Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #80: The Fanatic

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my 80th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series, which is also the very first one of 2020! I have sincerely apologise once again for the lateness of this latest edition of the coulmn. I was going to have this online at the end of January as planned but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post it until now due to a bunch of things. Now back in January  I said I was going to do a special Bad Films Of 2019 themed edition of the column in honour of all the awful films that were released in cinemas throughout 2019. I posted up a poll with three bad 2019 movies on it and I said that whichever one out of those three had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in from and it was the biggest landslide in this column’s history due to one film in particular. For this instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… THE FANATIC! Is this film one of the biggest cinematic trainwrecks of 2019? Did anyone really think that having John Travolta and Fred Durst team up for a film was a good idea? Read on and find out! Enjoy!

Bede @BedeJermyn

I know I’ve said this a billion times before, but I’m going to say it again: is it too late for me to *not* watch this film? #TheFanatic

It really has to say something when Redbox is one of the production companies behind this film. #TheFanatic

I don’t know why this film opens with a quote from one of the character’s in this film. I just don’t know. #TheFanatic

Wow. This is most unenthusiastic and unsubtle opening narration for a film I’ve seen in ages. #TheFanatic

Well, I didn’t expect this film to have a painting style animated sequence in it, but there it is! #TheFanatic

John Travolta has rocked up and… Oh, man… The look of his character is completely ridiculous. Especially the hair lmfao! #TheFanatic

“Can’t talk too long. I gotta poo.” That’s Travolta’s first line, it pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this film. #TheFanatic

Travolta has been onscreen for a few minutes and his character Moose, who’s on the autism spectrum, has hit every stereotypical autism aspect in the history of cinema. #TheFanatic

You know you’re piece of cinematic gold when the director of the film is Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. #TheFanatic

Wait, did Moose just flip someone off on his moped? #TheFanatic

I know that the jacket that Moose for the Hunter Dubar signing is a memorabilia item, but there is no way that it is worth $300. There’s just no way. #TheFanatic

*Sign* So Moose’s friend Leah tells him to bring cutters so that she can help break into Hunter’s party, and he brings scissors instead. Comedy, people. #TheFanatic

Oh, man. Travolta’s performance. Oh, man. I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe. #TheFanatic

So what exactly is Moose & Leah’s relationship? I know they are friends, but how do they do actually know each other? I have many questions. #TheFanatic

Moose works as one of those Hollywood Boulevard costume characters. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me. #TheFanatic

It has to be really something that Travolta’s performance as Moose as British police constable is over-the-top, it is somehow way more subtle than his performance as regular Moose. #TheFanatic

Hunter Dunbar has turned up and he is played by Devon Sawa. If anyone knows anything about fanatical fans, it’s Sawa since he is “Stan” from the Eminem’s music video of the same name and all. #TheFanatic

Is it just me, or has Devon Sawa is starting to slowly turn into modern day Anthony Michael Hall as he has gotten older. #TheFanatic

Wow! The film is going out it’s way to make Hunter to look like a massive dick head right now. #TheFanatic

Ummm… Yeah, Leah. Given how much of a obsessed fan he is, I don’t think it’s a good idea to let Moose know that there is an app that help him find Hunter’s house. Just saying. #TheFanatic

Moose & Leah are definitely the Johnny & Denny of THE ROOM of this film. #TheFanatic

“I’m not an idiot.” Don’t worry, Moose. The film is doing a good job making you look like you are. #TheFanatic

Wait, did one of the houses that Moose scrolls pass on the app say it belonged to Jack Torrance from THE SHINING?! #TheFanatic

Ahhh… Is Moose literally using lyrics from Eminem’s song “Stan” in this letter he’s writing for Hunter?! #TheFanatic

While talking to Leah, Moose mentions he pass Jamie Lee Curtis’s house. If this isn’t a reference to when Travolta worked on PERFECT with Curtis, I don’t know what is. #TheFanatic

Geez, Moose sticks out like a sore thumb while wandering around this Hollywood neighbourhood. #TheFanatic

Listen. I can totally understand Hunter being very angry that some stranger hanging around the front of his house, but he’s acting like a really total douche-bag to Moose right now. #TheFanatic

Is it just me or when Moose puts on his fake moustache to play his British cop character at work, he kind of looks like Daniel Plainview from THERE WILL BE BLOOD? #TheFanatic

Oh, man. The actors playing Moose’s dick-head co-workers on the boulevard Todd & Slim are so bad. #TheFanatic

“I suppose when you find the cookie jar, it’s hard to go back for more.” That’s some deep philosophical narration right there, movie. #TheFanatic

