Super Podcast Audio Commentary [Bonus Episode]: Rounders (1998)

Super Podcast Audio Commentary [Bonus Episode]
Rounders (1998)

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Welcome back to The Super Podcast folks, with a special bonus episode of our world famous Audio Commentaries!

On this special bonus episode your trusty hosts Super Marcey and ‘The Terrible Australian’ Bede Jermyn are here and they’ve brought with them a returning guest and good friend Darren Close (KillerooOld Man Rufus Launching Nov 15th) to watch and discuss Rounders (1998). This episode came about when both Marcey and Darren discovered their mutual love for Rounders and figured it would make for an interesting podcast and folks it certainly has! Pull up a seat, reminisce about the 90’s and dive into the world of poker!

Rounders was directed by John Dahl, it stars Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Gretchen Mol, John Turturro, Famke Janssen, Michael Rispoli, Martin Landau and John Malkovich.

If you have never listened to a commentary, here is how it works. You simply need to grab a copy of the film, and sync up the podcast audio with the film. We will tell you when to press start, it is that easy! You can listen to it while you watch the film or listen to it on its own.

Highlights include:

* Marcey and Bede welcome Darren back to the show and he tells us about his upcoming Kickstarter!

* Darren and Marcey explain their love of Rounders.

* Marcey created and ran the largest online Edward Norton fan club starting in the 90’s … dork!

* Bede and Marcey learn about poker from Darren, who provides interesting insights.

* Rounders teaches us how poker is like life.

* The gang are all reminded of just how great the film is.

* Does anyone besides the character of Worm actually like Worm?

* Are we all poker pro’s now? Darren yes, Marcey and Bede nope!

* Plus much, much more!

DISCLAIMER: This audio commentary isn’t meant to be taken seriously, it is just a look at a classic film. It is for entertainment purposes, we do not wish to offend anyone who worked on and in the film, we have respect for you all.

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