Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #90: Teen Wolf Too

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the 90th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Apologies for the lateness of this edition. I was originally going to post it at the end of November as planned but due to a mixture of my birthday and family visiting, I didn’t get do it until now. As you already know back last month here on, I posted up poll with three bad movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. For this 90th instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… TEEN WOLF TOO! Is this one of the most pointless sequels ever? Did this film try to destroy young Jason Bateman’s career before it truly started? Read on and find out! Enjoy!

Bede @BedeJermyn

I know I’ve said this a billion times before but I’m gonna say it again: is it too late for me to not watch this film? #TeenWolfToo

So… a sequel to a classic 80s Michael J. Fox film without Michael J. Fox in it? This bodes well. #TeenWolfToo

Well, this is a very somber opening credits sequence for a film called TEEN WOLF TOO #TeenWolfToo

Oh, hi doggy! #TeenWolfToo

Hey, it’s John Astin! The original Gomez from THE ADDAMS FAMILY as the Dean. Why do I get the feeling he’s gonna be the best part of this film? #TeenWolfToo

Oh, hi Jason Bateman! Don’t worry, you’ll start being in better movies in 16 years. #TeenWolfToo

It real has to say something when the actor who played Michael J. Fox’s character’s Dad is one of the only few people from first film to come back and reprise their role in the sequel. #TeenWolfToo

I like how everyone is accepting that Jason Bateman and his family are werewolves in this sequel. You would think they would still be weirded out by it but nope! #TeenWolfToo

So… Jason Bateman got an athletic scholarship not because he’s a athlete (he isn’t), but because he is the cousin of Michael J. Fox’s character?… Okay #TeenWolfToo

Hey, it’s Francis from PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE! #TeenWolfToo

You know what? Even if I was a stern take no nonsense college administrator,  if a student eyes starting glowing red and had a monstrous voice, I’d gladly change this classes too. #TeenWolfToo

You know what’s funny? In another  universe like Michael J. Fox, young Jason Bateman could have easily have played Spider-Man too. #TeenWolfToo

How is possible that Jason Bateman has barely aged since this film? He looks almost just boyish now as he did when this film came out. #TeenWolfToo

Look out! Love interest alert! #TeenWolfToo

Geez, we’re almost 30 minutes into this film and there’s no werewolf transformations from the lead character yet. What a ghip. #TeenWolfToo

How is possible that so much has happened in the first 30 minutes of this film but at the same time, nothing has happened at all? #TeenWolfToo

“I may have to dance with you, doesn’t mean have to talk to you” “Mainly because I’m a cliched southern belle” #TeenWolfToo

Ahhh… Out main character just tried to cop-a-feel. Sexual harassment, anymore? #TeenWolfToo

Finally a werewolf transformation 30 minutes in. #TeenWolfToo

So… Jason Bateman finally turned into a werewolf after attracted to a woman? Hmmm… I wonder what the film is trying to saying there? #TeenWolfToo

Hey, Bill Nye the Science Guy! Oh, wait. That’s not him. My mistake. #TeenWolfToo

Yeah, I’m pretty sure fleas wouldn’t attack someone that quick even if the person is a werewolf. #TeenWolfToo

Jason Bateman just discovered a sign on his dorm door saying, “No Dogs Allowed”. Oh, geez. This film is trying to be commentary on racism and discrimination isn’t it? Can you say tone deaf. #TeenWolfToo

I find it weird that everyone keeps calling Jason Bateman a “dog” even though a dog and a werewolf are two completely different things. #TeenWolfToo

I know that Sylvester Stallone wanted to take the ROCKY franchise to different directions in the 80s but this is ridiculous. #TeenWolfToo

So… Out of the sports that he could have done, Jason Bateman picked boxing?… Sure. Makes total sense. Okay, not really. #TeenWolfToo

I like how this is meant to be boxing but barely anyone knows how to actually box. #TeenWolfToo

Uh, oh. Bateman’s eyes are flowing red. He’s going into total beast mode now. #TeenWolfToo

I like to think that even though John Astin thinks he has seen the hairiest character he has ever seen, it’s pretty clear that he has someone way hairier than werewolf Jason Bateman. #TeenWolfToo

I like how Bateman wins one boxing match as a werewolf and he’s now the popular kid in college. #TeenWolfToo

So we’re a college party and the film has now turned into a full blown musical? Ahhh… What?! #TeenWolfToo

Yep, even as a werewolf now, Bateman’s fashion sense has gotten even worst. #TeenWolfToo

Hmmm… I think I’m starting to get why Michael J. Fox didn’t want to come back for this sequel now. #TeenWolfToo

We’re gonna need a montage! MONTAGE!!! #TeenWolfToo

So… Bateman got himself a license plate that literally says… Wolf Too… Ughh… #TeenWolfToo

What do I get the feeling that the message that Bateman is going to learn from this film is that he shouldn’t let fame go to his head and treat everyone like a jerk? #TeenWolfToo

Ahhh… Did Bateman just get slapped in the face by a dead frog? #TeenWolfToo

So… The entire class is having a dead frog fight. Yeah, if this scene happened today, animal rights activists would be pissed. #TeenWolfToo

Just so we’re clear: Bateman totally had a three-way with these two girls earlier, right? #TeenWolfToo

Wait, if you have a sex with a werewolf while they are in that form, does that classify it as beastiality? #TeenWolfToo

Bateman has become something worse than a werewolf: a jerk. #TeenWolfToo

Thank goodness that Bateman realised that he was being a douchebag to everyone or I would have been upset. #TeenWolfToo

“The wolf makes you into a jerk” A were-jerk if you will. #TeenWolfToo

Ahhh… Are the pants that Bateman is wearing pajamas bottoms? #TeenWolfToo

Hey, it’s the song “Send Me An Angel” by Aussie band Real Life. Okay, I’ll give the film a little credit for including them. #TeenWolfToo

I’m just going to say it right now. I think most of the film’s budget went to Bateman’s weird sweaters. #TeenWolfToo

It’s a good thing that Bateman passed that test. I was worried there for a second. #TeenWolfToo

The final boxing scene feels like the final martial art fight scene from NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER but just not as good or as cool. #TeenWolfToo

So… Bateman’s supportive science teacher is also a werewolf too?! Who didn’t see that coming? You did? Okay, never mind then. #TeenWolfToo

Okay, I wasn’t expecting anything on the level of ROCKY or RAGING BULL but man, this boxing match is boring. #TeenWolfToo

Is this college a military college as well? Because there is a lot of spectators in the crowd who are wearing similar type of uniforms to them. #TeenWolfToo


I don’t know what the hell is up with Bateman’s friend’s hair but it is pretty insane looking mullet. #TeenWolfToo



Seriously, all these fake boxing films with the word werewolf added to them are better than anything that’s happening in this film so far. #TeenWolfToo

Wow… Bateman won the match without turning into a werewolf… Didn’t see that one coming. #TeenWolfToo

Holy shit! This film literally rip off the ending of NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER. Just without the Van Damme aspect though. #TeenWolfToo

Well, that’s the end of the film. Not as bad as I remembered but it’s still a pretty boring and pointless sequel overall. Thank goodness Jason Bateman overcame this and got a proper good stuff down the track. #TeenWolfToo

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 90tht edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out later this mont for my special Christmas themed 91st edition, which could one of the following three bad Christmas films: BLACK CHRISTMAS (2019), THE SANTA CLAUSE 3: THE ESCAPE CLAUSE and SUVIVING CHRISTMAS. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted on soon!

Article written by Bede Jermyn


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