Oh, man. Every time Moose’s weird as shit haircut appears throughout this film, it just slays me lol. #TheFanatic

Uh, oh! The maid just saw you trespass on Hunter’s back lawn, Moose. Run before you hits with that fake-looking award! #TheFanatic

I like how Leah is all upset that Moose is stalking Hunter, but she does like nothing about it. #TheFanatic

“You’re so mean!” The dialogue in this film, man. This dialogue. #TheFanatic

You know, film. Just because Moose is Autistic, doesn’t mean you have to treat him like he’s an idiot, okay? #TheFanatic

You know that Travolta’s give a very unsubtle performance, the actor who plays Todd is somehow clearly doesn’t know subtlety whatsoever either. #TheFanatic

Omg! The dialogue that Moose spouts while choking Todd is total WTF lol. #TheFanatic

So Hunter just started kissing his maid for no apparent reason at all. #TheFanatic

“It’s raining out. I can’t finish.” WHAT RAIN?! I can hear it, but I can’t bloody see it! #TheFanatic

How can anyone not see Moose hanging around in the garden?! He’s literally right there! #TheFanatic

Is the Maid smacking Moose around with a feather duster? #TheFanatic

Holy shit! Moose just killed the Maid by pushing her, and then she hits the back of her head on a fountain! Shit just got real now! #TheFanatic

So after accidentally murdering the Maid, what does Moose decide to do next? Leave before being caught? Nope! He’s going inside to explore Hunter’s house. #TheFanatic

Why do I get the feeling that this section of Moose randomly doing stuff around Hunter’s house, was entirely improvised. #TheFanatic

Hmmm… Now I don’t want to make assumptions, but I have a feeling that this film was made people who have never met Autistic person before. #TheFanatic

You know what? I’ll give this film credit. It’s interesting that instead of making the person who’s being stalked actually likeable and we care what happens to them, this film makes that character here a complete unsympathetic dick. #TheFanatic

Uh, oh! Better hide Moose, Hunter is home! #TheFanatic

“Just so you know, I kissed the Maid again.” Wait, hold the phone! What do you mean ‘again’, Hunter?! My God… #TheFanatic

You would think that since that Moose is stalking him, Hunter would have called the police or something but nope! #TheFanatic

Sorry, movie. You can try as you might to make Hunter look like a decent father, it’s not going to work. He’s still a dick. #TheFanatic

So… Moose is hiding under Hunter’s son’s bed. Not creepy at all. #TheFanatic

Dammit, Moose! Why are you still in the house?! Get out now! #TheFanatic

Oh, geez. Moose is taking a selfie of himself kissing Hunter’s forehead. #TheFanatic

Uh, oh! Flashback time! We’re seeing what Moose’s life was like as a kid. #TheFanatic

Of course it wouldn’t be a genre film if the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD wasn’t playing on a TV somewhere. It’s an unwritten law that it has to happen. #TheFanatic

Omg! Moose is there at Hunter’s house and he fell asleep right next to him in an armchair! WTF! #TheFanatic

“Do you like Limp Bizkit?” HOLY SHIT! Fred Durst did not make a scene in his own bloody film where his band’s music plays on a radio! My God… lol. #TheFanatic

Holy crap! Hunter almost tried to run over Moose! #TheFanatic

Well. It’s pretty clear that Hunter really hates mentally disabled people because he’s saying horrible things to Moose now. Our hero, people? #TheFanatic


Oh, geez. Those pointless animated sequences are back again. #TheFanatic

Every time Moose is riding around on his moped, the Macklemore song “Downtown” should play over it. #TheFanatic

Oh, man. Moose’s breakdown is that’s happening right now could make Tommy Wiseau green with envy. #TheFanatic

Here’s the thing: as someone who is actually on the autism spectrum, I have no problem whatsoever with a neutrotypical actor playing an autistic character as long as long as it comes across as believable. Travolta here… He’s comically far from it to say the least. #TheFanatic

Leah: least helpful best friend ever. #TheFanatic

Wait, what?!!! Moose actually posted that picture of himself kissing Hunter’s forehead on his social media profiles?! WTF, man!!! #TheFanatic

Again you would think the cops would be onto all of this but nope! Cleary they don’t exist in this world! #TheFanatic

Oh, geez. Oh, man. Oh, God. John Travolta is giving a Tommy Wiseau-style “YOU’RE TEARING ME APART, LISA!!!” monologue to Leah right now! This is epic! #TheFanatic

“YOU’RE MEAN! YOU’RE MEAN! OKAY, THAT’S IT, LEAH! LOOK AT THIS! YOU’RE BLOCKED! YOU’RE BLOCKED FROM MY SOCIAL MEDIA!” Oh, my Gooooooooodddddddd!!!!! What is happening?! Is this real dialogue?! #TheFanatic

