[Wrestling] Extreme Rules Review 22/05/16


Feels crazy that we have arrived at another pay per view as Payback feels like it was last week! But here we are with Extreme Rules, the night where the whole PG thing is meant to go out of the window. The lead up to this one has been rather solid with some good matches booked, the product is definitely heading in a different direction, so how did this show stack up? Read on …

Kick Off Show Segment with The Dudley Boys and Big Cass


In keeping this feud alive, despite the fact that Enzo Amore was unfortunately injured at Payback with a concussion, the Dudley Boys come out and Big Cass is not far behind them. Big Cass is sporting a new Certified G tee and I approve, he quickly owns both Dudley’s on the mic and the crowd is pretty hot. Of course they want some Enzo, but that sadly doesn’t happen. Big Cass pretty much shows us what he is made of, and I can’t complain. Big Cass has a bright future ahead of him and I am glad they are using him solo while Enzo is out. Not a bad segment, a fun way to kick things off.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kick Off Show Match Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler No DQ


Can this please end the feud because both guys really need to move on to other things. This match was quite short and it was alright for what it was. I almost forgot it was happening as we haven’t seen much from these guys lately. There were some nice spots and near falls, but ultimately it was the End Of Days that won out. The right person won, especially as they seem to want to build him and not have him be an after thought like Apollo Crews. Hopefully Ziggler can move on to something else as well, he’s too good to waste.

Rating: 3/5

Tag Team Tornado Match Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson vs. The Usos


I am really over The Usos, I know they are tweaking them up a little but it still feels the same and stale to me. I am glad they just made this a Tornado Tag Match, that way they could just go at it. The Club needed the win and to look strong in this match and I am glad they did, they were very intense throughout the match up. There were some really good spots, and The Usos didn’t really look weak either and they got in some good moves. It wasn’t a long match, which is understandable as there is a stacked card. The end was pretty good, The Usos looked like maybe they were hurt and taken out and the boys looked really strong. No complains on this it was entertaining.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tag Team Title Match The New Day (c) vs. The Vaudevillians


This match has been on the cards for some time as The Vaudevillians kind of won the right to face the champions (they were booked to win the match that Enzo got injured in), and the build up has been fun. The New Day are one of the biggest hits on the roster right now, and titles or no titles that wont change. I thought maybe we would see new champions but I was wrong. Despite a really strong showing from The Vaudevillians and a very close near fall that got me, The New Day retained. The tag team division is really stacked right now, so I hope The Vaudevillians don’t fall and fade away. My guy is telling me we will see The New Day vs. Primo and Epico down the line. An entertaining but again short match.

Rating: 3.5/5

United States Title Match Kalisto (c) vs. Rusev w/Lana


This match up has had a pretty solid build, and on Raw it got really intense as well. Kalisto was said to be injured and I thought for sure it would be a complete squash match. However this was a nice match up, it was back and forth and Kalisto got in a lot of pretty good offense and Rusev sold it really well. There were some pretty fun spots in the match, and it was nice to see the smaller guy look like he had the bigger guys number. These two had a lot more chemistry than Kalisto and Ryback, but then again Rusev usually gels with most and he works pretty hard. The end came when Rusev slamed Kalisto on the apron and it looked like the ref may call off the match. However Rusev grabbed Kaliso and put him in a painful looked Accolade and he tapped out. We have a new champion, no complaints, I like Rusev having gold.

Rating: 4/5

Intercontinental Fatal Four Way Title Match The Miz (c) vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens


Where the hell do I even start? Match Of The Year contender this was! The match started off with a bang as Zayn went for a helluva kick to Owens off the bat, and it was on! There was so much action between all four of these guys, it was non stop and it was bloody entertaining! I was smiling through the entire match and all of the near falls definitely kept me guessing as to which way it would ultimately go. I need to say too, The Miz these past few months has been better than ever. Having his wife Maryse with him seems to have lit a fire in him, he’s better in the ring and he’s delivering really well. The mic has never been an issue for him, but he’s doing well and I gotta applaud that.


