Marcey’s Live Tweets For Dr. No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger

I decided that with my down time, I may as well embark on all 22 Bond films in the lead up to Skyfall’s Australian release this week. Rather than review each film, as I still am not able to type very well,  I figured I’d live tweet my viewing.

So broken down by each film, with the tweets I’ve made – you can check them out below. In order of first to last of course – you can also follow my tweets at the link below.

Marcey Bond ‏@supermarcey

Sean Connery was incredibly sexy as James Bond #DrNo

Ok I’m taking the TARDIS back to 1962 and seducing a young Sean Connery #DrNo

I love how Connery’s accent fluctuates – it’s kinda cute and adds charm to be honest #DrNo

“Here is your vodka Martini Sir, shaken not stirred like you asked” good man that Bond #DrNo

I’m itching to see the beauty that is Honey Ryder #DrNo

I commend how Bond reacted to the spider – I’d have not have been so calm. #MyHero #DrNo

There she is “It’s a very pretty name” Honey Ryder 🙂 these two have wonderful chemistry #DrNo

#DrNo is a great thriller of sorts, has good twists and pretty rad performances.

Bond is a man after my own heart. He’s in danger clearly but seems more concerned on whether his martini has vodka #DrNo


I’ve liked the opening credit sequence – oddly sexy #FromRussiaWithLove

Connery in tiny shorts – why hello there! #FromRussiaWithLove

Oh Moneypenny ❤ #FromRussiaWithLove

#FromRussiaWithLove has such a great build up

The belly dancing scene is just great #FromRussiaWithLove

I really love the music score #FromRussiaWithLove

Excuse me while I forget everything about myself as young Connery is in only a towel #FromRussiaWithLove

Oh my! When Connery/Bond tells Tanya her mouth is the right size for him, I did blush! #FromRussiaWithLove

Oh Bond, you’re such a dirty flirt #FromRussiaWithLove

Bond slapping a woman – ouch?! #FromRussiaWithLove

Robert Shaw was just fantastic #FromRussiaWithLove

The scene between Connery and Shaw is cinematic gold. #FromRussiaWithLove

What’s with all the slapping in #FromRussiaWithLove ?

Epic fight scene, these men did an awesome job. #Connery #Shaw #FromRussiaWithLove

Bond vs. Helicopter and it’s not overly silly! Wow #FromRussiaWithLove


Women are good shields against attackers! #Goldfinger

The theme song Goldfinger is definitely a favourite! #007 #Goldfinger

Beautiful title sequence #Goldfinger

Connery in small shorts! What’s my name again? #Goldfinger

Why hello Jill! “Call me James” #Goldfinger

Gotta love how Bond sneaks into a room and 5 mins later he’s banged the woman he found in there! #Goldfinger

The iconic gold paint – stunning visual in HD #Goldfinger

“Moneypenny, won’t you ever believe me?” Ah love their scenes #Goldfinger

Ah here we go, the Aston Martin #Goldfinger

I wish I had a henchman like Oddjob, slicing things with his hat and all #Goldfinger

The cars are so stunning #Drooling #Goldfinger

Another beauty with Tilly Masterson #Goldfinger

Henchmen are always a bad shot! #Goldfinger

Oooooooo the “las-er” – very iconic btw #Goldfinger

“Who are you?” “My name is Pussy Galore.” “I must be dreaming.” Classic #Bond #Goldfinger

Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus #FTW #Goldfinger

I think Bond was winking at me … 😉 #Goldfinger

The tonal shift between #FromRussiaWithLove to #Goldfinger is interesting, and worked like a charm!

That laser isn’t terribly accurate for some reason. #Goldfinger

The sound design/mixing was rather incredible I have to say #Goldfinger

“Oh no you don’t, this is no time to be rescued!” Oh Bond! #Goldfinger


Stay tuned for more live Tweets with Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


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