Just remember everyone. John Travolta is a two-time Oscar nominated actor. Two. Time. #TheFanatic

Ahh… So… Does Hunter know that his maid is dead in the backyard? Or has this film completely forgotten about her? #TheFanatic

Geez, those sleeping pills that Hunter took must be really strong for him not to wake up when he’s being tied up and gagged like that on his bed. #TheFanatic

Ahhh… I wonder how long Moose has been lying on the floor there pretending to be dead until Hunter woke up? It would have been quite a while. #TheFanatic

Oh, my God! Moose has dressed up as Jason Voorhees (wearing the trademark hockey mask and all) and is pretending to stab Hunter! What is going on?! #TheFanatic

“I’m such a good actor!” You’re not in this film, John Travolta. #TheFanatic

“You’re better than Jamie Lee Curtis!” Oh, okay. That’s just being mean to Curtis. #TheFanatic

I don’t know why Moose is pretending to kill Hunter. I just don’t see the point? #TheFanatic

So… Is Hunter an action star or a horror star? Or both? Because the film keeps going to back-and-fourth on it and never really picks it. #TheFanatic

“Moose didn’t just cross the line, he fucking nuked it.” Once again, this narration is really something. #TheFanatic

You know what? I never thought that I’d ever seen John Travolta quote the “They’re coming to get you, Barbara!” line from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, but hear we are. #TheFanatic

What a minute. If Hunter is a horror actor, how can he not have ever seen NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD? That’s bizarre. #TheFanatic

Hmmm… I’m not sure how I feel about this film being very sympathetic to Moose with every that has happened, but that’s choice Fred Durst has made. #TheFanatic

It really has to say something when Devon Sawa, who I do like by the way, gives a better and more consistent performance than John Travolta of all people. #TheFanatic

Ahhh… Why has the scene gone all red all of a sudden. #TheFanatic

Hmmm… While I do the film credit for the film making Moose emphatic as a character, do they have to really make him come across as a huge idiot as well? #TheFanatic

Hunter has convinced Moose to untie him. This is not going to end well. #TheFanatic

HOLY SHTBALLS! Hunter just head-butted Moose, then pulled out a rifle and shot Moose’s fingers off! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?! #TheFanatic

Hunter has gone full blown psychopath and kicked Moose down the stairs! This is crazy! #TheFanatic

OHHHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD! Hunter just fired two warning shots around Moose’s head, then pulls out a huge hunting knife and stabs Moose in THE EYE!!! THIS IS BLOODY INSANE!!! #TheFanatic

Well… I haven’t seen a film take such a dark and disturbing whiplash of a tonal shift since the third act of SHOWGIRLS. #TheFanatic

It’s official. Not only is Hunter a complete utter dick, he’s a true blue monster. #TheFanatic

Okay, I know that Hunter has just realised that what he has done to Moose, it doesn’t change the fact that he basically straight-up mutilated someone! #TheFanatic

Wait… Moose somehow walked all the way from Hunter’s house back to Hollywood Boulevard?! That’s quite a long walk. He would have died of blood loss from those wounds. #TheFanatic

Oh, NOW this film remembers that the Maid is dead and her body is still in the backyard. I was worried that the film completely forgot about it. #TheFanatic

Oh… So the police have arrived and they’re not hear to arrest Hunter for he did to Moose, but they think that he was the one killed the Maid… WHAT?! #TheFanatic


Leah has found Moose and is helping him out. She could have done this way sooner so none of this would never have happened but whatever. #TheFanatic

I like how that despite losing an eye, some fingers and a lot of blood, Moose is still checking out the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. #TheFanatic

Oh, geez. Those pointless animated sequences are here again for the last time. #TheFanatic

You know how you can tell if a film isn’t very good? When it has both the cast & crew credits playing the both the beginning AND the end of the film. #TheFanatic

You want what’s funny? I’ve seen both of Fred Durst previous films prior to this and they’re both actually surprisingly competently made films. Sadly this film isn’t the same. #TheFanatic

Well, that’s the end of the film. While it definitely has the makings of being a THE ROOM style cult classic, some aspects just don’t quite sit right with me as someone with Autism. It could have been a little less silly and comical in its approach. #TheFanatic

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 80th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Since I’ll be on holidays throughout most of February, keep a look out in early March for my 81st edition, which I could be doing on one of the following three bad films: THE APPLE, MR. NANNY or SUPERGIRL. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted on soon!

Article written by Bede Jermyn


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