DVD Review: The Fifth Quarter by Bea Harper

Dir: Rick Bieber
Starring: Aiden Quinn, Andie McDowell, Ryan Merriman

The Film:
Ordinarily I would feel a little peculiar writing a review concerning a movie about American football, but glory be, this film is NOT about the sport, it’s about something quite different.

Based on true events (as true as films can be) “The Fifth Quarter” deals with the human heart through tragedy as well as other vital organs. After a terrible accident due to reckless driving, a young teens’ organs are donated to five different people. Predictably, the films deals with the dealing of grief, depression and striving through a time of darkness with a message of hope at the end of the dark tunnel of sorrow.

Naturally, there is only so much of a true story that can translate successfully into a visual medium to be seen by many and while predictable and by the numbers in general, this movie has its’ soul in the right and it delivers a pertinent message regarding how valuable life is, how easily it can be snatched away and how long the hurt stays around. But also, it deals with the power of redemption and paying it forward in the world.

The acting is as sensitive as it should be, thanks to Aidan Quinn and Andie MacDowells’ understanding of the material they are dealing with. Director/producter/writer Rick Bieber (not related to J-Bieb to my knowledge) is respectful to the story he is telling without having to resort to melodramatics and histrionics (well, not TOO much). This film is quite generic artistically and does not take the risks to make it stand out, but generic doesn’t always mean bad. If you are willing to take a chance, you could do a lot worse than “The Fifth Quarter”.

The Australian DVD:
The DVD I reviewed was a screener, so I am unable to comment on Picture/Audio quality.


Review written by Bea Harper

DVD details here.

Thanks to Bill, care of Eagle Entertainment for the copy.


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