I can’t even say who looked the best in this match, they all had their moments and they all looked really strong. The crowd were really into the match, it was an odd crowd all night though. I love hearing the Ole chants for Sami, and seeing him have some great moments really was beautiful. We finally got the see Cesaro swing, and he made it to like 20 with the crowd counting, great moment. We got the upper cut train, and Owens even did his own version of it. Loved it! The end came about with Sami and Owens fighting outside, Sami had lost it and The Miz took advantage of a downed Cesaro and got the pin. I should have seen him retain, but for how long will he keep the title?

Rating: 5/5

Asylum Match Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho


From a Match Of The Year contender to zzzzzzz. What the hell happened here? I don’t think this match ever really clicked the way it should have, after such a great feud and build up. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was, it never grabbed my attention. Something just seemed off about it. It had some entertaining moments, but honestly I just bored. I feel bad because these are two of my favourite guys! I think Dean Ambrose needs a change up, not sure what but it needs to happen. He’s over but he needs more, and Jericho is probably performing as one of the best characters he’s been. The potential for a feud with someone is there, I think maybe this feud was dragged out and it didn’t deliver a show stopper like it should have. The end of the match picked up when Ambrose called on his inner Mick Foley and brought out the thumb tacks. After a lot of teasing, Jericho went through them and lost the match. Those tacks were right in his tattoos and I felt the pain.

Rating: 2.5/5

WWE Women’s Title Submission Match Charlotte (c) vs. Natalya


This match had a lot of build up and their contract signing even closed Raw, I was pretty excited for this one. But again, something was a little off. It wasn’t as good as their previous matches and they weren’t given enough time either. Don’t get me wrong, they both looked really strong, but it could be that the feud has run its course and the threat of Nattie winning didn’t really feel there. There were some decent moments and spots, Nattie had the sharpshooter locked in at one point. We knew Charlotte wouldn’t win without some kind of distraction and that happened. Ric’s music hit and at first it seemed like he was coming out but it was Dana Brooke in disguise, the distraction was enough for Charlotte to lock in the figure 8 and Nattie regretfully tapped out. So with Emma out of action for awhile, and the fact that the company is high of Dana Brooke, they have paired her with Charlotte. It could work, there is potential for her that’s for sure. I think this will lead to a tag team feud, whether Nattie is still involved remains to be seen.

Rating: 2.5/5

WWE World Heavyweight Extreme Rules Championship Match Roman Reigns (c) vs. AJ Styles


This was a hell of a match, they used the extreme rules stipulation very well. AJ Styles went through two announce tables for goodness sake! They fought through the crowd, and used some big and hard hitting moves. AJ showed what an animal he can be, and Reigns didn’t look entirely invincible. He did kick out of finishers, but at the very last second, so it wasn’t too Cena-like. I honestly thought there were moments that AJ may get the win. I knew he wouldn’t but they definitely had me guessing. As expected The Club and Usos got involved, The Club even had Reigns down and I thought AJ would get the three count. The Usos and Reigns got attacked hard by the chairs from AJ, who had lost his shit. There was no holding back on a lot of the spots, it wasn’t quite the crazy we may have seen 10 years ago but they definitely were on their way. AJ even ripped off the matting and tried to StylesClash Reigns on it, too bad he didn’t that would have been sick.


The end came when Reigns managed to spear AJ as he was going for the Phenomenal Forearm, it looked brutal too. It was a bit much that after all the chair shots he managed to get up so quick. I don’t think AJ at all looked weaked, I know the online smarks will say he was buried. But no he wasn’t, he showed so much heart and he had the crowd with him all the way. We will see how he gets booked moving forward, they should keep him and the boys together and just run wild. After the match, the best thing possible happened. SETH ROLLINS SHOWED UP AND PEDIGREED ROMAN REIGNS AND HELD UP THE TITLE HE NEVER LOST! THE MAN IS BACK!

Rating: 3.5/5

I cannot wait to see what Rollins has to say on Raw, he will be booked the heel but with the crowd chanting “Thank You Seth” for attacking Reigns, we’ll see how well that goes down. Overall it was a solid show, but some matches just didn’t quite click as well as they should have.



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