[Comic Review] Super Ready Battle Armor #1

Super Ready Battle Armor #1
Writer/Creator: Bradley Adan
Illustrator: Luis Ergueta Roldan
SRBA Issue 1Review:
It is always a joy to find and read the first issue of an Indie Comic Book, something that you know deep down has been a long work in progress and likely took some hard work to make it to print. To see that work printed and be able to enjoy it is always something very special, more so when you don’t really know what you are truly in for. This is what picking up Super Ready Battle Armor # 1 was like, with a very cool title I couldn’t really predict what adventure and story awaited me. Pleasantly surprised is a term that fits this very well.

The story here is a development with this first issue, set in a place called Yutopia (clever) where rival gangs are out in force. A team of rogue fighters have found each other, but they each seem to have their own issues and problems. After robbing the wrong people, things seem to get far more complicated for this team, gaining the attention of someone they probably didn’t want. Yes this synopsis overview is vague, as it should be. This a story that shouldn’t be spoiled too much, going through each page and reading the words and looking at such lovely art is a great experience and something that shouldn’t be spoiled.

Super Ready Battle Armor certainly takes inspiration from manga, with the art style and storytelling, which makes it quite unique with other comics I have read in the past few years. It takes an unexpected approach and throws the reader right into this story. With the action taking place, the style really suits the narrative, something I found to be very impressive and noticed everything flowed very well, even if it doesn’t give you all the answers you need right away.

SRBA Issue 1 Panel

The writing here is very impressive, Bradley Adan doesn’t hold back in expressing himself with telling this story and introducing some very complex and interesting characters. While we don’t get full backstories to the characters or what exactly has happened in this world for it to be a little in chaos there are so many hints sprinkled throughout. It does not aim to spoon feed the reader, rather immerse you with this story and characters and make you think as you read to try and figure out exactly who these characters are and what has happened to have led them here. This approach does not always work, however the writing is very clever and complemented extremely well with the amazing art work from Luis Ergueta Roldan. Rereading pages and going over the art work multiple times is something I enjoy in a comic, it gives me more reason to engage with the piece and Super Ready Battle Armor does just that.

This issue is great for tween’s and older, it is easily accessible and highly enjoyable. The style of the piece is very appealing and highly recommended reading. You don’t come across something like this very often within the Indie Australian Comic scene, it is refreshing and exciting. It certainly has made me excited for Indie Comic’s in Australia and to see how wonderfully unique our creators are. My anticipation levels are high for the next issue, cliff-hangers will do that though. Having a great hook and an ending that leaves you wanting more is exactly what you need with a first issue. The team behind Super Ready Battle Armor have done this very well. It is my hope that this issue gets so many more eyes on it, Indie products are always worth investing in.


Super Ready Battle Armor Issue 2 is now on Kickstarter, please click the below banner to be taken to the link. You can preorder Issue 2 or grab both issues as part of a backing bundle. There are some awesome rewards waiting, so check it out now! https://www.facebook.com/superrba/

If you are interested in picking up a copy of Super Ready Battle Armor Issue 1 please head to – http://www.halftoneproductions.com.au

Super Ready Battle Armor


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