Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #102: Diana – The Musical (2021)

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my 102nd edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series! As you already know back last month here on, I said I was going to do a special Bad Films Of 2021 themed edition of the column in honour of all the awful films that were released throughout 2021. I posted up a poll with three bad 2021 movies on it on Twitter and I said that whichever one out of those three had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. For this 102nd instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… DIANA: THE MUSICAL! Is this one of the most tasteless musicals ever made? What were Netflix thinking when they decided to release a filmed staged version of the show on their service? Did this deserve to win the Razzie for Worst Picture of 2021? Read on and find out! Enjoy!

Bede @BedeJermyn

I know I’ve said this a million times before, but I’m going to say it again: is it too late for me to *not* watch this film? #DianaTheMusical

Broadway… Netflix… Why? #DianaTheMusical

The first number is from Lady Diana. I’ll say this about the actress who plays her in this filmed stage musical. The wig is accurate. #DianaTheMusical

This number would be a lot better if Kristen Stewart played Diana. Hell, even Naomi Watts would be a better fit. #DianaTheMusical

I’ll give this musical one bit of credit. At least they portrayed Prince Charles as the totally dick that he is. #DianaTheMusical

The dancers in the background of this scene with the Queen & Charles are hilariously distracting. #DianaTheMusical

I read that this film only received one Tony award and it was for Best Costume Design. I honestly think it was for the sheep patterned jumper Diana is wearing in her conversation with her sister. #DianaTheMusical

So… Diana’s sister dated Charles before she did? Very saucy. #DianaTheMusical

Me every time Camilla Parker Bowles is onscreen. #DianaTheMusical

Charles doesn’t know who Dire Straits or Duran Duran are. Yeah… Diana should have dumped his arse right away. #DianaTheMusical

Did Diana just say… Funkadelic?! What the fu.. #DianaTheMusical

Omg this musical number about Diana wanting to turn Charles into rocker is so bad. #DianaTheMusical

Is this musical meant to be comedy? Because I can’t tell. #DianaTheMusical

Camilla: *Exists* Me: “Shut up, Camilla!” #DianaTheMusical

Oh, man… This musical number from the Press may be even worse than the last one. #DianaTheMusical

So… Why is the actress playing the Queen and also author Barbara Cartland? Also… Why is Barbara Cartland a character in this musical? #DianaTheMusical

Oh, no! Charles is proposing to Diana! There’s only one thing to say to that… #DianaTheMusical

If this musical is meant to be satire of the Diana & Charles marriage, it’s bad satire. #DianaTheMusical

I read somewhere that the reason the makers behind the musical filmed a version of it for Netflix was so that it would give audiences a *taste* of the show and they’ll want to go see it on Broadway… Clearly it didn’t work. #DianaTheMusical

Prince Charles: total mummy’s boy. #DianaTheMusical

“I hardly know what I’m doing” Which is what I imagine everyone who made this musical was thinking when they made it. #DianaTheMusical

SHUT UP, CAMILA! #DianaTheMusical

It’s hard to feel any empathy for Charles & Camilla, at least in this musical, when they freely cheated behind their spouses. Granted they were in love before they got married, but still. #DianaTheMusical

Oh, geez. Diana got pregnant and had Prince William in quick succession. #DianaTheMusical

Every time someone says Charles in this film, I can’t help but hear Magneto from the X-MEN films saying it. #DianaTheMusical

Well, Prince Harry came in quick succession too. #DianaTheMusical

Charles is a total gaslighter to Diana every time she brings up how Camilla is interfering with their marriage. #DianaTheMusical

Yeah… How this musical portrays Diana’s depression feels very… Gross. #DianaTheMusical

Once again… Charles is a total dick. #DianaTheMusical

Me every time Diana is deliberately trying to piss off, Charles. #DianaTheMusical

Dammit, Charles! Everything that is happening in your marriage is because of you, not Diana. Wanker. #DianaTheMusical

“Was he a fraud from the start?” Yes. Yes, he was. #DianaTheMusical

“Serves me right for marrying a scorpio” … Yes, that is a real lyric in this musical. #DianaTheMusical

