Marcey’s 31 Days Of Horror Viewing List for 2021

I am back to do this again with the intention of actually finishing it unlike 2020 (I have since watched the films) and I have a very exciting line up this year!

This year my challenge is made up of 31 films that I haven’t seen before, and some may be a surprise as to the fact I haven’t seen something I should have already. I decided to choose films from different decades, countries and genres with some brand new prompts!

Here is the list in order of when they will be watched:

Day 1 ‘From the 1920s’
The Cat And The Canary (1927)

Day 2 ‘From the 1930s’
Mad Love (1935)

Day 3 ‘From the 1940s’
She-Wolf Of London (1946)

Day 4 ‘From the 1950s’
El Vampiro (1957)

Day 5 ‘From the 1960s’
The House That Screamed (1969)

Day 6 ‘From the 1970s’
Messiah Of Evil (1973)

Day 7 ‘From the 1980s’
Gothic (1986)

Day 8 ‘From the 1990s’
The Fear (1995)

Day 9 ‘From the 2000s’
The Breed (2006)

Day 10 ‘From the 2010s’
The Possession (2012)

Day 11 ‘Film From 2021’
Censor (2021)

Day 12 ‘Blood’
Blood Rage (1987)

Day 13 ‘In The Woods’
The Hallow (2015)

Day 14 ‘Evil’
Luz (2018)

Day 15 ‘Mystery’
Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978)

Day 16 ‘Italy’
Baron Blood (1972)

Day 17 ‘Japan’
Suicide Club (2001)

Day 18 ‘Austria’
Angst (1983)

Day 19 ‘Czech Republic’
Lunacy (2005)

Day 20 ‘Mexico’
The Curse Of The Crying Woman (1963)

Day 21 ‘Sweden’
Visitors (1988)

Day 22 ‘Korea’
Into The Mirror (2003)

Day 23 ‘France’
The Night Eats The World (2018)

Day 24 ‘Slither’
Lair Of The White Worm (1988)

Day 25 ‘Attack’
Crawl (2019)

Day 26 ‘Witch’
The Lords Of Salem (2012)

Day 27 ‘Reflect’
Oculus (2013)

Day 28 ‘Water’
It Came From Beneath The Sea (1955)

Day 29 ‘Party’
Killer Party (1986)

Day 30 ‘Anthology’
The Theatre Bizarre (2011)

Day 31 ‘Halloween’
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1976)

Starting early October check back every couple of days for reviews, either mini reviews or full length reviews!


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