Our Weekly Recommendations (July 5th 2011)

Every week the people of Super Website (Super Blog) will give you a recommendation of a Film, DVD, Bluray, Book, Soundtrack or any other item for you the readers to check out.
Super Marcey Recommend’s:

Undisputed II

My new rainy day film? Undisputed II of course! This is the perfect afternoon relaxation film, and I can’t recommend it enough. Here is a little bit from my original review.
Undisputed 2 is directed by Isaac Florentine who later went on to do Ninja, which I reviewed not long ago. I feel that Undisputed 2 is a better film, it has a good script and the two leads are both so charismatic and so talented it was just a real blast to see them on the screen together. The fight scenes are mind blowing, the choreography is just fantastic and I can’t get enough of them. The final showdown is fantastic, and both men look amazing. I really couldn’t pick a winner, as much of an ass as Boyka is I just loved his character. Sure it has those moments that are typical of these films, and maybe it can be a little far fetched, but if you can put that aside there is a lot to enjoy here. Michael Jai White is in top form, both with his acting and his martial arts skills. The man is fantastic, he really got into the character and he had the right chemistry with Scott Adkins. And now to Scott Adkins, he had a decent Russian accent and he looks so badass as Boyka, he will blow your mind with what he can do. He has great charisma as Boyka and you can tell he really just fit into this role and made a memorable character.
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Logan J. Fowler Recommend’s:


In the wake of “Weird Al’s” latest release, Alpocalypse, his royal weirdness has proved through time that not only is he the king of parody penning, he also had a feature film that reached cult classic status. Taking parody to more a visual level than auditory, UHF makes fun of tv shows, movies, and even music videos.
When George Newman (Al Yankovic) gets his hands on the rights to UHF channel 62, he decides to use his vivid imagination to take the channel to new heights. With the help of his friends (Fran Drescher, Michael Richards, David Bowe), Channel 62 climbs to the top of the ratings, in direct contest with channel 8, led by tyrannical owner R.J. Fletcher (the late Kevin McCarthy). Once Fletcher begins to feel threatened by the rival channel, he pulls out all the stops, and only George can prevent the failure of his brand new successful employment conquest.
With zany characters, some side splitting mock tv show program titles, a fantastic performance by Richards (aka Kramer of Seinfield) and Weird Al deadpanning like a pro, UHF may not be the best movie ever, but it’s one I love to revisit again and again. Cult classic? Psssh. In my opinion they should take out the word “cult.” THIS MOVIE IS CLASSIC.
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Pat Torfe Recommend’s:

Zombi 2

Since I’ve been talking about zombie films for the past 2 weeks, why not go with a third? Now you know, I know and everyone knows that DAWN OF THE DEAD is a classic and deserves to be seen by everyone. That said, instead of going the obvious route and recommending Romero’s finest, why not go with the film that was marketed in Europe as the unofficial sequel? I’m talking about Zombie aka Zombi 2 by Lucio Fulci. Those of you not familiar with the film will know which one I’m talking about when I mention two scenes: the famous “Shark vs. Zombie” sequence (with a real tiger shark) and the infamous “wooden splinter in the eye” sequence that landed the film on the British list of “Video Nasties” back in the 80s. Yep, that would be the one. The story for the film goes like this: While investigating a seemingly abandoned boat belonging to do a famous scientist off the New York coast, the coastguard is attacked by a zombie stowaway. Ann Bowles, the daughter of the missing scientist, decides to journey to the last known whereabouts of her father to find out just what happened. She meets Peter West, a journalist who tags along. Later, the duo meet with with Brian Hull, an ethnologist, and Susan Barrett. The four of them then journey to Matool Island, the last known whereabouts of Ann’s father. There they meet Dr. Menard, who is trying to find a cure to a disease that is turning the dead islanders into the walking dead. I’m sure that it doesn’t take much of a stretch to figure out what happens.
The film exists purely to showcase the makeup used for the zombies, the terror and the gore. Fulci was known to have a sort of thing when it came to a person’s eyes in horror films. It’s no wonder that the scene involving the splinter was so long and drawn out, since it obviously made the audience squirm and cringe until the moment arrived. The zombie makeup was appropriately disgusting. It’s no wonder that they were referred to as walking flowerpots. The slow shambling movements are damn creepy, too. This is of course more apparent in film’s finale, where it seems nothing keeps these suckers down. It’s not a perfect film, mind you. The acting is weak, the characters are forgettable and (frankly) at times, stupid. The dubbing during certain scenes is laughable, but that all takes a backseat when you have a horde of zombies rising up from just outside where our protagonists are staying and nothing, nothing seems to stop them. See it especially if you’re a fan of zombie films, and pick up the awesome Shriek Show DVD that’s been around for a couple of years. Better yet, wait for the Blu-Ray that’s apparently coming in October 2011. Barf bags are not included.
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