[JIFF ’12] Yossi (2012)

Going into Yossi, I actually had no idea it was a sequel to Eytan Fox’s 2003 film Yossi & Jagger. I have not seen that film, but I did read what it was about and I really feel the need to check that out. Yossi brings back lead actor Ohad Knoller, now having not seen him in the previous film I cannot really comment on any development ect. With Yossi, the film deals with this character in his 30’s and he’s a doctor. He is well in the closet, and those around him do not really have any idea on his sexuality. His existence is really sad, boring life, works a lot – the usual. It harks back to the original film, with a reminder of the now departed Jagger. He then winds up going away in an attempt to fix himself – without giving too much away.

This is a fantastic film, it is a drama and it does really make the audience feel. It is a brave performance from Ohad Knoller, who definitely expresses a lot through this performance. I am sure it would have helped to have seen the previous film but it isn’t necessary. It is a moving piece, with great performances and it is a nice story of self-discovery. The film has an interesting pace and a nice contrast between the first and second halves. Eytan Fox certainly feels like a director to watch, I was most impressed here. I really enjoyed the film and I did get a lot out of it.

Reviewers Note: This review is much shorter than my usual ones; the reason being is that I am dealing with an injury and chronic migraines. Sorry for the mini-review and I do hope I can go back to full-length ones in the near future.


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