Me when this musical tries to make me empathise Charles & Camilla’s affair. #DianaTheMusical

Once again… SHUT UP, CAMILLA. #DianaTheMusical

This filmed musical is train wreck that you can’t look away. It’s so bad. I can’t believe this got made. #DianaTheMusical

You know that terrible musical in THE PRODUCERS? “Springtime For Hitler”? Yeah… this musical is basically the real life version of that show but with royals instead of Nazis. #DianaTheMusical

Ummm… Why is Diana’s lover James Hewitt riding around shirtless and singing like the lead singer in a ‘80s hair metal band? #DianaTheMusical

Oh, man. The sexual innuendos from Diana and Hewitt in this number is not subtle at all. #DianaTheMusical

Now you’re probably wondering why am I not bothered by Diana & Hewitt’s affair than I am of Charles & Camilla’s? Simple: they drove Diana to have one because she was unhappy. So in other words to Charles & Camilla… #DianaTheMusical

So… Diana is about to meet some AIDS patients… This is not going to end well. #DianaTheMusical

Oh, geez. Oh, man. Oh, geez. #DianaTheMusical

Oh, man. This worse than you can imagine. #DianaTheMusical

It has to say something when the “Everybody Has AIDS!” song from TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE has more dignity than this number does. #DianaTheMusical

I like how the background dancers find Charles rather shit as well. #DianaTheMusical

Diana when she rocked up to this party and sees Camilla with Charles there. #DianaTheMusical

“It’s the “Thrilla In Manilla” but with Diana & Camilla!” Yes, that is another real lyric in this show and either the best or worst lyric of all time. #DianaTheMusical

Diana & Camilla in this number right now. #DianaTheMusical

Yeah… These are some of the worst songs I have ever heard in a musical. #DianaTheMusical

Charles is such an arsehole in this musical. #DianaTheMusical

Uh, oh. After all the drama, it looks like Hewitt is about to go out for a pack of cigarettes and never come back. #DianaTheMusical

Geez, the Press is pretty relentless. Accurate. #DianaTheMusical

Instead of DIANA: THE MUSICAL, this musical should have been titled BAD TASTE: THE MUSICAL instead. It would have been more appropriate. #DianaTheMusical

Diana after the book she was interviewed for was released and the Royal Family sees it. #DianaTheMusical

*Sigh* Once more with feeling… Shut up, Camilla. #DianaTheMusical

Also… Shut up, Charles. #DianaTheMusical

So Charles is going to go on TV and give his side of the story. This is everyone who is watching it. #DianaTheMusical

So Diana is going to retaliate by wearing a *fuck you* dress? I approve of this. #DianaTheMusical

I guess this musical meant to be a comedy given there’s a bit of swearing and *humour* in this but still, you can’t help feel like this very exploitive of Diana and the whole situation. #DianaTheMusical

This song from the Queen would be way better if it was a song from the Queen. #DianaTheMusical

As much as this musical is not good at all, I will admit that this scene where Diana asks the Queen to approve her divorce from Charles is not too bad. #DianaTheMusical

Another thing I will say is that out of all the terrible songs in this musical, this final one from Diana is actually the decent one in it. #DianaTheMusical

Plus there’s a poignancy to it since that even though she’s not free from the Royals, we know that there is tragedy around the corner. Thank goodness this ending only mentions Diana’s death and does it in a tasteless way rather than exploit it in a tasteless way. #DianaTheMusical

That’s the end of the film. Despite the poignancy of the ending, this musical based on Princess Diana’s life is… Terrible. So, so terrible. #DianaTheMusical

I hope you all enjoyed reading this Bad Movies Of 2021 themed 102nd edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! However… I’m not done with 2021 just yet because keep a look out in a few weeks for my More Bad Of 2021 themed 103rd edition, which I could be doing on one of the following three other bad films from 2021: CINDERELLA, HE’S ALL THAT or INFINITE. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted on Twitter page soon!

Article written by Bede Jermyn


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