Marcey’s Live Tweets Octopussy, A View To A Kill and The Living Daylights

I decided that with my down time, I may as well embark on all 22 Bond films in the lead up to Skyfall’s Australian release this week. Rather than review each film, as I still am not able to type very well,  I figured I’d live tweet my viewing.

So broken down by each film, with the tweets I’ve made – you can check them out below. In order of first to last of course – you can also follow my tweets at the link below.

Marcey Bond ‏@supermarcey

Oh Bond, distracting the enemy with a sexy lady! #Octopussy

Explosion!!!! #Octopussy

The main title sequence is awesome, don’t mind the theme performed by Rita Coolidge – it’s sensual #Octopussy

You know what Bond films were missing? A clown. #Octopussy

Awwww Mmmmmoneypenny #Octopussy

I do like the first act of this film #Octopussy

Snort – the snake charmer is playing the Bond theme #Octopussy

I know it was because that was his meet but still it’s funny #Octopussy

Silly action is extremely fun #Octopussy

Magda was awful … really Bond? Really? #Octopussy

Bond is surrounded by women … nothing new #Octopussy

First glimpse at Octopussy (Maud Adams) meow #Octopussy

Steven Berkoff is very campy – is can either be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it #Octopussy

Hour 1 of #Octopussy has flown by 🙂

When Bond tells you to sit, you sit – right Tiger? #Octopussy

On the other hand telling the snake to ‘piss off’ didn’t faze the snake #Octopussy

Bond did the Tarzan call why? That didn’t help him stay hidden against the baddies #Octopussy

#Octopussy is better than #KingdomOfTheCrystalSkulls @BedeJermyn

Bond saying a place where no men allowed is ‘sexual discrimination’ excuse me while I laugh so hard I cry #Octopussy

Bond used a fake alligator to sneak into the no men allowed island – what will they think of next? #Octopussy

Bond drives a car on the train tracks – I’m a-ok with that. #Octopussy

The best disguise is a gorilla suit disguise. #Octopussy

Bond has great balance running on top of moving train carriages #Octopussy

Car chase! #Octopussy

Bond is disguised as a clown – another thing the series was missing #Octopussy

Bond disarmed a bomb dressed as a clown – tell me again how this film isn’t awesome? #Octopussy

Random woman punching! Spotted! #Octopussy

They are fighting outside a flying plane – ballsy #Octopussy


Love the disclaimer at the start about Zorin #AViewToAKill

Cue The Beach Boys for a ski chase #MakesSense #AViewToAKill

VODKA!!! #AViewToAKill

I like this title sequence, different. I do enjoy the theme performed by Duran Duran #80sMusicIsAwesome #AViewToAKill

I love you Moneypenny – last Lois Maxwell film as her too. #AViewToAKill

“She must take her vitamins!” Said about Grace Jones #AViewToAKill

Death by butterfly #AViewToAKill

Only Bond could manage to drive a half car #AViewToAKill

Nazi bitch from #LastCrusade is in this! #AViewToAKill

Grace Jones has an awesome voice #AViewToAKill

What an odd fight scene #AViewToAKill

Grace Jones is very imposing! #AViewToAKill

Grace Jones gets kissed by Walken – but seems happier to have a love scene with Moore #AViewToAKill

What the heck – equestrian scene … #AViewToAKill

Walken’s hair is freaky #AViewToAKill

Hot tub action lol #AViewToAKill

Forgot to add Tanya Roberts is smokin’ #AViewToAKill

So much city destruction!!! #AViewToAKill

Walken – kidnapper of women #AViewToAKill

The action was kind of mental #AViewToAKill


Forgot how young Dalton was in this lol #TheLivingDaylights

I like the main title sequence – 80’s vibe. I do like the theme performed by a-ha #TheLivingDaylights

I do like Dalton as Bond #TheLivingDaylights

This film is wonderfully colourful #TheLivingDaylights

New Moneypenny!! #TheLivingDaylights

I really freakin like this movie #TheLivingDaylights

Protect that Cello Bond dammit! #TheLivingDaylights

John Rhys-Davies!!!!!!!!! #TheLivingDaylights

I did speak Bond with John Rhys-Davies when I interviewed him #TheLivingDaylights

They really did ditch the goofy stuff and try to make this more grounded #TheLivingDaylights

“Are you calling me a horses arse?” Why yes she was Bond! #TheLivingDaylights

I really do like the action in this film, well handed and nicely show #TheLivingDaylights

John Rhys-Davies does own in this #TheLivingDaylights


Stay tuned for more live Tweets with Licence to Kill, Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies.

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