Marcey’s Live Tweets Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace

I decided that with my down time, I may as well embark on all 22 Bond films in the lead up to Skyfall’s Australian release this week. Rather than review each film, as I still am not able to type very well,  I figured I’d live tweet my viewing.

So broken down by each film, with the tweets I’ve made – you can check them out below. In order of first to last of course – you can also follow my tweets at the link below.

Marcey Bond ‏@supermarcey

Amazing way to begin this film – the b&w is a nice touch #CasinoRoyale

Spectacular main title sequence and amazing song by Chris Cornell #CasinoRoyale

#CasinoRoyale plus side – Stuart Baird edited it, whose work in that department is generally great

Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre = ❤ amazing actor and he owns the role #CasinoRoyale

One of the best chase scenes of the 00's – this gets the adrenaline pumping #CasinoRoyale

I know @BedeJermyn will agree with me #CasinoRoyale is THE film to experience blu-ray. It's just incredible.

Hello Judi! #CasinoRoyale

The first exchange between Bond and M is just great #CasinoRoyale

Couldn't #CasinoRoyale be looked at with another agent taking the bond codename? This instance it's a code – not one man?

My ovaries exploded – thank you Daniel Craig for that wonderful visual of you in the water -coming out the water #CasinoRoyale

Fun Fact: When #CasinoRoyale came out I was addicted to watching poker on TV, and I'm still not great at Texas Hold 'Em

Dear Mads Mikkelsen – you are a very attractive man, sincerely me. #CasinoRoyale

Another awesome sequence – at the airport #CasinoRoyale

Here's Vesper with an incredible exchange with Bond on the train #CasinoRoyale

Vesper is without a doubt one of the best Bond girls, she has character and development. Not just a pretty face #CasinoRoyale

Giancarlo Gianni – fantastic casting. He's an Italian treasure just like me 😉 #CasinoRoyale

I do like how they've made poker so intense – I'm engaged every time #CasinoRoyale

Jeffrey Wright managed to become a 'that guy' but I do think he's a great actor and always under used #CasinoRoyale

That trauma scene in the shower – my how far things have come #CasinoRoyale

Genius – he pretended to bluff #CasinoRoyale

Daniel Craig naked and strapped to a chair – I've had dreams about that. You know sans the torture part #CasinoRoyale

Ballsy move to have this kind of scene – oh pun #CasinoRoyale

Oh man – this ending gets me every time #CasinoRoyale

Vesper 😦 #CasinoRoyale


I do like this film starts off high octane #QuantumOfSolace

This credit sequence is a step down sadly – I like the song by Jack White and Alicia Keys but it’s not at all a Bond theme #QuantumOfSolace

Pretty cool action scene I must admit #QuantumOfSolace

And here’s Olga! I do love her #QuantumOfSolace

I think the storyline is a bit weak – but it has pretty good action #QuantumOfSolace

So they bring Mathis back – stating all along he was innocent but no other explanation – lazy #QuantumOfSolace

Oh yes and they brought Mathis back – to do away with him *sigh* #QuantumOfSolace

Also, I didn’t mind the #Goldfinger reference – it did that reference better than #DieAnotherDay with all their efforts #QuantumOfSolace

That plane sequence was insane – truly insane and awesome #QuantumOfSolace

I like that they utilised M a lot more #QuantumOfSolace

Especially as Judi Dench is so fantastic in the role #QuantumOfSolace

I can’t complain Jeffrey Wright returned – he rules #QuantumOfSolace

Sad Fact: #QuantumOfSolace is the only #Bond film I’ve seen in theaters – that’ll change today though

Lots of explosions!!! #QuantumOfSolace

So I think what they were trying to set up with #QuantumOfSolace was a new type of Spectre


Stay tuned for my review of Skyfall and a special live tweet session for Never Day Never Again

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