villains hands down – great motivation

Bond found a tank! #Goldeneye

This movie is perfection #Goldeneye

Dear Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean – I can barely walk over how much sexy you both are oozing #GoldeneyeSean

Bean vs Pierce Brosnan is way too sexy #Goldeneye

It certainly was personal #Goldeneye


#TomorrowNeverDies hello M

I like the insanity of the opening sequence #TomorrowNeverDies

Don’t mind the title credit sequence – the song performed by Sheryl Crow is different. #TomorrowNeverDies

Is it just me or was Carver a weak villain? Pryce plays it a little too off also. #TomorrowNeverDies

Hi Moneypenny #TomorrowNeverDies

Michelle Yeoh

I always seem to forget Teri Hatcher was in this #TomorrowNeverDies

Mmmm Bond is drinking my Vodka of choice #TomorrowNeverDies

I really don’t feel any chemistry between Brosnan and Hatcher #TomorrowNeverDies

Ooops haven’t mentioned that Brosnan is very sexy in the film #TomorrowNeverDies

This film has a lot if goof to it but it is rather fun #TomorrowNeverDies

#TomorrowNeverDies thanks for being under 2 hours long

Michelle Yeoh kicking ass is awesome #TomorrowNeverDies

Pryce really is hammy in this final act #TomorrowNeverDies

Dear villains – stop giving away your evil plans when the good guy/s are around – sheesh #TomorrowNeverDies

I do really enough the action #TomorrowNeverDies

The one-liners were cheesy #TomorrowNeverDies


Stay tuned for more live Tweets with The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

4 thoughts on “Marcey’s Live Tweets Licence to Kill, Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies

  1. This is why I think TND is Brosnan’s weakest…Jonathan Pryce is a silly villain, don’t buy any menace there! Him imitating Michelle Yeoh makes me cringe every time!


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  3. I was looking for Goldeneye posters on Google images and clicked on the Licence to Kill poster image. I really enjoyed these posts. I dislike twitter but your occasional thoughts were amusing and I immediately knew which scenes you were talking about in every film. Licence to Kill is my favorite James Bond film, Goldeneye was very good and Tomorrow Never Dies is the worst Bond film, although I love Wai Lin and Dr. Kaufman. Even as a teenager, I said “That’s the guy from Ghost!” Awesome blog posts!!


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