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Review: Warm Bodies by Nick Bosworth

Review: Warm Bodies by Nick Bosworth

Attention everyone, this movie is NOT “Twilight”. Okay I had to get that out of the way first and foremost because I’ve been reading around and people still seem to be convinced that just because the plot revolves around an undead romance that it must be “Twilight” and isn’t worth seeing. Well ladies and gents, … Continue reading

[Review] Dredd 3D by Nick Bosworth

[Review] Dredd 3D by Nick Bosworth

“Nick returns to the reviewing circle with an excellent write up on Dredd 3D! The film is out this week in the US, with Australia getting it October 25th.” I’m just going to let everyone know right off the bat that this review is from my viewing during the 2012 Comic-Con where DREDD received … Continue reading

DVD Review: The Round-Up (2010)

Dir: Rose Bosch Starring: Jean Reno, Mélanie Laurent The Film: I along with many filmgoers can safely say that we’ve seen our fair share of “holocaust” or “concentration camp” movies over the past decade or so and going back even further obviously with classics such as SCHINDLER’S LIST. I must say though that while starting … Continue reading

DVD Review: How I Ended The Summer (2010)

Dir: Alexei Popogrebsky Stars: Grigory Dobrygin The Film Boy what a big piece of the human psyche this independent film is. If you’re ever wondering to yourself one particular quiet Sunday afternoon “I’d like to watch a film that brilliantly displays what happens when a modern-day young man falls apart simply because he’s afraid to … Continue reading

Drive (Reviewed by Nick Bosworth)

Shall I just add to the never-ending praise for what is without question the best film of 2011 so far? Yup I think I will cause there certainly is nothing preventing me. Ever since this movie premiered at the Cannesa Film Festival back in May of this year, the reviews had me so interested and … Continue reading

DVD Review: A Cat In Paris [PG]

Dir: Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli Voice Cast: Dominique Blanc, Bruno Salomone, Jean Benguigui and Oriane Zani. The Film: What a wonderful little French animated film this turned out to be. I started this beautifully drawn tale with absolutely no idea what I was in for and I must say that I loved it immensely. … Continue reading

DVD review: Breaking Upwards [M15+]

Dir: Daryl Wein Starring: Zoe Lister Jones, Daryl Wein, Julie White and Peter Friedman The Film: “A young New York couple intricately strategize their own break up”…..does that sound like a Woody Allen film or what? Well it isn’t actually but it might as well have been as “Breaking Upwards” in my opinion tried to … Continue reading