[Comic Review] Pizza Assassin Issue #1

Pizza Assassin Issue 1 It is always fantastic to see comic books (especially locally produced comics) cater to a wide audience, not just for adults but for children as well. Not aimed at girls or boys but just a general audience, PIZZA ASSASSIN has a strong appeal and a sense of humour to match. How could someone not want to pick this comic up with that vibrant cover, and a cheeky sense of fun written all over it? So what is this first issue about? Read on …

Set in the wonderful land of Melbourne, regular joe Dave has quite the day. He gets fired from his job and his girlfriend dumps him, a double whammy of heartbreak. What is a man to do? Well Dave sees a job advertisement at a local pizza place for a delivery person. After a very strange interview, he is on the job quickly and ready to get on with life. Little does Dave know, the pizza place isn’t exactly your run of the mill food joint. Aliens and craziness follows … Wait, what?!

Oh you did indeed read that correctly, without giving too much away, Dave finds he is in over his head very quickly. PIZZA ASSASSIN is a very fun and entertaining first issue, it introduces a really likeable main character with Dave and an intriguing story. Having your main character be an average guy can be risky, but it also gives the character room to grow and change with further issues. This already happens in the issue, Dave has some solid development throughout this part and there is so much more room for him to grow. Clever writing is certainly one of this comics strong points, the other being its wonderful art work.

Pizza Panel

Without coloured pages, this comic is in the ever classic black and white look. For such a dynamic story, it actually really works with this method. Each panel comes alive and jumps out of the page, who needs colour when you have amazing art? A brave decision that Kapow Comics have made, the effort is applauded in making their comics a unique experience for everyone who picks up a copy. The fantastic cover art really sells the fact it is a book to be read, and once you get immersed in this world, you just want more and more. Chris McQuinlan is an exceptional artist, and his style goes hand in hand with the writing stylings of Nath Stones.

PIZZA ASSASSIN is a very clever and fun read, something younger readers can pick up on their own or adults to enjoy as well. The comedy is on point, it works on every level and as the adventure picks up it becomes rather suspenseful. Wanting to know what is going to happen and what new world Dave has found himself in, is a great ride to be on. The re-reading value is very high and the count down is on for Issue 2 to make its way out. The only complain about this one, it needed to be a little longer!

This is a highly recommended read, you can’t go wrong with this wonderful comic.


To purchase a copy of PIZZA ASSASSIN from Kapow Comics please visit their website:


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