Bea’s Reviews: The Call of Cthulhu [2005]


Dir.: Andrew Leman

Starring: Sean Branney, Matt Foyer, Andrew Leman and John Bolen

Silence, when done right can be more than golden, it can be valuable such it is with Andrew Leman’s 2005 indie adaptation of one of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s most well known pieces of literature of the the same name. Strongly influenced by the style, technique and attitude of the pre-talkie cinematic era, this gem is readily available for consumption on YouTube and well worth your time, especially if you dig on the Old Ones. Filmed with a limited budget of $50,000 dollary-doos, the effort which went into The Call of Cthulhu is almost unthinkable as the frightening journey the character of The Man embarks on, but it is currency and talent well-spent. Seek this one out, friends and neighbors, regret will not be on your dance card. Then again, your sanity is a different matter. 😉



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