Re-live the adventure as Terra Nova – The Complete Series is out on DVD today

Here is some fantastic news for fans of the short lived series Terra Nova – the complete series is available on DVD as of today!

I really liked the show, and it was disappointed to hear it had been canceled. I felt they were really hitting a good stride, and it was building momentum. Terra Nova was a very ambitious piece, and quite a unique undertaking for television. The DVD set being released is a great chance to own the show, something of which has the potential to come a cult favourite.

The set will have a great selection of bonus features and some online features that will be worth checking out!

From the Press Release:

For a limited time only, fans will receive an exclusive opportunity to access the Terra Nova Files online and help complete the story! Would the Sixers, Lucas and the Phoenix Group have completed their secret mission? Or would Commander Taylor and the Shannons have been able to win back Terra Nova for the future? Only available via the DVD, unique codes allow access to the Terra Nova Story website, where fans will find an original motion comic scene that picks up the Shannons’ story right from the last scene of the final episode. They’ll also be given the unique chance to finish the story the way they would have liked to see it!

So what else is included on the DVD?

Bonus Features:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Director’s Diaries – Making the Pilot
  • Occupation / Resistance Extended Episode
  • Mysteries Explored
  • Cretaceous Life: The Dinosaurs of Terra Nova
  • Audio Commentary on Occupation/Resistance with Stephen Lang, Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria
  • Gag-Reel

Synopsis: It is the year 2149, and humanity is in the final throes of extinction. Those fortunate enough to escape are allowed to travel back in time 85 million years to an outpost known as Terra Nova. For the Shannon family, it’s a chance to reunite and start over. But once there, they face giant, carnivorous dinosaurs, and mysterious forces conspire to destroy the entire experiment — and everyone involved in it!

The focus of the show was the Shannon family, led by Jason O’Mara as Jim Shannon, his wife Dr. Elisabeth Shannon (Shelley Con) and children Josh (Landon Liboiron), Maddy (Naomi Scott) and Zoe (Alana Mansour). They all have traveled back in time, to an outpost known as Terra Nova to start a new life, but it is not as simple as they first believed. Running Terra Nova is the larger than life Commander Taylor (played by Avatar’s Stephen Lang), who has to deal with dinosaurs outside the outpost and a strange group of rebels.

The Shannon family are a complex one, with father Jim being a former police officer and in the not so great future gets sent away for breaching population control. Once he arrives at Terra Nova with his family whom he reunites with there, finds things are very different and he accepts the role of being security for the outpost. Elisabeth becomes a new doctor at the outpost, trying to do her best for her family. Their children try to adjust but naturally get themselves into all sorts of trouble – and are a large focus of the show as well.

Terra Nova: The Complete Series DVD Trailer

Terra Nova DVD Motion Comic Teaser

Click the picture below to order the DVD

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