Podcasters Of Horror Episode 5 – Fair-Haired Child and Sick Girl

Podcasters Of Horror 5 – Fair-Haired Child and Sick Girl

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Welcome to a new episode of the Mini Podcast series from The Super Podcast with Podcasters Of Horror! This mini series will cover short reviews and discussion for every episode of Mick Garris’ Masters Of Horror!

Your trusty hosts ‘Super’ Marcey Papandrea and ‘The Terrible Australian’ Bede Jermyn are back with another episode of Podcasters Of Horror. For this fifth installment we take a look at Masters Of Horror ninth and tenth episodes Fair-Haired Child and Sick Girl.

William Malone of The House On Haunted Hill (1999) fame directed Fair-Haired Child, it stars Lori Petty, Walter Phelan, Lindsay Pulsipher and William Samples. Sick Girl was directed by May and The Woman‘s Lucky McKee, it stars Angela Bettis, Erin Brown, Chandra Berg and Jesse Hlubik.

Highlights include:

* Bede and Marcey introduce these two short films.

* A discussion about Australia’s Bushfire crisis and how you can help

* We talk about how good Lori Petty is in Fair-Haired Child

* Do the parent’s motives make sense in Fair-Haired Child?

* We found out Roger Corman was originally slated to direct Sick Girl

* We gush over the chemistry between Angela Bettis and Erin Brown

* How Sick Girl feels just as relevant today as it did 15 years ago

* Ratings for each film

* Plus much, much more!


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