[31 Days Of Horror] Mini Reviews: Tourist Trap (1979) and The Victim (2011)

Mini Review Day 19: Tourist Trap (1979)

So I admit that the sole reason I decided to put Tourist Trap on my 31 Days Of Horror list was because I loved the one sheet. It was strange, and certainly attention grabbing, it did its job on selling me. I am actually glad to report that this is a film very worthy of a great poster; it was a really cool film! It was clearly inspired by the likes of The Mystery Of The Wax Museum and Texas Chainsaw Massacre; with a distinct late 70’s and early 80’s feel to it. It was genuinely unsettling at times, with its very creepy visuals and style.

The story here is about a group of friends who end up stranded at a roadside museum. It is filled with mannequins, frighteningly life like mannequins … that is all you need to know. Part of the fun here is actually watching it unfold, and being introduced to creepy mannequins and see the wackiness unfold. It is a very striking film with its visuals and the story isn’t too shabby either. It has silly moments but they soon get forgotten about once something messed up hits the screen.

Acting wise the film delivered, everyone was adequate and Chuck Connors just owned his role. The film isn’t the most original thing I have ever seen, but it placed some good ideas together and ran with it. I would actually highly recommend tracking this down, I had a really good time with it and I think it has a lot to offer.


Mini Review Day 20: The Victim (2011)

I really should have thought more about my 31 Days Of Horror picks, as some turned out to be a lot more difficult to track down than I had expected. So I decided to replace one with a very recent film, Michael Biehn’s The Victim. I have wanted to see this for quite some time, and it seemed like a good addition.

This is a really interesting film, and in order to avoid spoilers I don’t even want to give any kind of synopsis, it is one you just need to dive into. I will say it involves a couple of women, a loner, and a cabin … amongst other things. So does the Biehn work well behind the camera and as a writer as well as on screen? The man is a Champ!

Biehn tackles the thriller/horror genre by going with a film that feels like a 70’s grindhouse type, but adding his own distinct flavour. It is a rather ambitious film, and despite the low budget, I think a lot was actually achieved. I found it to be a fun film, not taken too seriously but not overly silly either. Performances are rather good, with Biehn’s wife Jennifer Blanc being the clear stand out.
The Victim is a good genre piece, and certainly one worth seeking out of the current crop of films.


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