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Funk’s Top 10: Best Voice-Over Narrations

Many screen-writers consider the use of a voice-over narration to be a cheat tactic, but when used right it can be an emotive and powerful contribution to story. Here’s some of the best examples of the narrative technique. 10. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang – Robert Downey, Jr. **Clip below is from the END of the … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: Comic Characters on Film

Comic books, like any form of story-telling, relies on strong characters to connect with the reader. When dealing with such fantastic and otherwordly characters, this becomes a greater challenge for comic book writers, especially when they make the leap to the silver screen. This turned out to be a remarkably tough list to narrow down … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: Leitmotifs

Some of you are no doubt looking at that heading and wondering what a ‘leitmotif’ is, possibly wondering if it’s a form of Eastern Europeon cinematic style you don’t care about, or if I’m making up words for my own personal amusement. It is, in fact, a musical term used to describe a recurring piece … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: Music Videos By Movie Directors

The music video market is a great place for directors to make their mark before moving onto bigger and better things. Other directors will take the chance to use the platform as a form of experimentation, or to lend their expertise to making a short film centred around a music performace. Here’s the ten best: … Continue reading