[Wrestling] Raw Review 13/06/16

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Welcome back to The Super Network’s weekly Raw review with Super Marcey! This week was the go home show before Money In The Back so did WWE deliver the goods? Find out …

The show opened with a very classy moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando shooting, thank you for that WWE.

New Day Opens The Show


I can certainly see the logic in having New Day open the show, lighten the mood and get everyone pumped. Right off the bat the comedy was there as Kofi was trying to talk but Xavier and Big E were giving him crap for his new kicks. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the jokes they threw his way. Before long Enzo and Cass came out and the crowd went absolutely nuts. Now I know my buddy and BingeMedia Sports guy Luke Norris would have shaken his head at me for doing this, but I found myself quoting Enzo and Cass during their entrance … and you can’t teach that! Anyway things got weird when they started talking about Francesca II and apparently Enzo had his way with the instrument, to which Xavier proclaimed something like “No one blows my girl but me” and I wanted to pass out right then and there. This brought out the Vaudevillains who talked some talk and then Gallows and Anderson came out, and Big Cass did the SAWFT routine.

Rating: 3.5/5

The New Day/Enzo & Cass vs. The Vaudevillains/The Club


Since all four teams are against each other for MITB of course they need to have them team up against each other. It felt like Enzo was taking most of the abuse in this match, but that was fine because Big Cass went nuts when he got the tag in. There was lots of good action in this match, I felt that each guy had their moment to shine and there were some good spots to show that. Eventually the match ended up completely breaking down, bodies were all over the place. My picks to win the tag titles at MITB hit their tag team finisher to win the match and they came out looking strong. Yes The Club got the win, and they looked very strong and I want them to win so badly.

Rating: 3.5/5

I am pretty much over these Darren Young and Bob Backlund promos … what is the point now?

Backstage Corporate Kane shows up wanting to be the GM of Smackdown, this was just a weird segment but it got a laugh when Kane presented a letter of recommendation from The Undertaker. Yes you read that correctly.

Zack Ryder is on Raw again and he teases Sheamus over Apollo Crews.

Another Shining Stars promo … why?

Titus O’Neil was meant to have a match however during his entrance Rusev attacked him, and it was a pretty bad beat down. Can’t argue with how they want to build this match I guess.

The Ambrose Asylum with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns


They were hyping this all week and how could they not? The Shield members back in the same ring two years after Seth Rollins turned on them! Dean Ambrose was all professional for this, okay not really. Seth Rollins came out and Ambrose gave him this weird hug and I couldn’t help but laugh. Reigns came out and all three guys being there just feels right, ya know? Seth Rollins though owned this entire segment, he really did a great job on the mic. He was almost the face here as he brought up all the good Shield memories and the good times the guys had together. Then he tore it all down by bringing up when he turned on them and cashed in Money In The Bank. I can’t help but feel this title match hasn’t had the build up it should be getting. Anyway Ambrose teases that what if he wins the briefcase, he could insert himself into their match. Of course theres some attacking and I loved that Ambrose gave Reigns the Dirty Deeds. More of this please!

Rating: 4/5

Charlotte w/Dana Brooke vs. Paige


Oh look not only are we getting a women’s match but Paige is here as well. No need to actually get excited as this match lasted only a few minutes … have we learnt nothing WWE Creative? They even had Nattie and Becky on commentary, which really amounted to nothing. Paige actually got a clean win against the Champion and Charlotte and Dana looked to have tension going into the Tag Match at MITB. Paige now has two clean victories over the Champion, isn’t she entitled to a Title Shot now?

Rating: 1/5

Cesaro is getting interviewed by Sami Zayn decides to show up, it was weirdly funny though.

Backstage tensions as I mentioned between Charlotte and Dana, okay but why?

Sheamus vs. Zack Ryder


What the bloody hell are they doing with Sheamus? Anyway this was a quick match, Ryder did get some moves in though so it wasn’t a total squash thank goodness. Sheamus wins and beats down Ryder, which prompts Crews to come out for the save. Why play his music though? Urgh anyway, Crews pretty much smashes Sheamus and finally I feel like they are doing something right with him.

Rating: 2/5

Wacko backstage segment with Shane and Kane, where Kevin Owens comes in and tries to get Alberto Del Rio thrown out of the MITB match. Alberto shows up and accuses Owens of getting him held up at the airport. Kane decides to make a match putting them as a team against The Lucha Dragons. If they lose, The Lucha Dragons get their MITB spots. Shane likes this thinking.

Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro


We have seen this match before and I could see this match again and again because when these two are together it is magical. They have chemistry together and it cannot be denied. The match was a lot of fun and they had some great spots, these two are seriously two of the most talented guys they have right now. I really was hoping for this match to be a lot longer than it was, but honestly I will take anything with these two. The ending was a really great spot and guess what? Sami Zayn got the win!

Rating: 4/5

John Cena & AJ Styles Contract Signing


So we had a contract signing that did not end in a brawl, yes you read that correctly. How is that possible? Well I think these two were just allowed to go with the flow and cut great promos. I really liked what each had to say, I feel like John Cena has been on fire since his return and thankfully he isn’t feeling stale. He is able to let loose on the mic and it is working, it is what made him get noticed in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, AJ is delivering the goods as well and he is giving as good as he is getting. There were two contracts and AJ eventually signed on to be there solo without The Club. I really want to see Styles get the win over Cena, he can’t keep losing at PPVs.

Rating: 4/5

Alberto Del Rio/Kevin Owens vs. The Lucha Dragons


I found this match to be pretty entertaining, naturally with the two that can’t get along that is what the focus was. Owens and Del Rio not getting along and wanting to out do each other, whilst having The Lucha Dragons out for blood with wanting their spots. No matter what happened, they both knew they needed to win, so when Del Rio was getting counted out Owens just threw him back in. It was pretty funny and I appreciated what they did here. It is nothing new but some how these two have pulled it off pretty well. I would not object to a Del Rio face turn and a feud between the two. Owens got the win and their spots safe but Del Rio got the best of him post match.

Rating: 3.5/5

Backstage Owens has a whine to Stephanie about his treatment, it looks like everyone will be out there for the main event. Shane and Stephanie argue … who would have thought?

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho


Can this feud end? Like how many times have we seen them go at it? I am pretty much over it right now, both deserve something else by now. Honestly I wasn’t paying much attention because we had Zayn and Owens on commentary and that was great. I should point out that Cesaro made a really good ring announcer and damn did Del Rio want to hit someone as time keeper. The match is pretty much what we have seen before, nothing new to be honest. I liked how after the match things descended rather quickly and with an empty ring Jericho climbed the ladder and got the briefcase. Posing in such a way he’s just asking for more memes, I like the tease that anyone could win the briefcase.

Rating: 3/5

Raw this week was not as strong as it should have been for a go home show and the ratings did not do well. They need to pick up their game, big time. Money In The Bank has some huge matches and you would think the build up would have been so much better. Of course they want to save some things for Summerslam but do not make this PPV seem any less important.



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