[Bea’s Reviews] The Doom franchise- an opinion



Ahhh Doom. Where else would you feel zero remorse for the infernal monstrosities you send back to the maw of Hell from whence they came, where you laughed maniacally like Satan incarnate as your chainsaw gorgeously sliced through a hapless Cyberdemon, where the cock of the shotgun was as sweet as a sirens’ lusty song and you wet your knickers just a little when you heard it… err… yeah, Doom is pretty marvelous.

With allusions to the indominatable heavy metal acts and attitudes of the late 80s and early 90s, the immortal den of Lovecraftian horror with some nods to DnD and Dantes’ Inferno paired with fluent and compulsive gameplay, id Software struck gold back in 1993 and its’ viscera-soaked polaris continues to do so now. Loud, brash, violent and armed to the teeth with serious impulse control problems with no regard for good taste and censorship, Doom permitted the latent Doomguy inside all to come out and play in the rain of plasma and guts and it was GLORIOUS. But why?

Well, I can at least tell you why I feel that way and it’s perhaps a little deeper and beyond the inexplicable Bill Gates commercial than you may believe.

For somebody who isn’t a true blooded gamer, I decided against delivering my objective thoughts on every entry/spin off of this franchise because that is not in my series of limited credentials, instead I wanted to discuss my own personal feelings about why I hold this title in the regard I do. I’m not of the habit of being technical with my approach to any media because I tend to make my own approach on a more emotional level. What I say is my own opinion and while it may have been clarified by others, my own feelings are indeed my own and that is what I hope to offer across in this video, with every stumble and instance of word salad I spout.






3 thoughts on “[Bea’s Reviews] The Doom franchise- an opinion

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